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  1. Malta, Luxembourg, Slovenia, all very crypto friendly and tied in with the exchanges! ?
  2. I’ll finish it then as you won’t, just as a matter of fact though, if you’d known VET was oversold you’d of bought in and increased your position in XRP as I did this morning, which you clearly didn’t ? rant over ?
  3. Then don’t try to comment on something you know absolutely nothing about ? VEN f^*cking overpriced... you’ll be calling XRP Ripple next...
  4. Not for no reason massively oversold just as is XRP, in fact it’s VET, and as a price it would of been comparable to XRP hitting below $0.20 cents
  5. What should I tell the police and big Steve now... 3 partnerships, in some shape or form
  6. Direct contact at Ripple, I don’t know any Big Steve’s...
  7. I know right! I was surprised they mentioned it, maybe let it slip by accident... fundamentals are all there though so it doesn’t matter about when... we all know what’s coming eventually, would be nice if it’s in two weeks though so I’ll keep my positive hat on ?
  8. Institutions is what I picked up... It’s a new relationship... haha!
  9. I wish I could go into more detail, but it was from someone at Ripple, and they even said a couple... guess I’ll see if that was correct info in a couple of weeks...
  10. I got a bit of insider info the other day and according to the source xrapid is going live in some shape or form with an entity in the next couple of weeks... hope they weren’t yanking my chain, but it was a very credible source of info
  11. Watching the video yesterday, it looked as though even Ran was biting his lip a bit... you can tell even he has woken up to XRP’s true value... he was loading questions trying to dig and find out how much this numpty knew, alas not a lot, someone said it above, just came across as a fake intellectual who got lucky on some trades and now has a chip on his shoulder... looking forward to seeing that smug mug knocked down a peg or two!
  12. Uhuh, so you join XRPchat on Jan 5th... I see what’s going on here
  13. After holding through April watching XRP drop repeatedly and having to sieve through all the FUD... my god does this now taste sweet! Congrats to all the holders! We deserve this ???
  14. https://www.coindesk.com/ibms-stellar-move-tech-giant-use-lumen-cryptocurrency-payments-rail/ right before swell too announcement coming at SIBOS. Sneaky...
  15. http://www.gtreview.com/news/global/swift-innovates-on-global-payments-without-blockchain/
  16. If this lot are being paid around 30% of xrp's market cap currently on an annual basis, then I'll eat my hat if xrp doesn't reach the moon! 3 billion a year! Now that's Unbelievable! If you'd told Pele, Maradona, and all the ex pros from 20-30 years ago that the highest paid sportsmen would be paid 90 million a year in 2017 they would of laughed their heads off! Wonder if the same will happen for XRP I have a good feeling that it just might! And then who'll be the ones laughing Will love to see when the Forbes, crypto rich list comes out one day ?
  17. just set up a gatehub account, wondering if someone can explain whether it is safer to keep xrp at gatehub or to leave them in Krkn... and the reasons why? Sure this question might have been asked before so any links to previous answers would be great! Thank you
  18. JV2017

    Ledger Nano S

    Excellent thanks for the replies, that makes me feel better about the nano s, just want to get them off the exchange as don't feel too comfortable with them being on there for long. Any cold wallets you'd recommend jack? Not too fussed if it's technical, great learning how these things work anyway, only question I'd have is once the xrp are in the cold wallet, is it easily retrievable if you want to retrieve the funds to use in the future? Cheers
  19. JV2017

    Ledger Nano S

    Hi Everyone! Long story short, my best mate bought into bitcoin in around 08-09, he used to go on about bitcoin all the time "it's the future" he would say repeatedly whilst getting incredibly high and watching what I thought were conspiracy theorists on YouTube talking about it on repeat 24/7! He begged me to buy into it. I was sceptical and a cocky 21yo man who thought he it all! And so I didn't buy any, my mate bought a lot, and enough to of been sitting very pretty right now. Unfortunately his mum ended up talking him out of his investment at the time and he only kept hold of a
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