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  1. If you didn't understand the psychology of that question then your missing the point. The most effected in this case will be the retail investor either for the good or the bad. I definitely don't expect Brad to know everything on the Deaton case but yes he should know something like the numbers being represented. This question was asked to gauge his feeling for the retail investor. How can you say the retail investor is being hurt when you exhibit behavior that looks like your not in tune with the retail investor. Again this doesn't mean your an advocate for the retail investor but it shows that in good faith you understand how this relates to the retail investor!!! I will say it again Ripples PR team is little to nil "No way you let him go on with at the least that information readily available at his finger tips!! If I'm and SEC attorney I just took some key notes from this interview!! He's being sued by an entity who's mantra is protecting retail investors so when he speaks he needs to know what is going on with the retail investor at a high level at least because those questions will be asked!!
  2. Ripple seriously needs to invest in a decent PR team. I don't expect Brad to know everything but that is something he should at least be up on, because rest assured the media cometh and that won't be the last time he hears that question. It would at least make him look like he gives @$h!t even if he doesn't about the retail investors.
  3. It amazes me how Lubin almost seems to spit the SEC's direction out his mouth before the SEC even knows that direction!!! Have we found the puppet master behind the puppets??? Why isn't Lubin being called to the legal floor being that he has had consistent high level talks with the SEC under the cloak of secrecy??
  4. I'm surprised somewhat, a lot of people were hailing Gensler because he taught a few classes on Crypto at MIT. Hell when I was in college the professor who taught my Visual Basic class was sitting next to me as a student in my Advanced Visual Basic class but yet the college officials called him an expert. (Hope I didn't date myself with Visual Basic) Any way my point is Gensler is no more of an expert than most of these other so called experts in the Crypto space. I never bought into the Gary Gensler hype because this space is to immature for any so called legal expert a lot of this is being played by ear and it is downright idiotic to take enforcement as the first approach. Mind you there are those scenarios where criminality is at play and swift enforcement action is needed but for those companies, etc that have played by the rules and sought guidance and were given $hit in return then told they will be sued it wreaks of some sort of hidden agenda at play. I really think this will eventually turn into the SEC being deeply investigated and all their bodies brought to the surface. This Ripple case may bring about more good than just clarity in the crypto space because I am willing to bet the farm this is not the first time the SEC officials have deviated from their oath to advance their own personal interest. Gensler could have cleaned up Clayton's $hit but he chose to step in it and smear it all over the place well just like any other $hit at some point it has to be cleaned!!
  5. Senator Warren speaks with forked tongue or unbridled stupidity!! This is the same lady who advocated for student loan forgiveness which is definitely not pro bank. She just shot down most of her supporters with her actions with Goldman Gary. I hope whomever campaigns against her in the future is taking notes.
  6. My only question is "Who has their hand up Gensler's ass making him talk because he shows not an ounce of testicular fortitude to actually lead???"
  7. Drumroll please!! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/proof-stake-ethereum-2-0-153221744.html.
  8. This is why I like Flare's get it right mentality as opposed to the Rush to Market mentality and I am here for it. I have never said in any post "Wen Flare?" As a developer well former developer as I really don't get to touch much code in my current role I can attest to seeing many projects fall to the wayside because they were rushed to the the floor for the sake of trying to grab as much market share as possinble in the moment. The thing is I have also not seen an instance where these projects aren't overtaken by a competitor who has put in the time to develop a feature rich application that solves the actual problem at hand, typically the counter results to bad mouthing and spreading FUD because it will take months, years or a massive hiring spree of a $hit load of developers to throw at the code to get it somewhat competitive in a hurry. We see this now with BTC and Ethereum they pretty much combat their shortcoming's with FUD. I still have serious doubts on the success of ETH 2.0 and it's move to proof of stake. I just don't see it going as smooth as they are making it seem it will be, maybe I have been out the game to long and I am wrong on this.
  9. Yeah the ladies and gents in this community rock!! It was definitely factual when it was mentioned that XRP investors are at the top of the food chain when it comes to cognition in this crypto space. I like the crowd XRP attracts.
  10. Here is why I think a settlement is imminent, I am not sure on a time frame but I think we will see a settlement before a trial based on how this is going. 1.) If this goes to trial it will end with more than likely an SEC loss based on the evidence we have now. God forbid evidence could still come out very damaging to ripples case in discovery here but as of now the course points to a Ripple win, but if the SEC takes this weak case to trial then definition and clarity that comes out will be applicable across all of crypto they will loose the war for one battle, If the SEC settles then they and Ripple can negotiate terms for XRP clarity but this isn't applicable to the others so then they can stir up this crap again with someone else. Granted they may loose those cases too because I am sure the opposing attorneys will defer to the ripple settlement but most will probably end in some cash settlement of sorts so the SEC can just go away. Meaning the SEC will continue to shake these companies down like mobsters until congress does something about it!! The win is this "they spend a couple million of the tax payers money launching these cases in efforts to double or triple their profits in a settlement." Their is a saying that nobody is a greater mobster than the US government!!
  11. You know how many patents Big oil bought out and shelved in efforts to keep alternate energy sources from ruling the day? It's been a thing since the 60's and when people didn't sell out these companies got friends in high places to pound them down with litigation etc. Tesla didn't do anything extremely new they just didn't sell out. Ripple is the Tesla of digital money per say, and just like you see all the major auto companies falling in line now so goes the financial industry as it relates to Ripple.
  12. It's funny how these stalling tactics all line up with Ethereum trying to get 2.0 out. They needed that assistance but I still think it's to late. I mean Cardano, Flare, Solano. We will see!!
  13. Exactly!!! that is what I meant by a plan for loosing. They never meant to win this but stalling ripple out buys time for them to milk the Ethereum cow for all she can give and stack XRP on the low in the meantime while all the average joe's are shut out. When the power comes back on the ceiling will probably be to high for most to get in.
  14. The powers that be behind this fiasco have swindled the house per say. This is pretty much like a rigged prize fight, The SEC officials with the Ethereum & BTC juggernauts behind them have made off like fat rats from a security offering and they bet on Ethereum and on XRP at the same time while convincing you that they only bet on one and that the one would be the clear winner, they had to make the hype look good or else the pot wouldn't be sweet enough at the end. Were late in the 9th round and Ripple has the SEC on the ropes it's almost like the SEC is in the wrong fight, all the hype, all the big name opponents they have taken down and to just be a tomato can in the ring "Something stinks!!" You don't come to a prize fight without a plan even if that plan is loosing
  15. Hilarious!!! Man I hope all these guys see this!!! You have to be able to laugh at yourself
  16. Where are the times? I see nothing on their site. Instant settlement is a loosely used term, also they mention tokenization but not using a crypto? I would bet their using a crypto but not calling it that, something Ripple should have done with XRP a long time ago. When they decide to refer to it as DA it was to late, always said Ripples marketing arm was very sub par at best.
  17. On a side note do you know how much FOMO would come into play if XRP is the only DA with official clarity here in the states, throw first mover advantage out the window!!!
  18. Not necessarily, if that settlement includes Ripple not being a security well I don't think Ripple would turn that down. The SEC is looking for a way to get out of this that will maybe leave Ripple in the clear but they can surely go after other companies. Not settling would be two fold, not only does a trial win put Ripple in the clear but you have set a precedent that clears a good portion of others in this space "There is a lot of money to be made by the sheriff per say." As I have mentioned before settlement is now in the SEC's best interest and Ripple is probably just waiting for the right sized bone to be tossed. I would bet there are talks going back and forth on conditions of a settlement, normal procedures must go on in the meantime until there is an actual agreement between both parties.
  19. I thought this one was worth posting in the forum here. Mods can we please get a subtopic for the lawsuit? This is a smoking gun right here as it relates to Hinman's personal opinion vs his opinion being accepted as the SEC's overall view and from this vid you can clearly see that it was. Have to thank the DAI!! This is good!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0sDOB2d4t8
  20. One has to ask themselves now being that the evidence against the SEC's case is so damning and in your face, Have they pivoted to a quick cash grab to attempt to salvage what little integrity they have circling in the toilet bowl?? Right now a settlement is looking more better for the SEC than ripple. I mean if they take this and loose Gensler can pretty much kiss his position goodbye. Were looking at a massive waste of tax payer dollars in a time where dollars are crucial, sentiment for this administration is tanking in all areas, sentiment for crypto in general is growing. So one has to ask also, does the biden administration want to be the face of the administration that lost the most public facing SEC case in recent history??? My bet is there are some settlement talks going on that will have both parties walking away with a win scenario.
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