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  1. And so it begins, Olympus is starting to fall!! Perfect opportunity for Ripple and XRP to cease the moment. I know Brad is long on Bitcoin here's to hoping he is not stupid on Bitcoin https://news.bitcoin.com/square-declares-it-wont-buy-more-bitcoin-cites-networks-carbon-footprint/ Crypto Market may get real bumping and skin chaffing here in a bit if this continues. Buckle up!!
  2. This is the kind of information the XRP supporters that have a spotlight on them from the media should be putting out there. No need for us to get caught up in these pissing contest with the maxi's we have facts!! We just need to yell them through a bullhorn instead of a whisper box.
  3. Check-Mate!! The further this goes the more the SEC looks like a gang of Ass Clowns under Clayton. Gensler has to ask himself does he want to be seen as what Clayton molded him into??
  4. Good read from MDPI if you don't know who they are I posted a blurb below that is on the front page of their site. They mention Ripple when talking about XRP but we all know what they are talking about. The article is fairly recent to. Advancing Open Science for more than 25 years MDPI is a pioneer in scholarly open access publishing and has supported academic communities since 1996. https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/21/9/3239/htm
  5. Umm he doesn't need to click his fingers my friend because there are alternatives out there with much lower fee's.
  6. Interesting I lived in Kzoo for 5 years while my dad attended Western Michigan University "Go Bronco's". after his stint in the military.
  7. He has to think to himself that fee price for using ETH is unacceptable!! I don't understand it, do people not know it's other things out there?? Seriously this is ridiculous!! https://cryptonews.com/news/buterin-paid-usd-800-in-fees-for-9-major-transactions-on-eth-10293.htm
  8. oh, I definitely think musk is an attention ***** per say but, you can't deny the following he has. for years pundits in this space have preached about the energy consumption of POW only to be drowned out by the volume of the Maxi's. The good point about Elon's tweet is now it has the masses who in a lot of cases really don't understand what's going on here and at their best purchase on impulse trying to find out what a green crypto is, and Musk tweets, etc are not being drowned out. The only bad thing is the timing because hell XRP is not that easy to get in the US right now, as a lot of t
  9. His entire existence is based on knowing the ends and out of energy efficiencies. This also shows us BTC really doesn't have much to hang it's hat on other than being the first through the door!! It's like a 386SX computer in the crypto space. Maybe just showed my age there
  10. The Devil is in the detail, remember Elon said he purchased DOGE for his son!!! He see's DOGE as a toy a game per say. I will say I seriously doubt DOGE will be the chosen one to use for Tesla but he will still use it as an entertainment piece!
  11. Pomp and the rest of the Maxi's are already tweeting nonsense in reply to this. Pomp is even saying most of the BTC energy sources now are renewable and we all know that is BS!!!
  12. What if the narrative was that Musk pulled this stunt to shine the light on what the media and BTC Maxi's have been paying mainstream media not to talk about. If you seriously think he did not know the environmental factors behind BTC prior to Tesla's previous announcement I have a bridge I can sell you. This game is played like Chess not Checkers, "Environmentally friendly crypto is about to trend like a SOB!!! and who is at the top of that list. If you didn't see this type of shift coming from Elon his plan obviously worked. Nothing about Tesla says BTC!! Absolutely nothing!! When he mad
  13. And favors you forgot that!! Jay Clayton has proven that so! Here's to hoping Ripple has enough favors in the bag for a counter balance.
  14. Interesting, one knows if you drop a wrench hard enough against the concrete or steel it makes a "SPARK!"
  15. I put it in my post, Sorry thought I had done that. Quite a few more out there to as it is big news in this space today.
  16. I said this in a post on here in 2019 that I believe that exchanges will either have to become banks, align with banks or they will be put out of business by banks and regulators, crypto has been deemed to essential. This is only the beginning Kudo's to coinbase, kraken for making the moves they are making it will be harder for them to be taken down with the gestapo style tactics that will be used. This is definitely a sign that crypto is here to stay, when there is more talks of regulating and realigning than crushing!! Privacy coins and things that don't align with regulations and laws are
  17. I live in Michigan and this is not one of a larger university's but this right here has far reaching implications when it comes to eventually the use of crypto for payments. The article does not speak or refer to crypto but crypto will definitely be a part of the new cashless environment. This more lets you know the table is being set. https://www.gvsu.edu/gvnext/2021/gvsu-begins-converting-to-cashless-campus-in-three-phase-process.htm “We wanted to provide a convenient, no-cost solution for those who don’t use banks,” Sanial said. " $hit is definitely on i
  18. More and More evidence that indicates the SEC pulled this suit out their collective ass for some nefarious reason. This definitely is not about protecting the consumer. When you have to pull these type of stunts for a case you claim was brewing for years it clearly shows you were not prepared and why weren't you prepared because this case was manufactured out of corruption and not the need to prevent corruption, "Plain and Simple!!" There is definitely a reason why the SEC wants to keep Ripple's legal team out of their documents and it has nothing to do with pandering or intimidation!!
  19. Besides the SEC, this is who many in the crypto community should rally against to shut down is these hack reporters in this space. Clearly because a lot of people are new to this they are doing more harm than good. This space is so full of BS it makes you want to throw up at times and a lot of it comes from these hacks. I know quite a bit of this crap is funded by maxi's but I think as the XRP army we should be killing these guys with kindness in our case facts every chance we get. One thing I must say the XRP army has class rarely do we go out the way to shi!t on someone else project even if
  20. I WTF??? Can you rationalize what you just said??? Because I am reading it as if you said if there was\is unlimited coal and we just keep burning it climate is not an issue??? Am I correct??
  21. You know where I stand on this my friend, 100% agree with you. He should have been gone a while ago to me Brad is bad for business now even though I think ripple has an excellent product and service to offer Brad will continue to be the albatross around Ripples neck. I think it would only be wise after the SEC fiasco to ask him to step down. The PR and perception around brad is not good and that will be a barrier in the future when it comes to trust with some entities and if there is any aspirations on going public. I know this may not seem like a good idea to some but it is what it is. "B
  22. Is the SEC going to defer to the Treasury Department for Crypto Regulations, and become strictly the enforcement hand of the Government in regards to Crypto ??? https://beincrypto.com/biden-administration-crypto-regulatory-framework/
  23. You noticed that to!!! Like a coming out party of sorts.
  24. Is she talking about XRP??? Maybe!! Maybe Not but it dang sure sounds like it. Once this SEC thing is over XRP will be the only crypto with a legal framework around it. As I mentioned before I truly believe this SEC mess is to make sure gearing up to utilize XRP that it does not have the power to turn a sovereign currency on it's rear and the only way you do that is wrap a legal framework around it! XRP was chosen for a reason and it ain't because it's a security, it was chosen to get all it's ducks in a row so it can be and do what it was meant to do not just for business but countries. Of
  25. Haven't seen a quote from the little bouncing mouse in a minute, must have got caught in a Fud Trap!!
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