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  1. A lot of Maxi's have their heads so far up their you know what they can't even see that they can mitigate some of the transactional cost of using bitcoin right now by sending it over the XRPLedger. If they were serious about use case they would be all over something like this. I mean if you were serious about the use case of Bitcoin and you know the environmental and transaction cost dilemma being faced right now and you also know there is an option to at least mitigate some of the transactional cost why are you not pursuing this??? Kind of makes BTC look like a real pump and dump when you h
  2. Someone has to find it quite Ironic that China made this announcement to cut the throat of crypto in it's country around the same time the heat turns up on Jay Clayton for his potential involvement with all the Chinese Connections that lead back to the Chinese Government, it's kind of like their trying to clean up the crime scene. I wouldn't buy this crap for all the tea in China, something is a foot here definitely!! They devalue their currency all the time and now they have the power to devalue the crypto market at will!! "Take that BTC Maxi's!!"
  3. I mean a lot of people may pitch this idea that the USA is going to get left out if they don't get with it but in hindsight countries like China, India etc largest trading partner is the USA and the next countries under are not even close in trade volume. This would more than likely explain why most other countries have said XRP is a currency in their view but have not jumped neck deep into it yet. A lot of cross border dollars transact between the US and these countries. A lot of us need to get our heads out of the sand when we make statements like the this is only hurting the US "No it's n
  4. Just a suggestion but when new to the forum it is so quick and easy to get some of your questions answered right away by doing a little research on past postings. Everyone is going to have their own opinion based on limited data and you can form your own based on that same data but there are good post in here that I am sure will answer that question or enable you to form a good opinion on why this happened
  5. Question "Who is the largest exporter of Indian goods and services?" with that said, and it's not to brag or boast the SEC implications effect more than the US by a great deal!! I know other countries are moving forward but a great speed bump in how far and fast they move is the US SEC at the moment you best believe it!
  6. This takes another step forward for mainstream adoption, regardless of the party, you know the other side will not be out done. I think campaign finance rules will still apply so this may not be good for the use of privacy coins but for those that have good KYC, AML, etc practices behind them this is something that can ramp usage up here quick in the U.S.A. For this to even be put out there for the media to consume I have a feeling some big $hit in regards to crypto regulations is about to break. Just a gut feeling!! These people have inside tracks to legislation coming down the pipe and th
  7. Yeah, pretty much shows what they don't know but it is to be expected from those who have limited knowledge, definitely due to their lack of research, just shows how much catching up mainstream has to do but I'll take this over the PAYOLA type of writing we see from the maxi drones any day.
  8. https://investorplace.com/2021/06/ripple-xrp-can-only-go-can-only-go-up-after-day-court/ I like reading these articles from non crypto, blockchain related sources it kind of gives you a sentiment pulse from the people who aren't entrenched in the technology, and who don't care to understand how the wheels turn but only that they turn and work like their built up to do. This piece speaks more to the law suit which I think generalized sentiment is starting to lean heavily in Ripples favor.
  9. Bottom line what is going to be used is the cheapest, most efficient, and fastest. If it's not XRP then they won't use XRP but if it is guess what they will use XRP In the end it doesn't matter whether your name is XRP, XDC, or X-Whatever as long as you can deliver on $$$ and do it in a way that aligns with Governance and the Governance part is the big issue right now with XRP until we get this SEC albatross from around our necks!! All the technicals are well and good but the tech folks are not the ones making the decisions in most cases they help facilitate a decision but in the end it's usua
  10. So lets say they get the 60 days, when those 60 days are up do they come back and ask for 60 more??? I' am just curious to see when the judge is going to put her foot down on the SEC's lunacy! They don't get a pass to circumvent the guidelines that have been laid out because their the SEC!!! They have had 8 years documents should be at their fingertips!!! If these Lawyers for the SEC were working a private case I'm sure a good portion of them would have been fired by now for their lack of due diligence and incompetence, it's almost like the SEC said were going to file a case and by the way we
  11. I sent $1500.00 Polygon to Binance from my ledger nano at a cost of $80.00 ETH, I had to ask myself people 'Why the hell do people and organization's actually use ETH???" Hell I could have went to one of these shady check cashing places if that were a check and cashed a $1500.00 check without producing valid ID for less than that!! I would imagine people are lining up to Jump on Cardano once they launch their smart contracts and once Flare goes live. I don't see how ETH is going to catch up because their essentially trying to become what Cardano is going to be very shortly here.. Maybe the ET
  12. Don't be sour!! Clap your hands and feel the power!!!
  13. And what is the only way banks could slow up this train so they could jump onboard now??? 'Litigation!!' Legal action is used as a stall tactic quiet often the fact that there are dollar figures in the trillions at play here millions spent on legally stalling is just the cost of doing business. Throw the general public off with the propaganda being pushed while systematically rewriting the framework behind the scenes. When this hits the price of XRP is going to rise so fast it's going to make your head spin and those that wanted to get in won't be able to because the price will be beyond mo
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