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  1. Is she talking about XRP??? Maybe!! Maybe Not but it dang sure sounds like it. Once this SEC thing is over XRP will be the only crypto with a legal framework around it. As I mentioned before I truly believe this SEC mess is to make sure gearing up to utilize XRP that it does not have the power to turn a sovereign currency on it's rear and the only way you do that is wrap a legal framework around it! XRP was chosen for a reason and it ain't because it's a security, it was chosen to get all it's ducks in a row so it can be and do what it was meant to do not just for business but countries. Of
  2. Haven't seen a quote from the little bouncing mouse in a minute, must have got caught in a Fud Trap!!
  3. If I dealt in feelings I would be B!tching and Moaning like a lot of people, feelings and investing don't go together that's how you separate the wheat from chaff
  4. Why do I keep getting the feeling that when smart contracts are brought to the XRP ledger via Flare we might hear the sonic boom of take off. When Flare takes off I don't think the SEC law suit will have much to stand on other than the past, coupled with information like this just helps the cause. I just have a gut feeling and call me crazy that Flare will be the launching point for a higher XRP utilization and pricing. Smart Contracts and Instant settlement just go hand and hand and there is only one DA that will offer them both backed by a corporate presence so you don't have to call Ghost
  5. Exactly!!! When it comes to digital assets at this point in the game who is really an expert???? Most so called experts are still being defined.
  6. I listed an art NFT today utilizing Ethereum when it was all said and done fee's were north of $150.00 Why in the hell are people still using ETH???? This is my first and last time. Flare, Cardano, VET man they should be eating ETH's lunch
  7. Again what do you have to offer in lieu??? I come from the era where we don't shoot a person's idea's or thoughts down we prove we have something better and let our work do the talking. Nobody said it is beyond reproach but typically you come with something better than just lip service when you do approach. The fact that this guy clearly explains every time that he is not a securities lawyer but he is giving us advice from a general law perspective as a lawyer is ok by me. I have plenty of lawyer friends myself and I have been in situations where I need to consult one who does not special
  8. And what do you have to offer better?? I mean it's easy to bring somebody down, but what's your alternative?? At least be able to give us a contradictory take before you trash someone else's. He states many times he is not a securities lawyer, but he still has the skills to interpret law, etc. What is the last case you have worked on?
  9. Resistance is futile, but we have to do this regulation song and dance. For any crypto to be money it has to be regulated no way around it and a lot of people seem to be missing that point. There is no money on this planet that is not regulated by some governing body
  10. If Ripple's tech had no implications for disruption of the banking industry we would not be here. I don't disagree with your statement at all. My problem is with the Maxi attitude in the crypto space because the support for Ripple should be unanimous across the board, because who's party gets crashed next if the ripple case goes bad??? Their going to Tank BTC with Taxes and Regulation. It will still be around but it won't be worth it to get into it. A lot of people just don't get it this is a war on crypto not just XRP.
  11. You do know the current administration is reviewing every policy made by the previous. Like I said it ain't official that the ETH ball thrown on it not being a security isn't a foul!!! As we know Gensler himself called ETH a security just like he did XRP. A lot is in the air now, I'm just saying XRP has the status of going through this first meaning once it's all said and done XRP will be the only crypto with definitive designations as to what it is. XRP will be the first not BTC or ETH.
  12. I didn't say Clayton was a hero at all, but as I mentioned where would we be if this process hadn't been put in place? "We still would be speculating on what XRP is or not for the foreseeable future. Institutions at least here in the US would still be on the fence because they don't know what it is. At least with the wheels in motion we get some closure whether it's bad or good for us that's the question but hands have been forced to move now as you mentioned the last 8 years everyone sit on their hands. I totally believe Clayton threw the Biden administration lemons in hopes that it fails
  13. Dig if you will this picture, The SEC case ends in settlement or a trial XRP comes out the end with definitive clarity at this point no other crypto has this. Now lets look at the big picture here it's being said that the US Government is causing this country to fall behind in the digital asset race but I kind of beg to differ. I think the US is going to regulate and then prop up XRP as the winning digital asset and please don't take this out of context when I say winning I mean preferred because it will be wrapped in Government rules and regulations. The SEC's case is looking weak but what
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