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  1. For starters how's about taking a salary that excludes receiving XRP, you would think stock options and a decent salary(fiat salary would be enough) Just stay away from the personal aspect of receiving XRP until all things are settled and you know what you can and can't do with it. The instances where it was given to incentivize usage etc, I don't see that as an issue, also. The escrow should have been turned over to a 3rd party for management some time ago, Ripple should not control the escrow whatsoever. I can go on but that is just a few. These few things I mentioned would have defini
  2. Does anyone find it odd that Ripple only spent 250k to lobby Washington??? Most companies their size cash wise throw millions at this aspect of doing business. Could this be due to knowing what was coming down the pipe well before hand or lack of faith in the previous administration? I'm curious to know how far in advance Brad knew that Ripple would be sued
  3. To be fair the SEC isn't going after those banks your alluding to, the case is against Ripple. We can say this or that but nothing changes the fact that the practices of Ripple Management have led the company to this scenario, which could have been easily avoided.
  4. Says who??? Really??? They could have done it anytime they wanted. What you said has no bearing they are well within the statue of limitations, doesn't work it anymore in Ripples favor. As I mentioned BG and CL should have not acted the way they did with the mindset just because the SEC has not said anything we will continue business as normal. When in doubt "Don't do it!!" until you have clarification.
  5. The issue with Tetragon alone should be quite enough for Ripple to move on from BG and try to right the ship while they can. If I were head of Tetragon I would have done exactly the same thing. This case has bee n building up for years. A lot of people act like the SEC just built their case and decided to sue all in one month, I seriously doubt it! I do believe XRP will come out of this much better but Ripple it all depends on how they handle their illustrious leader, but I really do think it's time to give Brad his severance package to save face.
  6. Win or Loose the trust factor for BG and CL has taken a severe hit and it is spilling over to ripple the company, ask yourself what can happen to Ripple if the entities they plan on doing business with don't trust the leadership? Also if Ripple has any aspirations of going public they will need to shed this stigma quickly!! The price may rise, It may show that Ripple is serious about correcting the problem I'm sure the SEC will look upon that as actions moving in a positive direction. As I said the root cause of this issue is mismanagement and not saying BG has not done some good things but
  7. The distrust will have to be rooted out for Ripple to continue successfully and I'm sorry for those who like Brad and CL they are a big part of that distrust. If Ripple as a company. This all boils down to mismanagement, again as I have stated before, just because the police don't pull you over when they initially see you speeding doesn't mean you keep doing 120 down the road as if they won't eventually stop you. The fact that the SEC did nothing for 7 years is irrelevant. As I said I am waiting to see what happens to BG and CL if turns out to be literally nothing and I am speaking from a R
  8. I personally think this SEC thing will turn out well for XRP and Ripple. Regulatory Helter Skelter is about to come down on the entire Digital Asset space. It is a reason why XRP was chosen as the SEC sacrificial lamb. Once it's all said and done, the framework on which all assets are judged on will come out of this. As I have mentioned numerous times in this life and my previous life on the chat here as early as 2017, I said "XRP is not meant for the retail investor!!" Ripple couldn't just pull it off exchanges, there would have to be some legal precedent laid down to allow this to happ
  9. That whole Jeb scenario seems very shady if you ask me.
  10. Yeah, I know but you can't help but poke fun at this one. The porn industry is always cutting edge and innovative when it comes to tech and it's uses. You are right!
  11. Welp there goes somebodies XRP stash!!! Pornhub will be next for a lawsuit Someone whining about how they lost all their crypto to Pornhub!!
  12. I agree, lobbying is pretty much pay to play in most cases.
  13. I know it was said in one of his vids that Ripple only spent like 250k for lobbying last year, when he said that my thought was they were not very serious at all in that respect. If you look at the cash other entities their money size lays out for lobbying. I know BG preaches regulation but man 250k is a far cry from being real serious about it.
  14. Not at all! Honestly it wasn't hard to see although all the retail utilization conceptualized or realized sounded great for the ecosystem, I always thought if XRP can do what it says it can do "No way in hell BIG money lets this go on without them controlling it. My thought were as followed "Something would occur to drop the price dramatically or scare the sh!t out of HODLERS so weak hands would shake out, next round will be a dramatic increase to shake out the greedy hands(Everybody has a price!!) Then once it's all said and done it will be out of the reach of anyone else trying to get in l
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