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  1. On a side note: Just got a response back from my state representative using the form on Deaton's site. We shall see!!
  2. Honestly, I don't think ass hat Jay Clayton was going to file a lawsuit against Ripple, somebody higher up with something over his head got in his ear. Look at it he filed it in his final hour like it was an "Oh sh!t I forgot to do thing!" We need to find out who is the dirt behind dirty Jack off Jay, Barnacle Bill & Groupie Gensler!!
  3. All these delays from the SEC speak volumes, they never had anything!! they had 8 now 9 years to build a hell of a case if they had anything. Talk about pulling $h!t out your ass and throwing it against the wall hoping it sticks. You have to love how the people in the pockets of Ethereum are trying to do everything to keep the competition at bay for the vaporware which is ETH 2.0 (Oh wait a minute I think their calling it something else now) They have to rebrand it so it doesn't seem like they have been talking about it for 6 years now. This entire case is just one big delay tactic and hopefully the judge see's that. If XRP is a security like it has been said why have the SEC not sought an injunction to order the halt of all sales?? Has there ever been a case where they claim something is a security and haven't sought an order to halt the sales of said security. How in the hell does ripple get a free pass to continue selling? I tell you how "XRP is not a security, and they know it!!" The SEC's goal here is not to win, it's to gain more time. We really need to drive the numbers on John Deaton site so people can be investigated, the SEC is not going to stop until they start hearing words like Subpoena, etc!!
  4. We seriously need to get together coalitions of people in the crypto space here to get active in each of the states which are represented by these politicians with the agenda of voting them out of office. We need to start canvasing NOW!! We have to get past the bullshit and unite on this. These people have made their money and they are ready to go scorched earth to keep their secrets or sequester the uprising. If you have not hit Deaton's page and filled out the necessary forms PLEASE DO SO!! Share on social media, get the word out that there are those in our government either for the lack of understanding or their own personal agenda who refuse to do the work of the people and that is in subornation at its highest and they must be removed. Outside of what Deaton is doing there is too much talk going on it's time for action, let's put our money and time where our mouths are and get this done. Midterms would be a great time to show that we are serious, and you can't just blow on us, shake us up and throw us in the corner. Republican/Democrat it doesn't matter let's get their ass gone don't get off the course by partisan politics let the body of work be the judge on if they go or stay!! The reason we're not taken seriously is we're so divided in this space, and as the saying goes united, we stand divided we fall!!
  5. Isn't Dick a nick or short name for Bill?? Very fitting here Dick Hinman!! Literally!!!
  6. She is setting the stage so her judgement can't be backdoored and even at the appeal level the SEC won't have much to go on because they were given every chance to prove their case in this litigation. Gensler is already starting to pivot and focus on exchanges which will be his next round of attack, I know some people think the SEC may actually go after ETH at some point but I don't think so ETH's architecture will eat itself sooner rather than later as 2.0 is pretty much vaporware but they have to milk it for all it's worth, Lubin also knows where all the bodies are at and as the saying goes a greased wheel doesn't squeak. Ripple is digging up bodies so I think this is smoke and mirrors tactics from the SEC the longer this goes the more exposure people that don't want exposure will get this runs deep and high up. Another thing Midterms are coming, and I would not be surprised if we see movement around that time frame, expect some of these politicians to weigh the potential of losing their job or their party losing control all over something that could have been prevented. As hodlers of anything we really should be sending out a unified message to people like Warren etc, that her special interest is not our interest, and her political career is in jeopardy. Congress can reign in the SEC and we elect Congress so if they won't reign the SEC in we have to let them know that we will reign them in!! It's really time for the infighting in this space to stop a divided crypto space is a lost space let the niche your coin fills be decided by fair competition and that alone.
  7. Hmm!! A Nasdaq related custody entity rolls the dice??? Something is afoot that we are not privy too because you don't roll these types of dice without a behind the scenes view of the odds!! https://financefeeds.com/nevermind-ripple-lawsuit-digivault-becomes-first-accredited-custodian-support-xrp/
  8. Any updates on FLARE spark token airdrop?
  9. And so it begins!!! Amazing how they try to water it down when we all know their core business is cross border transfers. Even if it's not XRP it's basically admitting were joining the party. Got a feeling things are about to amp up significantly in 2022 https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/128478/swift-will-test-how-it-might-play-a-role-in-asset-tokenization-next-year?utm_source=coinbase&utm_medium=rss.
  10. I hope so to, you really can't determine how things will go in this space from day to day one reason I try to lean lightly on the TPA talk and more heavily on fundamentals, use case, and legality. XRP the XRP Ledger and Ripple has everything the Government needs with the exception of legal clarity and that is on the horizon. The fact that it is the only DA that will have that clarity leads me to believe that when it is all said and done it will be deemed systematically important. If the SEC looses which it looks like they will making Ripple Systematically important because being that the ledger itself is open source and decentralized and not owned by anyone they can't legally make that Systematically important but they can do so to Ripple the company and their practices and procedures which would bring the use of ODL and other products under higher federal regulatory practices and standards in line with large banks!! From Powells talks it seems like he is dropping bread crumbs!
  11. Could be but we will find out soon and with that XRP will be the only DA in this space that does what it does that we have a clarification on what it is and how it can be used. We already know the XRP Ledger is a secure stable platform and is soon to be ISO2022 compliant. Things are lining up!!
  12. Good points! One reason I believe XRP is the leader in this race because it's not just a race of which tech is the best as far as it relates to efficiency, and cost savings, etc, but one thing that is not pointed out is that it is also a race on which asset will have that broad base of regulatory clarity. So my point in saying that it appears to be XRP pointed out here is based on the facts that Ripple is currently engaged in a case that will solidify its clarity here in the states and what most fail to realize is "This does not mean clarity for any other digital asset, even though it may appear that way it does not. It may make it easier for these assets to get clarity finality but once this case settles or ends in judgement XRP will either be a security or not and we will know the legally binding rules and regulations around XRP, not BTC, ETH, Solana or anything else just XRP here in the USA.
  13. Fed chair Jerome Powell says he isn't concerned about crypto disrupting financial stability in the US I'm reading this and this particular quote from Powell really caught my eye “Stablecoins can certainly be a useful, efficient consumer-serving part of the financial system if they’re properly regulated,” said Powell. “Right now, they aren’t. They have the potential to scale, particularly if they were to be associated with one of the very large tech networks that exist.” The Fed chair added: “You could have a payment network that was immediately systemically important that didn’t have appropriate regulation and protections. The public relies on the government and the Fed in particular to make sure that the payment system is safe and reliable.” Did he just send out a call to get ready??? I mean reading this you can't help but think "We will soon have regulatory clarity with the SEC here, we have already been cleared as a currency with the other agency and I keep going back to the fact that when it's all said and done Ripple and XRP will be the only coin and company with documented guidance, rules and regulations from the important agencies of government as it relates to finance in the USA. I mean look at the key words in his words "Very Large Tech Company" -- Ripple is one if not the largest Tech Company in this space whose business model is built around a Digital Asset. Once this case is over the XRP Network and the Company Ripple itself will be wrapped in appropriate regulations and protections!!! Call it speculations but as the DAI always says in this space and one thing, I believe whole hardly "Words mean things!!" Is XRP and the XRP Ledger about to be deemed systematically important and what are the ramifications if so??? This really could be anything other than XRP but logically and gauging where things are at unless there is some other network with a large tech company behind it that is going through the same thing as Ripple or has already something in the works with the fed. I tend to think Powell is indirectly talking about Ripple and the XRP Ledger. (I could be wrong here, but I also could be right!! The more I look at this the more his words here seem to be the strongest case for the XRP Ledger and Ripple services that I have read coming from a top ranking governmental official here in the states. He pretty much called out Ripple and the XRP Ledger without mentioning it specifically!!
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