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  1. I am trying to use API calls to withdraw XRP from BitStamp to a Ripple wallet. However, I cannot figure out which command to use. I am able to use ripple_withdrawal for BTC and USD. However, when I try this for XRP, I get the error "{ error: { currency: [ 'Select a valid choice. XRP is not one of the available choices.' ] } }". The Bitstamp API page also mentions the command XRP_withdrawal. However, when I try this, I get the error "privateBitstamp.XRP_withdrawal is not a function" Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Is there a way to withdraw XRP from BitStamp using API calls
  2. Is this an exchange or just a gateway? I would also like to see KRW on Ripple.
  3. Looking to exchange some various coins for Korean Won. Wondering what gateways exist for KRW, and will let me trade these on the Ripple network. I see a lot of Korean exchanges, but they don't seem to function as gateways as well.
  4. Are there any good tutorials or resources for how to become a market maker? Or any other tools for what people can to to promote liquidity within the Ripple network? It's something I'm very interested in pursuing to help make the Ripple network more robust.
  5. Google hasn't been very helpful providing an explanation.
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