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  1. One thing about SBI VC doesn't make sense to me - we are getting excited about an exchange that has confirmed they won't allow withdrawal or deposit of XRP, only of fiat. When Revolut did that, most of the comments were pretty average, as it was a closed loop system. Why is there so much more excitement about SBI, even though it's also a closed loop system?
  2. I truly failed - had lots of bitcoin from early 2013. Was 10x up in Jan 2014. By summer 2016 I gave up hope and sold it all. Still up but I sold at $200 per coin. You can imagine the sense of regret. Hope I can stay strong with XRP over the coming years.
  3. Ah but you're forgetting what happened afterwards. Two whole years of slow decline. Two years.. All of 2014 and 2015. Imagine that with our XRP. Would you HODL through that?
  4. You sir have an excellent username. May your post come true.
  5. I tried to suggest the same argument, but from the point of view of the net worth of the founders. If XRP goes to $100 then Chris Larsen can go and buy Apple. Himself. Or Visa. Be prepared for a few pages of responses of people calling you a FUDster, of you not knowing what you're talking about, etc. There's value in XRP. But the current value is already above that and based on hype. Any further increases will be even more based on hype. Maybe at some point XRP will truly become the sole way of making inter bank transfers and then this valuation will be justified. But that's a decade away, and we already have this valuation now. I don't think you're missing anything. Ride the wave of hype. Cash out at the right time. Or hodl for a decade and bet that Ripple really will make XRP ubiquitous.
  6. Chris Larsen is now on paper the richest person in the world. Jeff Bezos spent twenty years and built a company that touches the lives of everyone every day. Ripple released a cryptocurrency which has barely been used by their intended market. We are talking about further 10x increases. That would make Chris Larsen ten times richer than the next richest person. Now whatever crazy world we live in, that just doesn't make any sense. There is speculative value being assigned here. The current price is not a true value - actual use of XRP by banks will not support this. It can't. No one will let Chris and the other become trillionnaires. The world will gang up against them. I have my entire net worth in XRP, having bought in 2013. So I absolutely hope it'll keep going higher. But I can't get over the argument above, and the fear that it will all crash down. Thoughts?
  7. Does no one remember that XRP once took out ETH and was number 2? Look at the all coin distribution chart on CMC - around spring this year that already happened.
  8. Holy ****, that's an awesome find, thanks for sharing. In the dot.com bubble, companies could 10x their valuation just by putting .com after their name. What we here is SBI suddenly almost doubling valuation, at the same time as very publicly aligning themselves with blockchain and particularly with XRP. It is not beyond the imagination, that companies will realise that by partnering with Ripple, they can push up their own share price in this way, the same way as in the .com times. Just think what would happen then.
  9. Yeah this is getting really ridiculous. The article says that there was a delegation that went to a whole bunch of places, one of them being Ripple. It's literally meaningless.
  10. Ok honestly, why does everyone think that something special is going to be announced? They literally said 3 days of content and speakers. And it has a logo and a "by Ripple". We run a conference at our tech company and promote it exactly with this kind of tweet and logo. It's obviously their own conference.
  11. Here's what I don't get about all this. I'm loving the price spike. But why on earth would Ripple allow this kind of volatility? Banks aren't going to be comfortable trusting XRP if it does 20x in a month, that just doesn't make any sense. Surely Ripple will do everything possible to keep the currency entirely stable? And that means the fundamentals are totally against XRP going to $2—5 as everyone is hoping for.
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