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  1. People will forget who is who within next bigger pump.
  2. for xrp to be worth even 0.00001 USD, a A LOOOT of people must agree that it has some value. But does it really have any value at all? There is your answer.
  3. and who are you going to sell to if no one is buying??
  4. You're cherrypicking time periods and that gives a false narrative on the overall performance. Compare xrp to ada during the same period for instance and see how well in compared instead 😉
  5. Coinbase to launch tether, this is interesting.
  6. Double bottom for btc at 51K should be a bullish sign, let's wait and see.
  7. Have you sold everything now that you are so sure that we're going down to 70 cents??
  8. Have we seen the actual bottom for now or are we making another lower high?
  9. Think it this way, if xrp was $5 today and you had a chance to buy it at 1,2, would you still have waited for that 80 cents to come or would you have grabbed 1,2 asap =)
  10. We easily could and it would be normal to re-test that huge resistance, quite bullish as well. On the other hand, if you're a buyer and want to buy now on discount, it's doesn't really matter if you buy at 80 cents, $1 or $1,2 as long as you believe that we eventually will go $5+. The chances are also that the 80 cents won't come until the bear market.
  11. The problem with this or any other market is that when things go down, people always expect it to go down much further and miss their buy-ins, and when the market is overheated they always think that it will get much higher... that is why most people get burned on both ends.
  12. That's what most 2017/2018 bag holders believed also. The thing is, when you realize it's the end it will be too late. Still some gas left, but not so much.
  13. Great observation. 2 days ago we went from 63k all the way down to just over 60k and then bounced there to over 62K, most people tought the correction was over and bought right in, next thing you know btc plummets to 51k.
  14. Is someone buying ethereum classic heavily on coinbase or what is going on?
  15. Anyone know why ETHEREUM CLASSIC is 10% more expensive at coinbase than anywhere else??
  16. That is the one million dollars question and no one got the answer I'm afraid..
  17. Well, comparing NEM to the rest of market and also NEM/BTC historically, it has a long way to go before this bull market is over. NEM is way back from it's ATH than what XRP is, so actually more potential in NEM if you just look at the math.
  18. Right, no need to worry about algo outperforming xrp in the short them then. Actually, looking at that algo chart, it was bound to break out any second as it was lagging behind many other alts. I would have stayed and waited, but that is just me. I was also about to sell some of my NEM, and today it finally pumped, patience is really a must here.
  19. You bought into something that has pumped like 300% in couple of weeks and wonder why it's not pumping?
  20. USD Index going down steadily, there is no need to believe that the bull market ends here. Heavy retail money is yet to come in.
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