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  1. FOMC keeps pressure, prepare for weekend 😅
  2. Ok we got 38k and we are at 0.63 From here, fomo on FOMC and shoot 41-43k BTC and 0.69-0.72 XRP. Than need to observe but more likely to retest, 38k and 0.65 or so. Or Get back to 33k and 0.58 Yours annoying
  3. You need to increase your buy order above the limit 😊
  4. I would say even 0.3x would be possible if we go that low, 1600 sats under atack one more time, not sure how lomg it can hold. Anyhow, mid week expect some relief to 0.65, and BTC to 38k. 🤣
  5. But your initial post implied a different message, from what you say now. Anyhow, points been made.
  6. Redo the math, you do silly mistake, how on earthe buying ar 1$ 6k XRP leave you with 4k after sellimg at 2? Typo, 10k. Your example was not accurate not mine, I took your numbers. I showed you a way, one among many, where 50% was reduced to 30%. If its irrelevant to you, I cant help here. I did not assume that.
  7. I do not assume anything, I take what you wrote and try to show that 10k buyback is nice to have but not relevant or not "a loss" the way you want to put it. Same way can be put a constant ATH hunting, its hypothetical and risk you discount too. And now you add additional parameters... You need accept loses as a normal. Same if you do not sell ATH and wait another 4 or whatever years. It work in this market too. Its your choice and your targets, but do not present it in conjunction with tax like its a loss and no other way. Your constraints are yours, therefore I showed you that they are not significant.
  8. Your logic is broken and very harmful, its based around "If I sold 10k XRP, than I must buyback 10k XRP + pay tax on gain". This is not how trading works and not how profits made. Ofcourse, it is one of the best way scenarios you could get. But You could put 7192 @ 1 USD and sell it @ 2 USD, that is 4171 USD to your capital, equals 11363 in total If you would be able to sell 20k @2 than your capital would be 11600, so more on 237. But Point is, at 1 USD you bought less than 10k XRP and eventually end up at same stage if you would sell 10k @2 USD, more important you bought back at 28.58% decline, not 50% as you claim. Key moment here is not own 10K XRP, key here is increase the capital. I itentionaly provided this example, the one would see that there are many opportunities to even outperform 10k @ 2USD
  9. And you never take profits? I have never seen from you: Selling bitcoin at this stage is not for everyone. If you made lifechanging money, you might consider take profits, if you can not , than you might be over invested... All I hear 400k, soon 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Well, I said to you that CPI and other yada yada from FED os going to drive price to 3x, you called me amateur 4chan pleb. Alright. I used my observation to keep fiat rather thab jump into XRP. And I got opportunity to buy lower 0.6x and higher 0.5x for so called relief rally. Also I know that XRP will follow BTC. 2 + 2 = money for me On your end, you just stupidly buy the dip, pretend to be an banking expert But Never Take An Opportunity Now! 🤣👍
  11. Oh no, you are incorrect, there are moments when XRP seperates, its either 1 - 2 day action in case of uptrend, or momentum e.g. xRapid goes prod or positive case outcome. In most other cases, unfortunatelly it very well seperates on going down and breaking all the limits 🤣👍 He talks about days not the years, something should happen in late Feb and starting March. If you expect only the upward trend, than in case of XRP, 5% is never was more rewarding than 95%. Settelment is going to be a momentum, question will be: how massively it is going to be used to pump the price.
  12. Mr Bank of America, when you introduce us, uneducated 4chan twitter plebs to your advanced moduling that will bring XRP to 7USD and BTC to bear market at same time? With all do respect, so far you sound like any twitter account that expects every day on case settelment, no more no less, it just sounds like a simple bet onto momentum. So far BTC down, XRP down works better than any model 🤣
  13. It obvious that @Eric123 does not have answers. This topic is just his fan club with plebs praising his tightening boiled brands and never ending "we only go up". It does not matter how many 10k Big Red Candles you will get after you say "we are in bear market", you will be alwats wrong after very first 10k green candle. This cult is for people that need constant believe and justification of "why I did not take profit" On other hand people like him is our liquidity provider 🤣 He buys dips since 43k!!! Randomly suggesting "its bottom" So, accept it, he feeds you here with whatever he wants but reality is, he does not know.
  14. It jist a begining, new moto: Microstrategy avg buy is 30200, so no way, we should go below that 🤣👍🤣👍🤣👍
  15. I hear it each time and each time it comes back with better discounta 🤣🤣🤣
  16. Feel free trash Ethereum as much as you can, and want, but facts stay: 1. Consensys did made Ethereum attractive and adaption level is bespoke in contrast to Ripple, the latter was only making itself loud about leadership and work with regulations. 2. You can have millions transactions per second and still be useless 😅👍 Anyway, likewise, get a life and not try to protect Ripple and XRPL like all your life depends on it.
  17. Well, once again, you run out of arguments and started personal atacks. You just understood that your answer does not prove, not even near, that there are no scale problems. I just pointed you out that almost "no adoption" means no scale need, means no battle testing, means surprises expected. And you know that.
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