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  1. Ita a rat race now, Bitrue pumps the price rest cry and spam exchanges to list! I think 0.5 or 1 is very possible, question is: will you be lucky to get opportunity to dump and your exchange will be among first listings.
  2. Brad and Stefan said it is 2021... SEC listened...
  3. Becomes really annoying, we must pick up now and fly through October, as November will be another red month with all cancelled EFTs
  4. I would not really want to close week at 0.76 or 37k or whatever analysts beg for, as it going to repeat Aprils trend and 28k will not be a stop in thia case.
  5. You were my moral compass up until that rude message...
  6. What I like most in recent days/weeks is those on-chain analytics were feeding everyone with that BTC exchange reserves are at all time lows BUT They never mentioned that inflows on Binance are growing and difference is eiether neutral or more BTC gets om exchange than goes out in overall. Did I miss something? 🤣🤣🤣🤯💨
  7. Going to below 42k is already broken pattern for me. More broken if we not reclaim 45k-46k in next 24h. We just broke all MA and say "Oh by the way magic 37k is what we need retest" does not work for me. So far, no impressive V shape or comeback yer. neutral bearish.
  8. Market is in oversold condition, if the steam picks up after this move upwards, prepare for October leg up to new ATH, otherwise "Hello 25k!" 🤣
  9. Once I become bearish, I will tell that here 🥺
  10. Even @Seoulite will be shocked of what about to come. Hold my hand and I lead @Plikk style!!!
  11. Yes, you need hope that Binance will distribute rather than hold to itself.
  12. XRP, as person whom I have replied were talking about XRP.
  13. I started my gym sessions, so, next couple days my body will be soar. Also was hapoy to findout that I will get SGB as all my exchanges are supported: But Still unhappy the way it went. I do check price but do not trade, waitinf for 2.5
  14. You have a busy moment, nothing interesting really on my side, working on some aws cloud projects, planning some trip somewhere nice on saturday, time to time check some ideas on price direction, XRPBTC dipped. This is me for now. Whats your plan for weekend?
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