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  1. Elon Musk will make sure that every tesla comes with a bit of mining equipment and BTC blockchain.
  2. Yes, PoW at initial stage is very vulnerable to all sorts of atacks, but at the same time everyone in the same boat to compete. There are no better alternatives and seems noone wants to solve or come up with any, as people ready to buy anything without asking. This is why start with adhominem was not good choice from you. @Seoulite wrote a loud statement with very basic example, which I disagree and question and it was him to put word "debatable" into the sentence. He/She like many others like to give out onto Bitcoin and they do it on very high level, that covers topics where they are
  3. I will educate you one more time, XRP is 70% of my protfolio, and it never was lower and at some times even higher. So, what you were talking about bias and __logic__? 朮 What? Will be very kind on you and repeat myself one more time: Question: what was before BTC and what happened after BTC? Question: you face a lot of double spend on BTC network? P.S. back to your questions: If you want to remove prove of work, than you need to come up with alternative to fairly distribute tokens, yes/no? So far, every coin/asset developer wants a huge ownership in tokens fo
  4. Hello adhominem boy! Welcome back! I see you still like to put words into people mouths, once I already educated you and show on how silly your groundless statements are, but you never learn. I guess best way for yourself will be to block me with some astounding last message and silly gify! You absolutely delusional and not following discussion, a random, disgusting, irrational, bot alike throwaway message. You beg BTC? Wow
  5. Yes it is a real world success, that enabled blockchain, exchanges, trustless p2p and other things if you try to keep your bias aside you will see that. Unfortunatelly Ripple and XRP enabled a lot of promisses that end up in court with SEC. So called "banker coin" ended up just slogan, and new way is: payments. Moreover so called ODL, that had seen so many transformations, is still a mythical beast with no actual data from Ripple. FLR is no escape here, if Ripple somehow invested in Flare Network, than obviois question what share and vote they have in Foundation? Meh, I went aside.
  6. You were able to perform double spend on BTC network?
  7. Something I did not notice, but if 2017 was all about ICO, than 2021 is all about staking / liquidity pools, most coins from https://defipulse.com/ have done at least x20 in less than a year period time, most started upwards journey in Sep 2020. It puts XRP at really being very less atractive even without SEC 朮
  8. I would bet to 3 USD, to scare a shit out from ETH boyz 不不不 but I think I will cashout at some 2.25 USD
  9. ADA, DOT and couple others look very strong. Same was to BNB on the correction after hiting 42k, get ready boyz.
  10. Tbh by accident findout I have them, always were forgeting
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