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  1. World got mentaly unsound, we have too much people with a lot of power on media, whereas smat people simply dont have time to do that, on other hand we have too much smart people, that they think they are smart enough to speak about subject where they are not experts. And yes with all that thing "I want be smart, rich and entertaining" we falling down to chaos.
  2. I will write english: I BELIEVE YOU! Hope I did it well!
  3. Oh Common gitls, give a break, let @retep do wtv he wants.
  4. Stable? From 59 to 45 and now fighting 50s 不不不 alright
  5. And here comes weekend, the time when all dreams about moon are erased 不不不
  6. I know that, but it does not answer the questions I am asking 不不不 Like noone argues here the cycles
  7. But it was has to do Bitcoin, hammer and truth? 不不不 Are you the one who calls apocalypsis each time 不
  8. Tesla went from 40 to 900 Microstrategy from 140 to 1400 And that all in 1-2 years timeframe, ofcourse there is a profit taking from investors that were holding for 10-20 years. Netflix, Google, Apple, Facebook did not show such results in such short time frame. So what truth you want say? 不不不
  9. I would thought you explain to us what it has to do wit Bitcoin on their balance and some truth we do not hear from you? Do you know that in 2018 Amazon went from 2000 to 1300 and it did not hold Bitcoin. Have you ever heard of correction? 不不不
  10. I thought you have explain us, you wrote: hammered And provided dummy numbers for shares price.
  11. And 5 days ago Tesla was 670, and a bit more daya ago even 750, and even more days ago back 570. So what?
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