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  1. Hope Litecoin was an integer buy 不不不 Ofcourse its the prove, Common its obvious!
  2. It can and will go much lower, and not for a first time. Unfortunatelly you did make sense here.
  3. How much? 0.00001? Yes I do, manipulation and printing is obvious. For god sake, why you need solo if you have CORE now or wtv name they gave to new more advanced and better token!!!
  4. I guess liquidity is limited 不不不 need to create a picture, that a little bit just now in a second it will go 589! Ask those, who were writing that on daily basis.
  5. @Xrpdude sold @1.30 and you all called him weak hands. 8 months later he proved you all wrong 不不不
  6. What is your feeling nowadays @Troote around BTC 不
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