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  1. Lol I will be fine even with 3-4$ 🤣🤣🤣
  2. One more thing: XRP went from 1$ to 2$ just in 4 days (from 10th to 14th April), daily RSI was at 70 In that time BTC went from 58k to 64.8k RSI wss between 59 and 70. Today daily XRP RSI is at 57 and price at 1.13$, BTC is at 61k and daily RSI 73 Al wee need is for BTC support 60k for the weekend And 3$ than very possible. More to add: Daily XRPBTC at 10th of April started at 1750 sats and RSI was 73 Tosday 1852 sats and RSI at 31!!!!!
  3. The story of ETF listings seems to pick up, I see brutal weekends coming. I hope XRP 1.3 - 1.4 this time, otherwise its going to be blnot happy days.
  4. Higher volumes happen on downwards. We only picking up Patience.
  5. Does not seem to bomb: But 18th-25th is volatility week.
  6. So, all eyes on 18th, until than happy pumpkin days.
  7. For that exchanges must list SGB, so far they not in rush.
  8. So, none of exchanges keen to list SGB. Interesting.
  9. Yeah, especially whe you see this: Just another yet "use" of XRP via MG dump scheme 🤣
  10. Think sell at 5 is very safe, thiz bonkers coin will crash 98% anyway during bear market.
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