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  1. My glasses can see trading opportunities not just Diamond Handz religion in association with BTFD tm. But you definetly have hard feelimg towards me 🤣🤣🤣😁👍
  2. Same story as yesterday, BTC to 40k XRP lags, XRPBTC oversold. Hope we see 0.7-0.75 today
  3. You were absolutely wrong, it happened at night
  4. I would expect a bit of cool of before 0.7-0.75, go down to 0.61 consolidate and shoot another yet 20%. Same for BTC go 36k - 37k. If BTC holds/raises, than XRP shoots.
  5. Use BTC as indicator, as XRP always lags, easy bets here 😁👍
  6. XRPBTC is mega oversold, if BTC will protect 36-37k than this is mega bullish for XRP towards 0.75
  7. Yeah being hodler seems to be so boring 😁👍
  8. Whar idiotic is to pretend that everything is cool while your bags are green.
  9. It takes days to break 34.5, though this price level is not somewhat I would want take that long considering all hype and short squeez. Said that I more looking the break of 37k and 42k than 34.5k. It still does not happens and I want see daily red candles, are they gonna outperform green? So yes, I still maintain below 28k but more we go to August less positive I will be that it happens. Do not forget that 30k was broken and we comfotably were sitting at 29.5k for day before Elon & Jack pump event.
  10. Never thought of monetization from youtube, makes sense. Same happens now on on-chain analysis side, they match some graph with price and make some vague comment like "Stablecoin inflow ATH" one can think that this is so bullish 🤣 in reality they just sell subscription to hundreds charts to make your brain swell.
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