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  1. According to Coin Metrics, the number of wallet addresses containing at least 1 million XRP has dropped to 1,567 from 1,721 between December 21, 2020, and January 3. The SEC is against Ripple. https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-whales-begin-to-liquidate-part-of-their-holdings-amid-regulatory-uncertainty-surrounding-ripple.html
  2. The world’s largest crypto asset manager Grayscale has removed XRP from its Digital Large Cap Fund after the US Securities and Exchange Commission charged Ripple and co-founder Chris Larsen and CEO Brad Garlinghouse of allegedly raising over $1.3 billion through an unregistered “securities offering.” Grayscale said it sold all XRP from the fund on Monday and bought more of BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. XRP was approximately 1.46% of the fund. The revised components of the fund are BTC (81.63%), ETH (15.86%), LTC (1.43%), and BCH (1.08%). https://azcoinnews.com/grayscale-has-removed-xrp-from
  3. https://azcoinnews.com/binance-us-and-genesis-trading-will-suspend-xrp-trading-but-ceo-uphold-siding-with-ripple.html
  4. Bitstamp becomes the first major exchange to suspend XRP trading after affiliated blockchain company Ripple got sued by the SEC. “In light of the recent SEC filing against Ripple Labs Inc., which alleges that XRP is a security, we are going to halt all trading and deposits of XRP for our US customers on 8 January 2021 at 9 PM UTC.” Bitstamp said, “our US customers will still be able to withdraw XRP from Bitstamp. Customers from other countries are not affected.” https://azcoinnews.com/bitstamp-to-halt-all-trading-and-deposits-of-xrp-for-our-us-customers-xrp-has-dumped-over-15.html
  5. Elad Roisman will take over as Chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission effective immediately, according to Commissioner Hester Peirce. Congratulations, Chairman Roisman! I look forward to your leadership of the SEC. The price of XRP is rising after the news, up 25% in the last 24 hours at $0.34 according to CoinMarketCap. The asset remains down 43% over the last seven days. https://azcoinnews.com/xrp-price-up-25-after-sec-has-a-new-boss.html
  6. https://azcoinnews.com/bitwise-has-liquidated-the-xrp-position-of-its-crypto-index-fund.html
  7. One black swan event that is now placing massive pressure on XRP price is a lawsuit that Ripple has received from the SEC regarding XRP is unregistered security. U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced on Dec.22 in federal district court in Manhattan that it has filed an action against Ripple Labs as well as its CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, and co-founder Christian Larsen. So sad...................... https://azcoinnews.com/sec-sues-ripple-and-two-executives-xrp-dumps-20-on-sec-lawsuit-worries.html
  8. San Francisco-based Ripple said it will defend itself against a lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that claims the company violated investor-protection laws when it sold XRP, according to Washington Post on Dec 21. If the SEC does sue Ripple, the action will follow years of debate between the company and the agency about whether XRP, a digital currency associated with Ripple, is a security, like a share of stock—which must be registered with the agency—or is instead a currency and thus beyond the SEC’s purview. Ripple had a $10 billion valuation in its most recent
  9. The number of XRP accounts that hold more than 10 million tokens (roughly $5.6 million at press time) has hit a new all-time high of 339, the number of XRP whales has been on the rise since early November, according to Santiment. Cryptocurrency data analytics platform Santiment estimates that there has been a 10.1 percent uptick over the past three weeks. This influx of new whales is most likely driven by Flare Networks’ token airdrop that is expected to take place tomorrow (12/12). While the word “whale” is somehow pejorative in the crypto industry since it is mainly associated with
  10. Supported exchanges Some of the biggest exchanges that confirmed the XRP airdrop support: Binance ProBit Crypto.com eToro KuCoin Bitstamp Bithumb Binance.US Coinbase Kraken Huobi OKEx Bifinex Bittrex Bitstamp AltcoinTrader AnchorUSD Aprobit Bigone Biki Bit4you Bitay BitBay Bitbns Bitcoinmeester Bitcoin Suisse Bitexen Bitkub Bitrue Bitso Bkex BTC-Alpha BTC markets BTC Turk BTSE Celsius Coinbit CoinEX
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