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  1. Would it be better if they use xrp of course. They have not adopted xrp thats the point will they? Maybe maybe not
  2. Hey merc I love how anyone that doesn't agree that banks don't have to use xrp are called delusional etc btw that's like saying caisse populaire from Quebec is a huge bank , it is big in Quebec but relative to Canada it's tiny. looking forward to the next pump!
  3. Toronto my cousin works at CIBC and no mention of xrp again might be using ripple but no one HAS to use xrp thats the issue
  4. I come from Canada and atb is not a real bank show BOM, RBC, CIBC, TD etc using xrp RBC might be experimenting with ripple ledger but is not using xrp
  5. Gatehub support hardly answers. try security@gatehub.net
  6. Merc thanks for keeping this going without locking as some threads have been locked lately. and tulo and sanq make good points. but whoever someone here says anything realistic about ripple ppl tend to bash its a diff of opinion or views glass half full full glass half empty but remember facts are facts and no bank has said they will use xrp and that makes a diff if price will go up or down
  7. Check on wallet if it's in another wallet
  8. Ok go on lol all you want is cheerleaders give me a break hey enjoy vegas!
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