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  1. Thanks but Xumm is an android/ios app. Do you know a desktop wallet that runs on linux ?
  2. Thank for your answer. After searching in old harddisk I finally found the old not working wallet and managed to get my private key ! Now I am struggeling to find a wallet which is safe and in which I can import a private key (without making a new one like exodus for instance). Have you any advice on that ? Why I cannot find an "official" Ripple desktop wallet ?
  3. Dear all, I had put my XRP by end of 2017 onto a desktop wallet, probably (but I am not 100% sure) from Rippex which does not exist anymore, even the link to their website is dead : https://rippex.net/. All I have is a file named "wallet" with a string of 600 characters inside, and a password. How can I recover them the access to my XRPs? I need to access them as quickly as possible as there is an airdrop soon. Thanks you very much in advance for your help!
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