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  1. I know it should have happened an hour ago but just wondering if since I did the flare transaction in an exchange if I will be able to verify if all my xrp was counted an applied. There is a tool to use if I was in a public wallet but my exchange uses the same address for many transactions and that make it not easy to read. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I'm not taking a chance with the late runner. I still haven't seen any of the current ones doing the spark mention when it would be available to access. I'm doing this on kucoin and it would be nice if they had an idea when user wallets of the new token would be accessible.
  3. I understood about that. I just wanted to make sure it was on the up and up. I had some email from an address I thought was from Stellar about a drop and luckily my browser caught it and stopped me from progressing. I want to be part of something but I don't want to be stabbed in the back by people always trying to find a way to destroy you.
  4. If I put my xrp in there for this event what the plan to get the flare? Do I need a separate wallet to get it from nexo after the fact?
  5. Is there an actual link to that in the ripple xrp page?
  6. It came up on my google news feed of all places and it sent me on a journey to check around. It was not shown up on the xrp actual coin page. Hopefully thats the best option when things come up right? I was hoping for a big red sign that says "its not us" on the page so I could go back to my regular scheduled programing. Thanks for any pointers on the matter
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