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  1. Need to wait to hear BG and CLs side of it. Reading the complaint is concerning but the big caveat, for me, is that they've been operating in a market with minimal regulatory clarity. The scope therefore for operating with good intentions but nonetheless in a way which eventual regulation may deem illegal and in a way which may be ostensibly questionable, is large. There's been no regulation to distinguish tokens/ledgers with genuine utility from ponzi speculation coins. If life has taught me anything its that there are always two sides and hearing the other side often allows the facts to be seen in an entirely new light. Clearly Ripple will know far more about what they were doing and why they were doing it than the SEC. They're a major player and have been operating with the advice of top lawyers (I believe). I suspect there's another side to this.
  2. So good to see this movement after nothing for 3 years. And soooo glad I added to my little pile yesterday at 0.45. Stocked, and stoked
  3. Just did the very same thing at 0.45. Time will tell if that's a good move but feel pretty confident in the long run. First time that I've bought in so long had to update my ID on the exchange lol
  4. When do those stop loss order tend to kick in? $0.5? Never been a day trader...
  5. I'm having this issue too. Also unable to access the Manager on Ledger Live. Believe it's an issue on Ledger's end https://status.ledger.com/ I think some exchanges stop allowing you to send/receive XRP from 50 minutes ago anyway so might be a bit late to set up for the snapshot? Not sure
  6. Would still be a huge pain if part of your strategy is long term hold for larger profits
  7. Found this a little confusing but that'll be my novice-ness coming through! So XRP would be the near real-time backend to conversions between other cyptos as well as fiat-crypto? A bit like what bitcoin was in the early days?
  8. Sorry haha I backtracked a tad - the general issue of US regulatory fog and any potential clarity that may come from the new administration
  9. On this, does anyone know what approach the Biden administration might be taking toward crypto and clarity of regulations? Have there been any indications?
  10. Feel fairly sure the overall trajectory atm is up
  11. Nice! I'm an full on amateur when it comes to TA/analysis of utility or any speculation so excuse any ignorance but I'd always had it in my head that a move far beyond the region of $10 - $20 would require that eventual widespread adoption perhaps as a standard for global real-time payments etc rather than being driven my investors. At some point won't the potential capital available with amateur investors (only say amateur to distinguish between professional portfolio handlers investing in stocks etc) become saturated? There was some decent mainstream coverage in 2017 which I guess in part drove the market exponentially so I was anticipating an easy job getting to the ATHs but I imagined that to generally move past that new investors would need to be brought in. Is it likely that the same market cap will come in relative to the current market cap as has happened in the past in this bull run? Are the investors out there? When it hit's above $10 I'm taking some profits and then I'm on it for the long haul cos I do think it'll move way up from there eventually
  12. Haha it's certainly complicated. And yes I agree there's something big brewing long term, but I wonder if also shorter term it's not unlikely to see a similar overall market surge to 2017 as those who got out in the bear market (or even who took profits just before the bear market hit) come back in. We know there's potential for investors, announcements, media coverage to come together and drive the market. I think key differences this time around would be increased availability (as you say) and in XRP's case whatever Ripple wants to do to control the price.
  13. Crypto generally or specifically XRP? Paypal could be having an effect overall but I thought XRP was moving mainly because of news around the flare network bridge...
  14. Definitely expecting interest to take off again, hopefully with as much force as in 2017. I reckon XRP could pass ethereum market cap in an alt season. When XRP goes it really goes!
  15. Hi all! I'm new to the forum but have been hodling XRP for the last 3 years. I put mine on a ledger wallet and kind of tuned out. The price finally seems to be doing something now so am back checking the charts every two minutes! Anyone else only just come back?
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