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  1. This only works with the original XRP address you held on before 12 December I believe, I've abandoned that address since then. Is there anyway I can confirm my SGB balance through the new address I registered with an ETH account for Flare?
  2. lol guys, give it a couple weeks or so when we inevitably start gaining 50%+ daily candles and all these forum cockroaches are no where to be seen..
  3. Oh of course not, any decision I make is in the end my decision, blaming anyone else is ridiculous. I was just trying to see whether I had any clue what I was considering lol.
  4. I'm an amateur with charts and I really have no clue most of the time how to read them and do all that TA jazz. But from a quick glance at the weekly charts of XRPUSD and XRPBTC, I've noticed every bullrun XRP has had in the past, both charts printed 3-4 significant consecutive green weekly candles before we reached an ATH and all was over. So would you say that waiting for a 3rd or 4th consecutive weekly candle is a half decent 'strategy' for an exit plan? Because to me, it seems it's done that every time so far. Of course in that last weekly candle alone the price could still more than double within that same week, but at least I'd have an idea that I should probably be exiting soon. @Plikk @Seoulite and anyone else willing to chime in, cheers.
  5. I'm not sure if I remember you speaking of any XRP targets before, but do you have a rough figure you're aiming for? Is $15 a realistic target or should I be unloading sooner lol
  6. Has anyone managed to install the app? Both my nano s and x give me errors when trying to install the flare app EDIT: Managed to install it. Must have the ethereum app installed first with an account synced before installing the flare app.
  7. actually I think it's better for XRP not to break 0.0002, OTHERWISE it might go alllll the way down to 0.0000000000000003
  8. that chart is an average wet dream of xrp nuke
  9. IDK about the 'same boat' thing to be honest. You, xrpdude, xrpnuke and a couple others seem to have a strong reason to convince the forum it's all doom and gloom and that it's all over...I'm trying to understand where you guys come from or how it even benefits you personally? If you're so confident we're in a bear market and you've sold everything, move on and never look back. Instead you're here investing your energy and time apparently 'wishing we make good decisions' when you're clearly pushing a particular narrative.
  10. XRP barely stretching over HALF its ATH really is ridiculous and painful. I'm not doubting XRP will have its day eventually but considering I've been in this market and lurking these forums daily since July 2017, it really stings when people entered just 2 months ago and experienced 10x gains with meme coins. I'm not blaming anyone but myself of course for not taking action just last month when we hit $2, but can anyone really blame us for not selling at half the ATH? Especially considering XRP is the last to do its run etc etc. Meh anyway, I'm still well in the green and won't sell anything anytime soon. I really do feel bad for those that bought near the April top
  11. 'only 0.001' would mean a $550 Billion market cap lol it still shocks me how so many people have no understanding of something as simple as price and market cap. I guess that's the obvious reason why these coins with insane supply do so well
  12. BCbacker has been referring to our current run being more similar to 2013 rather than 2017. We dropped 60% from our local high back in 2013 followed by a 954% move up. We have so far fallen 59% and assuming we recover from here and pull off a 950% move up, would land us somewhere near $10.
  13. if our current range becomes the 0.18 of mid to end 2017 then I'll gladly wait a while!
  14. Elon tweeted "Tesla has diamond hands"
  15. lol sure emoji man I believe you buddy, I'm still $40k up on my initial investment but I'm not the bitter one on an XRP forum getting a kick every time the market crashes and people are worried
  16. with how pessimistic and negative you always are, I'm assuming your bags have never seen green in their life lol!!
  17. would be great if we finally break this down trend on the XRP/BTC chart
  18. some more amateur TA but it seems this rising wedge could break down soon
  19. I'm no TA guy but I noticed this falling 'reverse' wedge? Of course I conveniently left out those 3 candles but it seems it keeps touching the upper and bottom lines and I'm not sure if this pattern is a good or bad one
  20. This is old news but I just stumbled upon this old video and at 38:10 he describes XRP as a currency? 38:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7HDA8gUbpQ
  21. In the late 2017 run, ETH set its high a couple days after XRP set its high, although both started their 'real' run on pretty much the same day. You guys think we'll set our ATH before Ethereum again this time?
  22. Bit off topic but do you guys store your XRP in one single cold storage wallet? Is there any security benefit to using 2 separate wallets with my XRP split between? I have my old ledger nano s and was wondering whether to configure it with the same 24 word seed I currently have or create a whole new separate account to split my XRP into.
  23. lol you gotta be shilling at this point...all I ever see from you is OMG related
  24. So with bitcoin dominance falling off a cliff, what's the general consensus around here on how long there is left in this cycle? Would you say weeks or months?
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