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  1. I'm no TA guy but I noticed this falling 'reverse' wedge? Of course I conveniently left out those 3 candles but it seems it keeps touching the upper and bottom lines and I'm not sure if this pattern is a good or bad one
  2. This is old news but I just stumbled upon this old video and at 38:10 he describes XRP as a currency? 38:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7HDA8gUbpQ
  3. In the late 2017 run, ETH set its high a couple days after XRP set its high, although both started their 'real' run on pretty much the same day. You guys think we'll set our ATH before Ethereum again this time?
  4. Bit off topic but do you guys store your XRP in one single cold storage wallet? Is there any security benefit to using 2 separate wallets with my XRP split between? I have my old ledger nano s and was wondering whether to configure it with the same 24 word seed I currently have or create a whole new separate account to split my XRP into.
  5. lol you gotta be shilling at this point...all I ever see from you is OMG related
  6. So with bitcoin dominance falling off a cliff, what's the general consensus around here on how long there is left in this cycle? Would you say weeks or months?
  7. bear market for BTC sure, but what makes you think XRP or any altcoin for that matter would be done this early? We're not even halfway of our ATH, and ETH has just begun stretching its legs. Would be very strange for us to have already entered a bear market
  8. it's a good thing we have those dumb people, after all we'll need someone to be buying XRP at $5, $10...
  9. holy damn it touched 1.43 and bounced back up within the minute!
  10. lurking since late 2017, if I can get an invite that would be appreciated! Not to really participate since I'm not as knowledgeable but I'd love to have a look
  11. this is very interesting to me! I mean a $300k plus bitcoin is a little nuts but what's more nuts is the previous ATHs being set apparently 2 days apart?!
  12. Excuse my ignorance as I know it has been discussed many times but what actually happens with the market cap? I kind of understand that it doesn't actually represent the money present in XRP but at $300 surely the real money in XRP would still be pretty massive. Just how 'rich' would a $300 XRP make someone like Chris Larsen? and is this all assuming bitcoin keeps growing or XRP is miles ahead
  13. still very new to this technical analysis stuff but I'm assuming this is a bull flag we are breaking out of?
  14. I'm refreshing non stop lol! he should drop a video soon hopefully, but yeah he did predict a further drop and here we are..., let's hope his double digit predictions also come to life
  15. Another great video from blockchain backer, not to spam this thread but highly recommend for those of us in doubt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE4Ik-zaIGQ&ab_channel=BlockchainBacker
  16. Oh someone else in NEM lol, yeah I was very doubtful about holding onto it and kind of still am but todays little move was nice. It's only 5% of my portfolio anyway, the rest is all XRP. Do you personally think that NEM will make big moves anytime soon or?
  17. I guess that's the doge profits pouring in now
  18. exactly how I feel, as long as we've waited I'd honestly rather sit around for another couple months since the next run up would be something extraordinary
  19. so would you guys prefer we stay at these levels for a couple days then break out? or would you rather us sit around for a couple months similar to the April 2017 pump? I'm no expert but provided bitcoin doesn't shit the bed and we keep going sideways for months on end, I'd assume we would reach much higher highs
  20. I was just going to say that this deslie account itself seems very suspicious since that professor thing they were speaking of the other day lol!
  21. Quick question regarding tradingview, I don't really use it and was trying to figure out how to zoom into the daily/hourly chart of a specific date like the 2017/18 bullrun, any help is much appreciated
  22. Didn't cardano go through a 30% drop on its way up? I think we're doing just fine
  23. I definitely get what you're saying, but I truly think less than 1% of this board will be selling within 20% of the upcoming new ath, so chances are we have to simply prepare for the fact that we'll either be too early or too late, so long as we're happy with the money we've made. Otherwise, missing out on everything (like I did back in 2017/18) is much much worse.
  24. lol you really think 5x gains are worse than losing your initial capital?
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