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  1. that's why after 3 years of being all in XRP, I've now diversified into XLM and IOTA. Still got heavy XRP bags that I'd hate to see go down the drain in value, but I'm assuming that in the worst case scenario for XRP, XLM will hopefully leave XRP behind and do its own thing like it did about a week ago. Not sure XLM has the power to go parabolic like XRP, but it's the next best coin I can see available on the market. Now if lawsuit is dropped etc, then I'll regret every decision of not being 100% in XRP
  2. my stash is split equally among xrp xlm and iota, are you guys still 100% in xrp or?
  3. if this is a real pump then XRP will surge HARD. The sentiment around xrp on media and the memes surrounding it on reddit are literally almost a replica of 2017 when we had no action and watched the other coins have their fun. Then XRP had its turn..
  4. Curious which coin you migrated to? Unless you're pulling out entirely
  5. lol I hope so but same was said post flare snapshot and then it dipped the following days. I'd wait another 3 days at least to see the full effect
  6. If you mean the price I sold, I refreshed my exchange page at around 5 or so seconds before :00 and pressed sell but didn't click confirm until :04 and it actually went through so I'm quite happy about that. As soon as I sold I hit refresh and the price DROPPED I was like eugh should I buy back in quickly but figured I'll wait. Now just hoping it works out in my favor lol.
  7. Well this is my first ever attempt at shorting, still haven't bought back in but I sold at roughly :04 seconds so I'm hoping I actually made the snapshot LOL But yeah now it's the waiting game, my position was already $2k in the green so I'm not going to really panic anytime soon. The real deal bags are locked away on the nano s 🙂
  8. Forgive my ignorance but when a shitload of people try selling let's say 1 minute following the snapshot, do they actually get the $ amount the exchange 'promised'? If they all did, the exchange surely would be at a huge loss? I'm assuming if I click sell for $1000 amount, it's either the exchange rejects it entirely or they cop a loss since the value is dropping so quick.
  9. Once December 12/13 rolls around, without a doubt there'll be a sell off and hopefully not a catastrophic one. Any of you guys going to sell and buy back in or ?
  10. anyone else afraid the spark dump might possibly spiral out of control and ruin this run
  11. so I was just watching a video from Susie and she still seems adamant that XRP will reach $1000 given enough of a time period. How the hell does she justify the market cap issue ? $50 seems far fetched and she firmly believes in $1000+. I usually ignore crazy price predictions but given her resume and experience with markets, surely there's an explanation for it
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