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  1. October 4 would've been too late. Need to have had your SGB delegated before each Thursday (Sept 30th) to be 100% sure you're in the 'snapshot', which happens anywhere between Thursday to Saturday each week.
  2. So just to confirm, the gains are linear all week long? I was wondering if I can extrapolate from the info I have on https://flaremetrics.io/check-reward to estimate my end of week rewards.
  3. Very cool thanks. Didn't know there was a way to check the rewards as they accumulate, only 13 SGB so far in this current epoch but great to see I delegated in time.
  4. Calling you out for being an obnoxious asshat is following you? I have 0% trading knowledge yes, I have literally never claimed otherwise lol. I actually don't know what you mean by me being arrogant (I barely participate on the forum except to read and learn from helpful members), but one thing stands and that is that unfortunately for you, your personality and the way you conduct yourself with well-meaning people is 💩💩
  5. LOL buddy...your superiority complex has always been clear as day, you come to an online forum and get your kicks by being an ahole to everyone. Imagine how pathetic that is lmao. I thought it was maybe the language barrier at first, but you're just a piece of 💩lol. Now you'll scream your favourite English word, ad hominem! I'm replying to you directly, forget XRP bro 😂😂
  6. It's always hilarious to see how clearly salty you are nuke 🤣🤣 it's his own thread lol...
  7. So it's in my interest to switch over to the highest rate providers, or it's not that simple?
  8. I'm wondering does it matter which provider I delegate to and what percentage? The bifrost app seems to only allow me to delegate to two providers so I split 50% on bifrost Oracle and 50% on FTSO AU.
  9. Are you sure you're using the same seed you registered the ETH address to? 0xBBE5AC0D0449223A7E8D3C88049947AE9D04B0AF This is the ETH receiving address currently on your ledger wallet right?
  10. This only works with the original XRP address you held on before 12 December I believe, I've abandoned that address since then. Is there anyway I can confirm my SGB balance through the new address I registered with an ETH account for Flare?
  11. lol guys, give it a couple weeks or so when we inevitably start gaining 50%+ daily candles and all these forum cockroaches are no where to be seen..
  12. Oh of course not, any decision I make is in the end my decision, blaming anyone else is ridiculous. I was just trying to see whether I had any clue what I was considering lol.
  13. I'm an amateur with charts and I really have no clue most of the time how to read them and do all that TA jazz. But from a quick glance at the weekly charts of XRPUSD and XRPBTC, I've noticed every bullrun XRP has had in the past, both charts printed 3-4 significant consecutive green weekly candles before we reached an ATH and all was over. So would you say that waiting for a 3rd or 4th consecutive weekly candle is a half decent 'strategy' for an exit plan? Because to me, it seems it's done that every time so far. Of course in that last weekly candle alone the price could still more than double within that same week, but at least I'd have an idea that I should probably be exiting soon. @Plikk @Seoulite and anyone else willing to chime in, cheers.
  14. I'm not sure if I remember you speaking of any XRP targets before, but do you have a rough figure you're aiming for? Is $15 a realistic target or should I be unloading sooner lol
  15. Has anyone managed to install the app? Both my nano s and x give me errors when trying to install the flare app EDIT: Managed to install it. Must have the ethereum app installed first with an account synced before installing the flare app.
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