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  1. oh so i can't speak on the subject but i have to listen the NPC speak about it. i love double standards. feel free to speak to those that brought it into the thread, it wasn't I who did that. i said what needed to be said since the cat was out of the bag. im over the whole thing. i suggest they don't bring it up again
  2. Did you see the reports of the vaccine? they are now saying even after you take it you still have to wear a mask, social distance, and not travel. oh and it can paralyze half your face. but don't worry its totally worth destroying your self and the economy for a slightly worse flu. in fact they are recommending you take it at a primary care facility because it has a good chance to put you in anaphylactic shock
  3. lol you mean the tik toks of them dancing around? ya so scary
  4. i had the urge to sell at .44 last night and i was like nah **** that. every time i dump it turns around with in 6 hrs of my urge. thats how i know to not listen to my self
  5. i was so close to selling at .44 lmfao so glad i didn't
  6. i'd rather it just go to .3 now if thats whats coming
  7. thats what im starting to realize, i kinda wanna take another chunk out of my saving and buy in at this low
  8. Ya i think the best thing i can hope for is a 2 - 5 day setback, hopefully it hits the price i was looking for then. i could see it going either way atm. you'd think based off the probability i would hit one of these. lol i need to find a job where you make money by failing is that a thing? maybe i should take the george costanza route and just do the opposite of everything i think i should do... smh
  9. i haven't sold yet, but its down 7% none the less. it was trending up when i bought, i think its going down to .4ish now but that doesn't really help me now
  10. @Baka i was thinking it was going to break .7 WRONG... so wrong. I can't tell if its going to .45 or .7 now. its everywhere
  11. thanks for the reply. i honestly wouldn't mind still having to trade my whole life. i enjoy it; but it would be nice to make so much that i could take days off tho
  12. how many coins are you calculating to retire? sounds like a good plan
  13. i was up 1,300... now im down 300.... sucks but ill just have to grind to get back. its going to take me weeks tho
  14. lol yes im hoping for that too but idk man. looks like the upswing is over
  15. How long do you you think the next dip will be? days? weeks?
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