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  1. 2 minutes ago, Baka said:

    Made me laugh I don't know why :')

    I guess I would have panicked too if I was from US , I would not feel safe having big bags of XRP and knowing that exchanges are halting/delisting XRP.

    i was feeling fine thinking kraken would never delist.... ya panicking is an understatement. im taking all my money out of XRP and putting it into ammo. bullets are doubling in price 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Campesino said:

    Been lurking here for years because generally I don't have anything to say that other's can't say better... but as far as the crypt hawk stuff goes I wouldn't put money on it.  I followed his Twitter for a couple of months and saw him deleting predictions that don't line up with the outcome and generally just shilling his paid services( there is nothing wrong with that,  but I get the impression his money maker are the guys paying for the TA rather than the TA itself). There is even a crypthawk is a scammer twitter... all that being said he did accurately call that something was cooking between Ripple and MG...


    Back to lurking I go.  

    im still a newbie but even i can see that dude is full of shit 

  3. 2 hours ago, Babelly said:

    This guy Jack321 was a automatic block for me.  Not sure thats his exact handle but his user name was close to that. He was posting verbal diarrhea non stop.  I'm not a moderator but new members should be capped at 10 posts per day till proven worthy.

    how do you block people?

  4. 32 minutes ago, Neurotoxin said:

    Idk, I think it’s just a lot of profit taking from people who likely bought in at 3k or however cheap they got it. I don’t think it’s over though. I thought it wouldn’t drop till it hit 49-50k but I guess the number’s too magical. 

    lol i wouldn't worry, its only a 4 day setback its still on an uptrend 

  5. 18 minutes ago, xrp-nuke said:

    There is one more thing that stays behind the scene as all eyes are on BTC.

    There is a theory that if anything drops below 20% from ATH than it enters bearish zone and correcrion, basicslly winter is coming.


    Today overall market capacity touched 20% from ATH and retraced, this was around 670B (or wtv chart you use)

    Once this broken and we enter e.g. 700B and stay there for a week, ALTS pump will start.



    do you see it retesting the last high in the next few weeks? .80ish?

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