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  1. alright now that i got everything setup on kraken i think im gunna wait for this next BTC pump. hopefully it brings XRP back up to .30 something
  2. i was feeling fine thinking kraken would never delist.... ya panicking is an understatement. im taking all my money out of XRP and putting it into ammo. bullets are doubling in price
  3. i was under the impression kraken could still sell XRP even if it lost and got listed as a security. wtf is going on?
  4. WOW im ******. i should have sold at .36 kraken is the last US exchange right? i need to dump this shit NOW
  5. im still a newbie but even i can see that dude is full of shit
  6. lol i wouldn't worry, its only a 4 day setback its still on an uptrend
  7. You guys should take a look at Vechain. made like a grand the last 3 days day trading it
  8. i hope biden sells us out to china ASAP. sooner WW3 starts the better
  9. 'regs' just code for keeping the plebs down. looks like the fun run is over
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