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  1. I have no doubt that I'm an edge case but blog is unreadable on chrome ubuntu 16.04, fine under firefox
  2. I think anyone who believes XRP is designed to be only used by banks and FIs would do well to keep an eye on Stefan Thomas' new enterprise.
  3. Agree with you Pete Sampras, every time you register you're just another product
  4. As far as I can see Ripple's case is that R3 didn't fulfil their part of the agreement so Ripple decided to withdraw from their half. No doubt all will become clear in time.
  5. I wonder what the possible affects would be on the future of IoV if net neutrality were to be lost
  6. So.. for s.... and giggles I followed to instructions from stellar and received an account ID which has been credited, how do I access that account?
  7. Agree, I can remember posting that link on xrptalk back in the day, still relevant. Richard Gendal Brown went on to become Head of Technology at R3CEV
  8. A further thought regarding micro payments; Instead of subscription TV each program is paid for by your smart TV via ILP, pricing can vary depending on program popularity, timing, demand etc. Now the creepy part Your TV incorporates eye tracking technology and advertisers pay you ( again via ILP) for ads you actually watch. If this idea hasn't already been patented hopefully this post will represent prior art so that it won't be ;-)
  9. It appears if you go to the footer of the home page and click the Italiano link the page is only partially translated, I wonder if Italian users are automatically routed there based on geo location
  10. I'm guessing that "given that I own as many XRP as I do!!!" implies you have a substantial holding of XRP. Assuming these were all accumulated back in the computing for good days, your initial investment /XRP was quite small. I would have thought that the recent enormous increase in the value of your holding would have been a cause for joy rather than lamenting Ripples distribution policy which seems to me completely in line with building a robust a successful infrastructure.
  11. Got my first zerps on Computing for good as well, remember being first interested when I saw someone had written an add on for Magento to accept XRP payments. Thought then ( and still do) that ripple/xrp technology is ideal for small cross border consumer payments.
  12. I really see micropayments taking off as payment for content as per the recent demo at consensus. I maybe don't want a subscription to The Financial Times, NYP, Laracasts etc etc but would like to see one particular article, They send me an encrypted copy and I buy the decryption key with a few xrp (all this handled by my browser). Content can be monetised at the micropayment level, that might mean that an internet search or social media platform can be monetised without me becoming the product of huge advertising companies, alternatively advertisers can pay me to see their content using XRPs
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