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  1. Be careful with Uphold - I took all my XRP out of there and now only use Kraken. Kraken is much much better.
  2. I sold a few this morning on Kraken - limit order @.58 - smooth as can be - already received my wire...
  3. Yes, you need to stay under the 10k - I filed an SEC complaint about them holding funds for the KYC bullshit which should already be in place for an account in good standing.
  4. That's fine - but you don't do your KYC and due diligence after a transaction has been made. Keeping people's XRP in limbo for days on end is total bullshit. No excuse.
  5. Ah, yes but I had trouble with Uphold as well this week. Had to get the CEO to get it squared away. I filed an SEC compllaint about this BS of 'processing' delays. The other day I transferred well over $10k to Kraken and the XRP were ready to trade in 5 minutes. No KYC bullshit. That is already done.
  6. It is impossible to look at trump and think that a God allowed this.
  7. I am certain they wargamed this out for every conceivable scenario. I believe the entire crypto industry was waiting for someone with the stones to take this on. This will be an exciting few months ahead, but things will iron out.
  8. Memories fade quickly these fine days. Investors may have forgotten the SEC tempest in a teacup in a few months. Of course anything can happen. I'm going to ride this out.
  9. Can't happen soon enough to be rid of anything to do with the trump fiasco. Clearer skies ahead ...
  10. Ripple is carrying the banner for the industry - just when the trump disaster ends. This could turn out to be excellent timing for a move like this.
  11. Kraken is not run by a bunch of wimps like Coinbase. They will hold firm.
  12. If you are thinking along those lines, then sure bet many others are as well....
  13. It might be a blessing in disguise that they are finally fed up with the lack of regulatory clarity and are facing it down. Seems like a ballsy approach, not without its tense moments to come. I am a hodler since 2017 and will remain so. Never sold a single Zerp.
  14. I am just relieved it didn't collapse - showing good strength this time.
  15. I've been a loyal Hold'er since the summer of 2017. Nice to see action in the crypto market. No doubt in response to the US election results where a ridiculous grifter is being shown the door at last. Would be nice to see $1 again - then who knows?
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