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  1. Does anyone know of a tool that takes the Private (Hex) and converts it to a Secret (ssxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)? I am trying to delete a Ledger Nano S account and need a Secret, not the Private.
  2. I have compromised my Restore Key for my Ledger Nano S. I'm not in the space much except to keep the firmware updated on the device. Unfortunately I was taken by a phishing email and not knowing enough about how and when to restore and reset PIN. Anyway, fortunately, I only had the minimum XRP on the device and now I just want to reset it and start over. I'm reading I can delete the account and recover at least 16 XRP, but the process looks far beyond my knowlege and experience in the space. It's only 21 XRP not worth much now, but who knows 10 years from now. Just looking for some advice.
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