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  1. When exactly did you register your trustline?
  2. @johnconnor2004 On Dec 24th, 2021 at 8:00 PM UTC.
  3. It seems like the wallet belongs to Binance (an exchange) You can contact them and provide them the transaction information and describe to them what exactly happened. They might freeze the user`s account afterwards.
  4. I saw a Twitter post in which one team member stated that it takes this long because most of the team was on holiday. They are back now and are targeting mid week for completion. But they don't want to give a more detailed answer to avoid further disappointment.
  5. Kannst du den Transaktions-Hash mal raussuchen oder deine public address mir schreiben. Normalerweise muss man einen Destination-Tag anfügen bei Transaktionen zu Exchanges. Hast du das gemacht? Wenn ich du wäre, würde ich bei Bitpanda eine Anfrage starten, mit dem Hash oder deiner public address.
  6. https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2021/03/10/ripple-ceo-says-legal-dispute-with-youtube-over-xrp-scams-now-resolved/ They did, it is solely a problem with YT and their policies/algorithms.
  7. Please look up your transaction to see if you imported/sent your XRP to a scam App. For example here: https://bithomp.com/
  8. In which Toast wallet did you import your XRP? There is a Scam APP around! If you search this forum you will find many posts by people that got scammed.
  9. Coinbase donesn't support the airdrop. So you will have to move your XRP. You could in theory convert your XRP into. for example, XLM and then send your XLM to another exchange, exchange them back to XRP and withdraw them form the other exchange.
  10. There is a very very very small chance that you get your money back (almost impossible low), as @wojake said you need to report the case to your local authorities, if they take action and find out something you might get your things back. Normally (in probably 99.999999% of the cases), the money/coins are lost and you won't get anything back. Please guys don't fall for such obvious scams. There are multiple red flags: - Domain/URL, why should they host a giveaway on any other URL than ripple.com? - Why should you first send something to receive XRP back, they could simply send you some XRP if they wanted to do a giveaway? - YouTube video from random account Other red flags (not in this case): - Shady Email-Addresses or hidden Email-Addresses - Asking for any private information like: email, secrets etc. In the end you should do at least some tiny bit of research before doing transactions, filing out forms. If I google XRP giveaway I have at least 3 sites of links that warn me about scams etc.
  11. Some interesting finds by DAI on Twitter. DAI found an excellent video that shows how shady and inconsistent the SEC really is. They determined that in 2013 BTC is not a security but withheld this information from broad public until 2018 and now they are trying to tell everyone again that BTC's security status is not determined yet.
  12. It is not a problem with the software, it is a problem with the load of heavily used nodes. Are you running a node by yourself or where are you connecting to?
  13. At another point they discussed that certain Ripple nodes should not be used for productive environments (Ripple themselves write this). Instead, exchanges, coin issuers etc. should rely on their own nodes. These problems might be annoying at first but I think will help further decentralize the ledger. These entities should have enough incentive to run an own node (for various reasons). One has to hope that in the future trustworthy projects and exchanges will own their own nodes and not rely on some test nodes setup by Ripple.
  14. How about a xrpchat NFT Minting place/page, where members could easily mint NFTs
  15. I want to remind you all what the Topic is: Charting the course of XRP This is not about discussing the pandemic, vaccines or any other topic that obviously leads to nothing else than hatred discussions. I don't want to come to this site to watch these discussions or at least not in one of the main threads. If you really want to discuss or provoke with your topic choices you can either open another thread or go on Twitter.
  16. @LArlp I think you are better of asking these questions to someone from Ripple directly. I am pretty sure that they are happy to answer a lot of your questions and could help you out with some data. (not that someone here couldn't answer your questions, but I think Ripple as the source is better than some online group)
  17. It depends, if the airdrop is based on the amount of XRP you own, then you would need to send the XRP from your Binance Acc to your ledger address. If the airdrop is simply X amount per Trustline then it doesnt matter where you have your XRP.
  18. I am sorry for asking again, but why shouldn't they allow signup? They can't estimate what each of the wallets will hold on December first. Am I missing something?
  19. I saw other tweets today of people getting kicked out of discord for asking to many questions etc. etc...
  20. I registered an address a while back, there were already over 20k Trustlines. Since the Snapshot takes place on 01.12 they will not be able to determine the amount of VGB that is already reserved. I hope they will do the Snapshot, run some tools and distribute the tokens. If you get 1000 tokens and they are 0.2 cent each you will be good, if you are not eligible for the airdrop because you were to late then you can simply cancel the Trustline and get the 2 XRP back
  21. Sorry to revive this post, but is it enough to set a Trustline via XUMM or what are the necessary steps to participate? @brianwalden@RambeauTeasebox
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