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  1. I just saw that there were no sales the last two days? What are they doing? ^^
  2. So here we are! This week will be another milestone: sub 700M. And as @LeonidasH pointed out, the funding wallet is now empty. Exciting times ahead, I hope the volume keeps up and we will se a 0 in the Tacostand by the end of November-December.
  3. So about one month of low volume later the day is here, today the stash will drop below 1B
  4. What's up with coinmarketcap? ADA at 0.44$, DOT at 4$ , XRP 0.56$ and DOGE 0.09$?
  5. The only thing missing is a display/calculation of total amount exchanged between two dates
  6. It depends, most of the time 1-3 hours are more than enough to sell his amounts. For example today it only took him 2hours for 16m XRP. Everyone could trade on the DEX, sadly not many do know enough about it. https://xrpl.org/decentralized-exchange.html
  7. I didn't want to sound rude or offensive at all I just would have liked if they gave you the opportunity to use a self built model. I will take a look around and see if I can find one to buy. At the current Helium price you are right in your assumption, if it really brings in 4-5 Helium coins per day.
  8. This is true, but the situation can turn around quickly and if ordered now you have to wait 3-5 months for delivery. This is simply forcing people into buying the devices from their partners, which will also probably generate some income for them instead of letting people buy and use whatever they want. And from a "true" crypto standpoint you shouldn't have to rely on third parties, this is weakening decentralization. Besides that, I am interested how the profit is calculated, can you show me some calculations?
  9. It is sad that you have to buy one from their official partners. People should be able to setup their own raspberry pis (or other devices)
  10. 16mil per day it is for the next week. Brings him down to 1.25B, 1B is in sight
  11. It is also working for me in newest Firefox
  12. What a coincidence, shortly after our great run was stopped by this massive shakeout
  13. To be fair, this is some next level shakeout.
  14. I guess BTC is gonna test 32k and hopefully bounce back a little, what do you think? XRP on Bitstamp is barely staying above 1$ EDIT: Bitstamp gives me 503 Error now hahah
  15. at which prices did tesla buy their BTC, I assume we are almost there again?
  16. back at #3 https://www.livecoinwatch.com/
  17. They are referring https://github.com/flare-eng/coston on their website, but this github repo doesn't exist.
  18. August would be great, but with the current volume mid to end September will be more realistic. I really hope that we will see higher volumes for June or July. Would make the whole process much faster.
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