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  1. Yeah I also believe that you did nothing wrong, in the last weeks there were many tweets or post like yours. They either made a faulty algorithm or what I believe is they did this on purpose. I don't think you can do anything else than write them and don't give up. If really nothing helps I would consult a lawyer...
  2. Did you user their API, set up a Bot or moved funds recently? I would write XRPForensics on twitter and dont give up in messaging their support etc. I would also write constantly on Twitter and Discord and as soon as you have your access back transfer the funds out
  3. I hope the trading volume continues like this. If so, July will be the first target for him running out. If not, I am sure that it will take no longer than early Autumn. By the way, I take it as a good sign that the sales only took 70minutes.
  4. Please don't post the same thing twice. I already made a reply in your first post.
  5. @PunishmentOfLuxury I saw you on a similar post, maybe you could help out here? He writes that he might help out if the wallet.txt and the password is present. By the way, I assume you dont have your secret key, is this correct? -----Edit1 It might be better if someone with appropriate permissions would move this thread to problem solving -----Edit2 https://github.com/edward852/xrp-wallet-recovery I found this code on github, if I am not mistaken, if you put in the correct password it will work instantly for searching the password and then output the
  6. No I did not see his comments, I am only following a few twitter accounts ...
  7. But in all seriousness, what is happening to doge, 0.35$ and still going up.
  8. There are several posts in the forum, search for toast plus and you will see that this was a big scam (but they removed it in the meantime from the app store). I am not sure if there is some agency investigating this or if you lost everything.
  9. @jbjnr Made a very interesting thread with great explanations and plotting for predicting the future sales (I think you both saw it). It will be interesting to see what happens the coming weeks, volume is and was very high so there might be some more pressure. There is still this site that gives a nice overview over his remaining coins. https://jed.tequ.dev/ I think if the volume keeps up he will sell between 0.2b - 0.3b per week. Remember during one week in February he sold 38m daily.
  10. No they place orders of 250k, I am sure they have also some other rulings in play like they only want XY placed overall at one time. Would be interesting to analyze this data.
  11. I did also think about this for some time. I sadly dont have that much time t the moment but my first step would be to plot and analyze data about the sales and how the market is reacting. This can then be combined with the price trend and then one could predict a "good" arbitrage situation. I am sure you and many others are doing something in this direction. Which language did you use to program your bot, C++, Python or something else? I might give the newly released Python kit a shot.
  12. @jbjnr Thank you for your effort. This looks very good, the only thing that could be added would be a prediction algorithm, but in my opinion this is not really needed. The shifted plots visualize the sales - volume rate excellently and from there one can do a fairly good prediction. In the end it doesn't really matter if he is selling 30m or 35m as long as we can estimate the rough amount. If we assume that he is selling 30m a day, do you think that this will have an impact on prize? (maybe if the volume goes back a tad bit?)
  13. @B088IN I am not sure if it is the next thing happening, but the SEC is due to file its response to the motions to dismiss submitted by BG and CL by May 14.
  14. It is pretty astonishing that a government agency can work like this for several years without anyone noticing
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