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  1. I want to remind you all what the Topic is: Charting the course of XRP This is not about discussing the pandemic, vaccines or any other topic that obviously leads to nothing else than hatred discussions. I don't want to come to this site to watch these discussions or at least not in one of the main threads. If you really want to discuss or provoke with your topic choices you can either open another thread or go on Twitter.
  2. @LArlp I think you are better of asking these questions to someone from Ripple directly. I am pretty sure that they are happy to answer a lot of your questions and could help you out with some data. (not that someone here couldn't answer your questions, but I think Ripple as the source is better than some online group)
  3. It depends, if the airdrop is based on the amount of XRP you own, then you would need to send the XRP from your Binance Acc to your ledger address. If the airdrop is simply X amount per Trustline then it doesnt matter where you have your XRP.
  4. I am sorry for asking again, but why shouldn't they allow signup? They can't estimate what each of the wallets will hold on December first. Am I missing something?
  5. I saw other tweets today of people getting kicked out of discord for asking to many questions etc. etc...
  6. I registered an address a while back, there were already over 20k Trustlines. Since the Snapshot takes place on 01.12 they will not be able to determine the amount of VGB that is already reserved. I hope they will do the Snapshot, run some tools and distribute the tokens. If you get 1000 tokens and they are 0.2 cent each you will be good, if you are not eligible for the airdrop because you were to late then you can simply cancel the Trustline and get the 2 XRP back
  7. Sorry to revive this post, but is it enough to set a Trustline via XUMM or what are the necessary steps to participate? @brianwalden@RambeauTeasebox
  8. It could be a win, nobody knows what they are looking for or what they could find. If they find nothing particularly useful then it is another win for Ripple.
  9. 50% of the people who signed the form are not from the US, but this does not matter.
  10. If someone here knew the answer, he or she would certainly live a very rich life
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