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  1. Sorry for offtopic. I'm here just to advise you to don't use Kraken exchange. Kraken exchange is a useless exchange that fails to provide basic services at the time when you will need it most. If you keep any funds there I recommend to move it. I can't withdraw funds since 5 hours, let's not even speak about posting an order. I'm just lucky that I haven't lost any money YET due to this crap exchange. Sorry for banter, but I can't accept this crap anymore.
  2. Silicone Valley wakes up and pumps, we will see how it holds. Personally I want to see lower 20s to buy in again.
  3. Looks like bears are saying.. I fell like we will revisit 31k and then drop lower. I've closed all my positions for now. XRP costed all my profit from ETH.
  4. What a day yesterday. Back in the profit, but ETH didn't keep up with BTC on the way up That does not SPARK joy.
  5. The hope is to wait another 6-8h for Beijing to wake up.. as we are approaching BTC<30k
  6. Green candle of hope. This market has no mercy today.
  7. 33k broken. Looks like 29k is the next stop.
  8. And the Blue Monday this year is apparently the next week. Well, so far at least we can see strong support. Coming back to topic of this thread: I assume we will replay the Jan 4th, 5th and then, IMHO shoot back up, but the future will tell. My plan was to quit at BTC 45k, take a nice profit, wait for this drop and do some more shopping I was wrong by two grands on BTC. If I go out now, I'm on 0 balance, I would nullify massive loss on XRP by big profit on ETH. I just hope that other people didn't agree to take losses and will stay strong. When I'm thinking about all these poor Joes that bought in yesterday noon and woke up to this today, ouch.
  9. Strong supp for BTC at 32-33k a big green hour candle on Binance. I think this retracement is more for the better than worse. I hope people will give more attention to alts now. In any case, moving all my funds from Kraken to Binance, what's the point for an exchange platform which won't let you buy or sell when it's most needed.
  10. Long red wick at 1800 CET. 34K, scaaaaarrryy.
  11. You all got answer yourself one question: is this worth your nerve? Crypto market is volatile AF just by itself and there on top of that we have XRP that first, had a big dip after Spark drop and now a lawsuit. Summing it, it is hard to validate profits, if any, from XRP. Following all news in this specific case is a full time job. Of course profits depend on investment so a tiny player like won't see much anyway but duck, even with dosen hundreds invested I feel like it's too much of a job to get any profit.
  12. Somebody forgot to cancel a big buy order at 0.3$ ? Expensive mistake :))
  13. Traded all XRP for ETH, took quite a significant loss on my very first crypto investment. Tho, I would be surprised if I would have made money with the first time.
  14. XRP is no longer 3rd crypto by cap. Well, that is shit.
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