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  1. "It happens" is not the issue. The fact that this has been going on for days, and that the resolution is led by a handful of well-meaning (heroic) individuals is the issue. It's not exactly what I would call a professional, production grade support. Do you know banks that would tolerate that without raising an eyebrow?
  2. Yes. The fact that this issue is not yet resolved is really worrying. How could a bank use the XRP Ledger in production under such circumstances?
  3. Remember remember the 7th of September. "Test dump precedes real dump". I wouldn't be surprised to see XRP retest the lower bound of yesterday's daily wick at 0.62 within a few days/weeks. Also, all the levels that were support since the recovery this summer are now resistance. Just saying. Edit: If this is a real bear market, we'll make a lower low under 0.5 soon enough. If that happens, the message will be crystal clear to everyone but it will be too late to take any meaningful profit then.
  4. And to be clear, the 1% of traders who don't use these lines actually take 99% of the money. Just saying.
  5. Yes, I am not overly bullish right now. My indicators are still screaming "sell" across the board, with a few exceptions in sh*tcoin territory, everything seems to reject at the wrong place for this market structure to be bullish. And the USD lending rates are at their lowest in months at the moment, which tells me nobody is borrowing for margin/leveraged longs on my exchange. Anyway. I am just surprised XRP's price is not impacted at all by the issue with the validator nodes, when the same sort of things happened with XLM a few years ago, it crashed hard.
  6. Surprised XRP is not tanking because of this. Makes no sense.
  7. The above doesn't prove that, it's just a bunch of words, from someone who clearly isn't a native English speaker, taken out of context. Language barrier is a thing, I would be careful to not put too much emphasis on the words @xrp-nuke picks as opposed to the underlying meaning he seeks to convey. I think he is saying Bitstamp's business model is based on fees, they make money by acting as an exchange and enabling Ripple and others to trade. Plus they might be market makers too (don't know about that tbh). In any case, their service helps build liquidity which of course helps Ripple. Ripple needs liquidity for their big stash of XRP to have any value at all.
  8. To be fair, with proper risk management, you can be right only 20% of the time and still be massively profitable...
  9. I am almost tempted to buy but the last 2 months chart looks ominous.
  10. I feel insulted! I am a TA guru and I never left! I am a fish though, not a bull. /s
  11. Got a pointer about the airdrop? Might buy just for the occasion.
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