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  1. No we don't know, but I wouldn't risk it. In the event there is no more bull run (double top). Buying bags now is the way (the *only* way) to end up with heavy bags of BTC that can't be sold. If he gets it wrong, he will have to DCA for years trying to lower his costs and praying for another bull run. Having a bit of money to play, sure, why the hell not. Volatility is high, there is money to be made, it is a fun time, it is exciting and a good life lesson. However the time to take out savings into crypto was 1 year - 6 months ago when it was low. Investing now is buying high and chasing.
  2. I wouldn't. 16k is not low, it's high and damn close to the ATH.
  3. You don't know where it is heading. Volatility is extremely high right now, swings are violent and wide, you should be fine.
  4. That chart was (still is?) inspired. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/RRzej18W-Bitcoin-Pulled-Back-As-Expected-Here-s-What-I-m-Watching/
  5. We had similar flash crashes (smaller though) prior to some of the massive pumps we have experienced for the last 2 weeks. Whales increase their bags by selling violently, triggering stop losses in the process, scooping the lot and rebuying everything. The fact that we recover so quickly is a good sign in my books. I don't think I will be selling my play stash close the BTC ATH the next time we get close to it, that last one might have been the final call and I am betting we will punch through this time. We'll see.
  6. Yeah, nope. My confidence in BTC (and therefore XRP) having a crazy bull run is eroding.
  7. I think they are still mixing up the recipes of the traditional rocket propellant with the warp drive blueprint, I wouldn't count on them right now.
  8. BTC just closed its daily candle above its 2017 ATH on Bitstamp. That must count for something, right? Right?!
  9. BTC on the launching pad as well, contemplating trying to take 20k again.
  10. That sounds like one of these scams to rip people off. There has been a lot of those lately.
  11. That would be grand. Long way to go, ETH is pumping too.
  12. XRP pumping on its own. What an exciting day today compared to this week-end!
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