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  1. Being a digital currency and a security under certain circumstances is not mutually exclusive.
  2. For real?! o,O Somehow I pictured you in your 20's...!
  3. It is your hostility and hubris that offends people, not "long term trading". Just saying.
  4. I am still here, lurking from time to time. I have just put some distance. There are some great people around but the vast majority of the community (and by that I mean the whole crypto community, not the XRP one in particular) adds 0 value, is beyond toxic and all in all very bad for one's mental health. Other people's stress and anxiety are contagious. It gets to me and influences me too easily. I just feel much happier/healthier by vaguely keeping an eye on the charts and staying far from the madness. But in any case, today has been a great day! I could get used to that.
  5. Couldn't resist coming back to say hello with the crazy rise. ^^
  6. Why? Do you expect people to boast? Selling was absolutely the right thing to do at the time. I would do it again and even more decisively if the same thing happened today.
  7. Buffet and Munger also said they would never short a bubble because bubbles enable the beneficiaries to fund new ideas, fund marketing/hype and sustain the bubbles for extended periods of time. Which is exactly what crypto is doing. Most cryptos have no use case. They thrive on hype, and when a coin moons, the founders get rich and can inject funds to keep the hype going. Until one day, maybe, one use case will actually stick. Buffet/Munger may be grumpy old gits, that doesn't make them stupid.
  8. 36h late but... I f*cking told you so. </me goes back to his pond>
  9. I think Stellar is on the verge of a large pump. It is only a matter of time before Flare Network announces support for it and the possibility to create FXLM (it was voted by 80% of the people on Twitter, so I have high confidence it is next). When the news drop, XLM will pump hard. "Buy the rumor, sell the news." is the phrase, I think.
  10. We are still bullish right now. We gained 50% in 1 week. Price is stable and consolidating. We may retrace to 0.305 which is our key monthly support. If we lose that, the scenario turns bearish. As long as we stick above that, even if we retest that 0.305 level, the market structure remains bullish and we are just waiting for the next leg up. Charts fractals are the same as they were before the pump (between Jan 29th and Jan 30th) that led us to Feb 1st, albeit on a much smaller timeframe. This also supports the bullish narrative and suggests that the next impulse will be up. It may be 2
  11. Ridiculous. Ripple is hated because they openly sold XRPs in the past in the open. Founders of every other coins have sold their coins too, whether we are talking about BTC miners, Buterin or anyone else. And probably in larger quantities. The difference is that they are doing it in hiding. Traders have been playing the market, using leverage, sucking people's money and concentrating the wealth in the hands of the few. Yet these are the very (mellow, for the most part) players in the space that people respect and turn to for guidance. Ripple has been one of the most active builder of the
  12. Nice to see an old profile reappear. Did a bit of stalking and dug up this old thread: Looks like 6 years later, we are still not far from Square 1. As @thinlyspread says, the best thing coming is Flare Network and the ability to mint FXRP to earn Spark tokens. At least the XRP investment would pay off some dividends.
  13. There will be demand for XRP around the May timeframe when the Flare Network launches to mint FXRP, stake them and claim FLR rewards.
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