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  1. You mean this? https://www.reuters.com/business/retail-consumer/amazon-denies-report-accepting-bitcoin-payment-2021-07-26/
  2. I am not judging or saying they are being deceptive. Truth is subjective.
  3. lol. If only you knew! I think "my theory" is bonkers because you misunderstood me. I am not questioning whether having a test network is a good idea or not, or suggesting they are malevolent. I am questioning the timing and communication. It seems to me that they are unable to release the final version on time, so they reduced their scope and further delayed the release of their key deliverable. And at the same time introduced a new use cases appearing out of the blue. Incidentally, this is a convenient use case which allows them to save face and make the change appealing to the user base who, unfortunately, have been hyped and have high expectations. "You will have an extra airdrop" just makes the pill easier to swallow, right? As someone who actually does software development, customer expectation management issues, repeated milestones delays, last minute use case changes and scope reductions (launching a sandbox instead of a stable production system is a new use case and a reduced feature set in my books) are all red flags which would prompt me to trigger audits of both product and engineering teams in a business environment. For their defense, I am not following their development closely. Maybe they had planned to do this thing all along and I just missed the information. Maybe they will indeed release the testnet and mainnet at the same time, as you suggest, and they just made a small scope creep with minimal added development costs. If it is a major roadmap change, their decision is probably the right one given their capabilities, budgets, circumstances, etc. However, despite how much I root for them and obviously wish them well, it seems to me (from where I stand, which is rather far away) the team is struggling to deliver. Is that train of thoughts a conspiracy theory? Hope this makes more sense.
  4. Hm. Thanks for the update. The bottom line is that Flare mainnet should have been launched months ago and they are delaying still. Basically they are not ready and need to launch something, so they make up a story to mask their problems and buy time whilst dangling a new carrot to get their fans excited. That's what it looks like to me. It is disappointing but it is all free, so... whatever. I still have hope they can be successful.
  5. Why the worst? The crypto market cap went from 300B to 2.5T in less than a year. It dwarves all previous bull runs. I would argue the crypto bull run from August to May was one of the greatest financial surge in mankind's history in amplitude and speed. We should all be grateful we had a shot, because we saw it coming. And I bet we will have more opportunities. Even if we are in a prolonged bear market, chance is we'll all try again even better and harder.
  6. Why? Your investment is going **** up because you have no risk management in place whatsoever. No stop loss, no hedge. Nothing. Just holding. And this is because you are not savvy enough to play safely in this market, like 99% of people - myself included. You are too attached to your dream of making lots of money (and the grief of giving up on that dream is too hard for you to face). You let yourself be influenced by people who know absolutely nothing (despite their claims and/or appearances) and whose opinion is just as good as anyone else's random guess. You let yourself be comforted by others into holding and you get talked into doing nothing. Just like @MalluJohn is doing 2 posts above mine. For instance: I wouldn't rule out a scenario where XRP goes back into the $0.20. If that scenario was to play out (not saying it will, just a "what if"), how will you protect your capital from dropping yet another 60%? Are you going to sit idle and watch like you have been doing for months, or are you going to actually do something? Be careful out there.
  7. What does qualify as "whale's manipulation" that is not a conspiracy? In my mind the gap is small. Example. "They" dump the price to trigger panic sell and steal "our" coins. It kind of assumes some dark evil forces with power are implementing a hidden agenda to make money off the back of innocent retail. That kind of thought process is a conspiracy theory to me. I am curious to understand what you mean, if not the above.
  8. Why do you qualify that as manipulation? Genuine question. It looks like a non-event to me. Just an inexperienced anon with big bags who wanted to sell and put in a market sell order not knowing he'd get slaughtered in the process... Not everything has to be a conspiracy. Edit: Jed selling everyday at around 12 has a similar effect on Bitstamp, by the way.
  9. You do realize that even if your assumption is true, the statement is completely false, right? Even if we assume BTC skyrockets by 10k in 20min and we go back in full bull mode, not all alts will pump 10x at the same time. XRP stayed at the bottom for weeks whilst many coins exploded one after the other. People kept complaining saying "muh ADA exploded quicker" or "muh Doge is more profitable than XRP". If the bull run resumes, there will be countless opportunities to get in, to position oneself on one's favourite(sh*t?)coin for 5x or 10x gains again and nobody will have missed any boat. Your comment just sounds like an attempt to induce FOMO. "Go all in today or have fun staying poor". This is just pure BS. It is perfectly fine to forfeit some profits to reduce risk. Even if someone embraces a bullish bias, it is perfectly reasonable to hedge and/or to wait for clear market signals before becoming net long again. Do you sincerely think that your favourite influencers on YouTube have not actively managed their capital, managed their risk and hedged properly? But hey. You do you.
  10. Only to go back down to 55 cents next coming days.
  11. Well I for sure did not interpret it as "the market looks like sh*t", but rather "what Troote posted is sh*t". Just add the legend next time please, we would have avoided a lot of rubbish. PS: And on that note I'll delete my posts born in anger and misunderstanding of what you meant.
  12. The volume profile shows that sellers are still flocking and dumping every time there is a small pump. And that there is almost no buyer even at lower price points. This is a distribution pattern we see, not an accumulation. The current support at 30k is holding by a thread, the more we revisit it, the more likely it becomes to break, and there is not much support below that at all.
  13. Be careful guys. It really looks like a nuke is incoming.
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