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  1. Thank you mDuo13 I appreciate that feedback a lot! Thank you for sharing it, I will add this and some other small items in with a future edit.
  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to drop in and share the link to the XRPL Linux Validator initialization guide I put together with some help. I hope someone finds good use from it. https://github.com/OtterServices/RippledValidatorGuide Thank you for your time...
  3. ElHeffe


    Hello, I wanted to take a moment to say hello and to formally announce that I am operating a Public Validator because the XRPL is amazing! I have learned a lot from the forum here - thank you to everyone that posts and shares information - I hope I can help others also. My Public Key - "n9MTem9w71EacaqBpMHNpSyJoTehsGo7b7cHFCcGG9sc1MUjucMA". My Validator domain is www.otterrock.live and I have a Twitter page @OtterServices as well. Stoked to see the Pure Java update posted on github today too! Nice work. Thank you for your time...
  4. Hello, I have been having difficulty in setting up domain verification. Right now I get error that "Domain is not in manifest" when using the domain checker on xrpl.org. One more question - how do you update the xrpl_address_domain on the TOML file? Thank you in advance for any clarification.
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