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  1. I like ExtraVOD's videos too. He comes up with some good stuff.
  2. That was a great interview. Thinking Crypto is one of my favorite podcasts!
  3. More evidence of criminal activity! Unfortunately it is unlikely that even a single person will be held accountable.
  4. A nice read, and thank you @HAL1000 for all the great info you post. Much appreciated!
  5. Yeah this guy just came out of nowhere all of a sudden.
  6. I don't see how this could ever really work. How can you pay out more interest to a lender than the borrower is paying in interest?
  7. Yes this has been obvious for some time now. It's like all the people "in the know" are not saying anything about it... yet it seems like they already have their bags packed with XRP!
  8. Agreed great piece and the DOJ should investigate this. However I seriously doubt anybody will ever be held accountable. If the case is merely dropped that might not be a good thing unless there is clarity and regulations put into place at the same time.
  9. Yeah the date was the first thing I noticed... kinda old news at this point.
  10. This should be interesting to see what he does about the Ripple law suit.
  11. I've never seriously researched it because I've always heard it was started as a joke and that it has no "actual use". Also there is no limit to how many coins can be mined. I certainly don't like that! I was surprised to see that Flare is getting involved with Doge coin though so you never know. Personally I won't be purchasing any since there are so many great coins/projects out there.
  12. Excellent article! Seems to me that Hinman and Clayton are guilty of multiple criminal activities. They are obviously not ethical in their actions!
  13. China has a 500 year plan while the USA has a two to four year plan... until the next election.
  14. I have often thought that it is really "all about control of the escrow"
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