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  1. Of course she is going to have harsh words since she is one of Ripples attorneys defending them in this case. Being a former chair of the SEC certainly gives her excellent credibility however!
  2. I'll bet it settles before the end of April... just my speculation.
  3. iTrust Capital uses institutional custody through Curv.
  4. Let's hope that CryptoBull2020 is correct! Yes from the beginning I have surmised that this would get settled quickly rather than having it drag out. Brad and Chris will pay some kind of fine and then XRP will be determined to not be a security. I'm hoping it is classified as a "currency" but who knows. Something is fishy with all the exchanges halting trading though.
  5. Yeah that doesn't seem like it would be worth the risk.
  6. I sure liked what Brian Brooks did, and what he had to say. Hopefully the new Comptroller will continue where Brain Brooks left off.
  7. On my iTrust Capital account today I was logged on about a half hour before they stopped trading XRP, it still showed all of my XRP, how many I had and the balance. After the cut off time, the XRP just disappeared from my account listing completely, and my balance dropped by how much XRP I had. I figured it would still show the XRP just no way to trade it. A little unsettling!
  8. I'm pretty sure Kraken is ending XRP trading on the 29th of this month, but will still custody it.
  9. Yeah I got that exact same email today. Very annoying that I have to deal with that!
  10. The Gatehub announcement seems like a common sense approach to me. Nobody has been convicted of any wrong doing yet. I saw that video yesterday and this new SEC chair has got to be better than Jay Clayton!
  11. Interesting. I think Flare could very well end up being HUGE in this space.
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