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  1. To my knowledge, the V cant be anymore obvious, if you cant see it, get help moon soon.
  2. i thought i already provided enough hopium to you all? and you're still in doubt? i think you're overdosed to a point that you're resistant to hopium effect now, get professional medical help
  3. Hopium hose directly into your mouth: Look at the below XRPUSD daily chart, look at the blue horizontal line, here's the thing, 1. in first yellow mark, price broke below it 2. second yellow mark, price attempt to break this blue line but failed, this level acted as resistance 3. third yellow mark, price successfully broke this level and retested this to confirm as support level 4. fourth yellow mark, retest the same level as support to give it extra confirmation, then have a bullish start in terms of price action Buckle up bois. I, the great frog
  4. you do know recently the status of ETH is a bit shaky right? i cant recall where exactly i saw this about ETH but seems this security thing or not can always be flip-flopped the corruption is real, you never know what ridiculous event will happen next, this big mess about XRP is 1 of those ridiculous moments, look: 1. fincen and some other entity already ruled XRP as currency 2. ripple openly working with many entity, some of them is even well known, whatever ripple is doing is right in front of everyone's eye to see 3. and yet SEC wants to crush it, it just doesnt make sen
  5. hopefully former SEC jay clayton dont issue a public opinion within 40 days saying BTC could be a security, otherwise prepare for big dip ;')
  6. shhhh... buy high sell low is the way to go..... fear when price dropped a lot, fomo in when the price has risen, or do nothing when the price has risen a lot, at the end there's only 1 outcome = lose money dont waste your energy on these people, they never learn think about it, if everyone TRULY understands how to really Buy low sell high, there wont be poor people anymore, right? not everyone gets it
  7. hey my fellow good rat, no point knocking sense into that Micket rat, there's only 2 possibility he created this thread: 1. his IQ is so low that he thinks anyone (including all of us) here promoting any crypto will get into trouble 2. he's a toxic rat that attempts another FUD at ripple, without solid backing you replying to him is like feeding it attention, trolls and toxic rats thrive and survive if you give it attention, i know he's your brethren, but dont go soft on him
  8. i will change to this if xrp didnt moon
  9. Wow, out of my 1,000 score of "Reaction Received", there is 380 of Laugh reaction, that's like 40% of my Bronze status due to i made people laugh Guess i'm a clown now?
  10. if tesla is a meme stock, then XRP must be a meme coin, glad i just sold all of XRP just now, thanks for the financial advice
  11. same here, i didnt took profits back in 2017 because my stash is too small, even if it mooned already, yes the money is still quite big to me, but nowhere near life changing, so i continued to hold, expecting it to hit greater heights, but it didnt end well, you know the rest. all of coins, XRP and EOS and some others, didnt cash out at their peak, so im left holding the bag for few years till now. one thing is, since i bought EOS at very bottom, during all these years of bear market, it is the only ONE coin that has been green forever, the rest has been forever red until recently
  12. this lawyer guy is the new breed of hopium supplies, every time i see his video, my hopium gas changed color, the room is filled with green neon, his beard grown more to resemble Jesus's beard, and there's a halo on his head, if you look closer at the halo, the halo is formed with letters: xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10 xrpto$10
  13. Daily dose of Bronze Hopium: Believe it or not, the "rotating profits" methodology is real, as we're all aware Cardano has pumped very hard recently, and now look at the 7-day return of Cardano, it is minus 22%, it is very clear profits are taken, and it will rotate into any un-pumped coins. Each coin will have their turn of hard pump then crash to take profits, just a matter of time before it is XRP's turn, the market is still in speculative mode, if you think XRP will just stay here, you're right, until you're not. Remember, the run has only just started, take a closer look at
  14. stop responding, the reply count of this thread ends here anyone continue replying here considered themselves an enemy of mine
  15. Dose of hopium Bronze Edition: I'm going to reveal some of the fun facts, celebrating my Bronze status, 1. I got banned by mod for saying "bust a n*t", i saw another forumer used this phrase and i think this is a funny phrase without understanding the meaning behind it, English is not my native language so my English is still weak, of course after Google the meaning, the meaning is not what i expected it to be, source = https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/30042-epic-pennant-on-btc-chart/?do=findComment&comment=863111 2. I'm not from Nigeria
  16. @Eric123are you the Youtuber called JungleInc? He always use Spartan images in his video
  17. This is what i called a healthy Rat, unlike the other rat that looked like Mickey. When this rat shows up, i always give it cheese. @Neurotoxin
  18. Come on guys, cant you notice the pattern here? Every time this Mickey Rat posts something, it's always like this: 1. Must create a new thread 2. Title can be a subtle FUD, or outright FUD, in this case is a subtle FUD 3. He'll try to relate the FUD source with Ripple, in a negative way ///////// Again, i emphasized, i dont believe we should only have positive talks here, but if you want to criticize, back it up with solid facts, and we'll listen and respond with meaningful replies, the whole thing will be a constructive discussion. In this case, this thread
  19. Thanks for the honorable mention @Neurotoxin
  20. Come on guys, push it past 1000 and see what happens! Will my status become Bronze?
  21. I had a dream last night, i was at theme park, i ride the roller coaster alone, the first major route is a downward spiral, when it comes to rapidly going upwards, suddenly David Schwartz is beside me, he stuffed a piece of small paper into my pocket, and ride all the upward movements with me. Then the roller went into a well-lit dark cave, suddenly the David beside me is gone, replaced by Jed, he handed me a Taco, before i could react, he then forcefully stuffed another Taco into my mouth, when the roller is out of the cave, no one is beside me. When the ride is over, I spit out the
  22. as this forum's fortune teller, i hereby witnessed and confirmed that ripple will win this case this is not hopium, this is fact.... a fact from the future
  23. The scammers already used your 4k XRP to buy hopium supply for themselves, i as your dealer, bless your soul here's a carton of hopium to cheer you up
  24. If this doesnt pan out as expected, we'll just have to rent an apartment in Nigeria and eat cat food with @ManBearPig .
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