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  1. I'm feeling it today, the hopium is in my bones! The below is BTCUSD daily chart, it seems the next leg up is already ready without further retrace, look at the consecutive red days but at the same time the volume is decreasing. The dip brought us close to the 50 EMA (purple line), then gave us a good sized Bullish engulfing candle with higher volume compared to the past 4 red volume bars. Buckle up bois, next stop 65000 to 70000, then we'll complete the first major impulse of BTC according to Fibo, and most likely the next phase of bullrun will begin, which is the legendary alt
  2. I wonder when i will get my Bronze status? At 1000 points? (currently 907 points) Does my existing 10 warning points prevent me from getting the Bronze? Guys with Bronze/Siler/Gold, please educate me lol, i've been wondering how the ranking system works.
  3. Daily dose of hopium Look at dat payment volume
  4. haha ledger, the irony yes i store in ledger as well, and am lucky enough to not lose it due to my higher common sense IQ due to the Ledger email data leak, scammers are able to come up with very convincing email phishing scams to get your coins so on one hand you stored your coins safely in ledger, but on the other hand got scammed by the scam artist who masqueraded as "Ledger" because Ledger leaked the email i didnt got scammed, but very annoying to keep dealing with the "Ledger" emails asking for my private keys some part of the country got even worse, the scam emai
  5. My real life personality is inversely correlated with my online personality. I look happy here, i look hopeful here, i look like a dealer and also breath in the stuffs i sell but in real life, im a grounded and realistic person, you wont know i am Hopium, i already lost all hope for humanity, my only aim now is to be sugar d**** EDIT: i dont even smoke in real life, nor vape or shisha
  6. Just another Fahim after he got banned anyway, i kindly advise you to not feed the trolls, in fact i want everyone to do the same, just ignore when you see trolls spewing negative price related FUD without any prospect for meaningful discussion they'll be happy if you reply to them, because they wasted your time, they already expect you to retaliate, so dont do so, the troll will die of hunger if you dont feed it the attention simple concept, but people just find it hard to follow and still reply to the troll, trying to fight FUD, become the FUD Fighter or what not you'll j
  7. 1. well, different people have different IQ, besides IQ, the people also need to put in effort to at least educate themselves via google, so even if people have the IQ (most dont), they would still be lazy to educate themselves, if you understand it, good for you 2. XRP was much more straightforward, the aim is just to make cross border payments seamless, btc is also a simple concept, didnt research bout ADA so i dont know, the only thing i noticed is the quick climb of the rank of ADA due to massive pump, not sure what's it about, let me know here if you're generous about info 3. EO
  8. Usually, when we expect things to go this way, most likely it will go the other way. Positives: 1. girl declined by invitation multiple times, but i continue chatting my way thru the girl, as much as i want to invite her again, i refrained, thinking i will just get another rejection, but end up the girl initiated the invite instead (yay) 2. i expect the fail that exam, but passed instead Negatives 1. I expect this other girl to stay, thinking she's different considering she treated me very very well and are quite rational as a female, but all of sudden on
  9. Back in my 2017 era, there's this coin called EOS, i bought it because it seems convincing and the website looks really cool, i got in real early at 50c with a little spare cash, still holding it now. As time progressed, EOS was dubbed the ETH killer, the ecosystem is kinda governed by around 20+ separate Teams (the Achilles heel of blockchain, you cant be fast and also completely decentralized at the same time, so the idea was to only choose 20+ masters, you can equate it to "Miners" from BTC, but at a much much smaller scale for the purpose of being fast and low cost. The masters are su
  10. SEC is indeed protecting you, they're going to induce panic sell because in the near future the price will drop to 0.006 USD, sell now or you'll regret later - Motivational quote By Fahim
  11. exactly my experience back then, started researching crypto around Sep 2017, found out the only coin in top 5 that still not yet "moon" is xrp, it "looks cheap", also did a quick research on what it does and i'm cool with what they're trying to do, there goes my first trigger of getting into crypto at around 20c. not much, just about 250 usd, 1 or 2 months later suddenly one day it is 80c, then 1 then 2, you know the rest, i didnt cash out, thinking i will do so at $100, that's what i set for myself, i NEED that life changing target to happen otherwise there is "no point" for me to cash o
  12. do not close your eyes tonight, Craig S Wright will come for you by betraying him
  13. this is why last time it pumped the hardest, last to pump has the following benefits: 1. people will rotate most of the profits to that coin = much buy pressure 2. same with point one, but the responsible party to kickstart the pump are the whales, imagine if whales are the one rotating those gigantic profits, followed by retail FOMO 3. last to pump means people long holding the coin may be depressed and sold early (Fahim i'm looking at you), only true titanium hands still stick around and not many left now, even those "xrp influencer" we once knew already throw in the towel and qui
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