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  1. thanks, was hoping you will reply me so that kid Baka can see my reply by the way, you cant control what i want to do, problem? you can follow that kid Baka's footstep to block me if you want, so you wont see the contest anymore
  2. What a sad kid @Baka , he thinks the world revolves around him, what's the point of blocking me if he's still so concerned about me and miss me this much? Blocking only creates deeper bond instead of severing it, Baka is a living example.
  3. Then the price goes to $50, thanks for the financial advice, we have a reliable indicator that we dont deserve
  4. ignore him, he's talking nonsense, keep chasing price which is a futile trading attempt, matter of time he burn himself and buy high sell low
  5. I recall you sold your bag during your severe depression phase, you still have skin in the game?
  6. yesterday when i was browsing thru youtube to watch video, came across "giveaway" Live video multiple times, with Brad in there talking etc it's very disgusting, youtube is letting these scammer to flourish here, all i can do is to click report and choose Harmful & Dangerous Act really pisses me off when i see those
  7. Bois, inject yourself with hopium, this rocket is launching soon
  8. Lol what is sadder than still looking for my comments after blocking me? That defeats the purpose of blocking, might as well unblock me and embrace me, after all I'm a dealer, you don't get my stuffs anywhere else
  9. Thoughts @Baka? Where will we be headed after hitting ATH before the next small correction? I'm in urgent need of financial advice now after looking at current btc price
  10. I'm waiting for @JannaOneTrick to kiss me, so i can turn from frog into human again, my original identify was a Nigerian Prince, i asked for help by emailing people, but instead i met a witch and she turned me into a frog
  11. How bout plastic surgery once and for all? He looks really ugly, gets my blood pumping when i see his avatar
  12. Not just caught with their pants down, they also got surprise circumsicion without applying numb medicine
  13. i bet you're overdosed on hopium that you unlocked a critical condition known as "secret hope", the patient will experience immense desire for the price to rise to astronomical highs, and keep abusing the power of hope, making it less effective the more time the user uses Hope to attract lady luck's attention you seriously need to go to rehab, i use the power of Hope in a different way, i use it when condition / stars are aligned, many factors pointing to a bull run, then i will HOPE, usually the price rises, look at my join date, ever since i joined the price has been going up, i am the
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