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  1. If you want all of your transactions to be micro loans, nothing.
  2. SWIFT must be back in the game some how. We will work with you but keep your hands off my pie kinda thing 🤣😂
  3. Anyone have a clue as to who the target audience is for this information - seems a bit odd.
  4. I feel the statement is meant to say ODL works in a fluctuating, speculative market.
  5. And, let's not forget smart contract like work continues to move forward through the likes weitswind and coil and others I'm sure. Ripple has my bet.
  6. By no measure am I any sort of SWIFT or cross boarder banking expert, but on an intuitive level, being a person who has followed Ripple, I find this interesting. It seems to shed light on how great the chasm is, and how dangerous it might be to navigate for smaller, more nimble institutions. Institutions that may look for an enterprises level solution. I'm sure Brad is well aware of the industry struggle. Thanks for posting.
  7. It's a very interesting, and to me appealing concept. I made my comment (above) a bit tongue and cheek, not understanding the bottle neck you've described, and also not fully understanding the current liquidity crisis I hear and read about. I guess I was imagining a system, like XRPL, with the speed and bottomless liquidity. One can dream of the day. Thanks for the enlighten posts, both of you 😃
  8. A dollar is a dollar is a dollar, not. It be cool to have a more diversified "reserve". I wonder by what mechanism that could be achieved.
  9. I'm more interested in Ripple related news generally speaking - maybe I could start Ripple Chat. Ultimately I feel anything Ripple related will positivity or negatively impact, as it were, XRP. And as I am a very opinionated person- I don't generally speaking, voice my opinion. But I do post what I find interesting and enjoy most of what others post. I feel that's the point of all this. I think it's a bit presumptuous to claim this news has nothing to do with XRP, since I'm pretty sure your just guessing it will never have anything to do with XRP because the didn't tell you it has something to do with XRP. And, now I'm board with this, moving on
  10. https://sifted.eu/articles/santander-fintech-fx-battle/ Let's look at another source About the source: https://sifted.eu/about/
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