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  1. Im sure he will pop back up, soon. On the Board of something.
  2. https://techcrunch.com/2019/11/25/omni-shuts-down/ Looks like Omni is finished
  3. This may have been pointed out already, but... What rail would this crypto dollar ride? Visa, ACH, SWIFT. What incentive would the established rails, mostly privately owned, have to move crypto dollar or Yuan? Let's say for kicks the fed developed its own ledger, would that ledger support a digital Philippines Pecos? If we end up with 100s of ledgers how is this different than the hundreds of rails in place today. Will this crypto dollar be a "stable coin"? If so it's more like a liability than an asset which is counter productive to the idea of crypto currency, or crypto asset. We already have an IOU based system- for crying out loud we finance coffee with our bedt cards, lol. This could all pan out in many seen and unforseen ways. Today, my bets on XRP ledger plus ILP.
  4. I dont know if gathub has but i sure as dung did!
  5. Add XOOM to the mix https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/xoom-rolls-out-domestic-money-transfer-services-in-the-us-300956007.html
  6. https://www.coindesk.com/mas-jpmorgan-build-payments-system-with-inter-blockchain-connectivity Clearly DLT / Blockchain is coming Unclear how XRP plays into the mix.
  7. Drew

    SWIFT again

    https://eng.ambcrypto.com/swifts-banking-head-invites-all-real-time-payment-systems-to-build-partnership/ Seems like a promising admission by SWIFT. May the best ledger and asset win.
  8. https://thefinancialtechnologyreport.com/the-top-25-women-leaders-in-financial-technology-of-2019/?sf110099877=1 1. Kahina Van Dyke, Ripple
  9. Travelex is in the mix too https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/03/samsung-pay-launches-money-transfer-service-with-finablr.html UAE Exchange owns travelex https://www.reuters.com/article/emirates-ma/owner-of-travelex-uae-exchange-prepares-for-potential-london-ipo-idUSL8N1S01BG UAE Exchange and Ripple have partnered https://www.uaeexchange.com/uae-media-center/1546-uaeexchange-partners-with-ripple-cross-border-payments I think all this has been (for over a week) and still is the biggest news of the year, potentially Could mean Samsung pay may Runs on Ripple I thought about starting this thread last week - but im busy
  10. Information network :-/. We already have a bunch of those :-)
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