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  1. as a perspective- i dont see nosto / vostro accounts being a thing of the past because of Calibra, I do see them being a thing of the past because of Ripple.
  2. Libra will be the grain that tips the scale forcing the hand of established financial institutions to jump into the game. Let the RACE BEGIN! Is Ripple about to RUN?
  3. My guess, hyperledger replaces SWIFT messaging but not corresponding banking. It would benefit from a counterparty free highly liquid digital asset like XRP or other.
  4. This new Visa system is built on Hyperledger. Hyperledger is settlement agnostic. Hyperledger dose not have a built in coin or asset. How settle I ask? Answer, open.
  5. Cointelegraph: VP of Largest Brazilian Bank: Local Banks to Soon Introduce Unique Blockchain Platform. https://cointelegraph.com/news/vp-of-largest-brazilian-bank-local-banks-to-soon-introduce-unique-blockchain-platform More info tomorrow. Brad +esco, LOL.
  6. Nice, my 2fa isn't working to check my account - I got the email also. Luckily minimum amounts in GH accounts - but still hundreds of $ at least :-(
  7. I believe the IOV will need countless bridged values, local, international and intergalactic. This is a new paradigm.
  8. https://www.theglobaltreasurer.com/2019/03/25/kyriba-set-to-change-hands-in-1-2bn-deal/ Kyriba and Ripple " Ongoing growth Kyriba surpassed $110M in revenue in 2018, a significant milestone for SaaS technology companies, and is anticipating 40 percent growth this year. Last year, the tech firm signed more than 229 new enterprise clients, including Eastman Chemical, Eisai Co., Ltd., Hitachi High-Tech, Informa, Palo Alto Networks, Peloton, Ripple Labs and many more." JPM and Kyriba https://www.businessinsider.com/fintech-unicorn-kyriba-launches-payments-service-with-jpmorgan-2019-5 Ouch - I cant get past the paywall - mentions real time settlement and FX in seconds I got to go....
  9. Did it with cellular tech, auto, solar.... Why not include finance.
  10. Exactly. But I was thinking, wouldn't that be an interesting way to start building the infrastructure to use an IOU on XRP, without letting the cat out of the bag- jpmorgan coin that is.
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