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  1. Its nice to see some of the POC moving into execution Anyone have insight into weather these two write ups are related? https://www.dealstreetasia.com/stories/cimb-ripple-uob-remittances-111242/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/uob-claims-regions-first-real-time-cross-border-mobile-number-funds-transfer/
  2. 1,400 us credit unions - this seems new! At 1:36
  3. "Our long term vision is to have Ripple access right down to the end user so that they can instruct their bank to transact on their behalf using the Ripple connection. That’s important otherwise you don’t deliver the real value to the end user. Corporates would massively benefit from what we’re doing. " Now that I like...
  4. This market seems familiar, no? Good article- my guess is this has something to do with Ripple
  5. Drew

    What to expect from SWELL?

    The title of the topic is.... "What to expect from swell"- this is just my musinge?
  6. Drew

    What to expect from SWELL?

    https://www.bankingcircle.com/ as new partny
  7. Funny you point this out... I was watching the ledger / transactions last Wednesday during the run up on ripple charts and saw transactions labeled as “payment channels” .
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    Jackson Palmer's statement

  9. Drew

    Terrapay, Ripple and Africa

    https://www.cnbcafrica.com/news/technology/2018/07/20/mobile-money-interoperability-is-the-next-revolution-in-africa-this-is-what-you-need-to-know/ Sounds like it could run on ILP "New open-source code and other public resources now enable markets to achieve interoperability more quickly and efficiently than ever before, but coordination among stakeholders is paramount. Public and private sectors must collaborate to shape systems that empower customers, providers, and innovators to engage more deeply than ever in their markets." and the author of the article ... *Kosta Peric is the deputy director of the Financial Services for the Poor programme at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  10. https://www.mobilepaymentstoday.com/news/terrapay-helps-brings-remittance-services-to-several-african-countries/ https://www.aitegroup.com/report/cross-border-remittances-business-business-solutions Africa - under reported and interesting to watch
  11. good to see director of JV in China