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  1. So why hold XRP right now? Honest question. I held for far too long, finally got out (after the SEC announcement and not immediate, so I took a bath from my gains I had). I believe I will buy back in for some, but not now..... Why not get some gains? I've gained $6,000USD back since dumping XRP (between ETH and ALGO). Literally no sense in holding right now. NONE. I'm not saying one shouldn't get back in, but honestly, the more people who jump ship the lower the price gets driven down which could be the BEST thing for XRP (buy in lower later on) provided things don't go sour after SEC ruling.
  2. Be interesting. I’d say it’s a time to make money quick in and quick out. Maybe I’m wrong. Just don’t get stuck if it gets delisted, get our quick. Long term you may be ok, but why get killed. I think xrp will be highly manipulated for a bit. Violent swings for the time being. Time will tell.
  3. Too much risk at this point IMO. I don't think it should be delisted unless it's proven in court that it is a security. That said, it doesn't mean the big boys won't delist it. If CB drops XRP, that will be big and there will be a large sell-off again. Too risky. I am not saying I won't get back in and take a chance, but for now, I'll stay away. I think there will be a lot of swings and money to be made but at anytime, CB can delist and it will plunge immediately.
  4. Long weekend is over. More vaccine news coming. Money going to start moving a bit this coming week all around. I think it is all setup for a push through Monday.
  5. Good news... Maybe this will generate some more buying in the coming weeks. https://www.binance.com/en/support/announcement/78c11feba44d443998cf7a5329539e91
  6. https://www.binance.com/en/support/announcement/78c11feba44d443998cf7a5329539e91 Huge.....
  7. So be it. Definitely don't take what I say as gold. But with many people speaking about what they feel, you can get an idea where people are at not only with their "professional" (or lack there of) opinion on things but their emotional investment as well into something.
  8. Oh, and I can honestly say I don't know where it'll go. We could get to $1, we could drop down. I personally feel BTC is what to watch for right now. If BTC starts dumping, XRP will follow suit and possibly take a bigger hit. So for now, if you are OK with wild day swings, possibly being down a little at the end of the day, hang on. I don't think we will see below .5 though unless big movement with BTC. Then again, I could be wrong. Just my thoughts again
  9. Ahh, so because I finally joined the boards, I am a low post know it all? I'm just giving my thoughts. Take them with a grain of salt as I am still learning. Same guy I am giving my .02 to also said it was suicide to jump in at .4 for 12% more. Again, just my thoughts though. And I've also been following these boards for years when I first got into XRP. I originally jumped in at .4 I believe. DCA to .225 and then DCA to .247 with my 12% purchase at .4 the other day.
  10. I personally do not see us going that low. If you are that scared, wait for the jump back up to .7 which will happen sometime in the next 12 hours I'd suspect and cash out.
  11. Y'all are too emotional with movements. In just the last couple days, we've hit roughly .79, dropped down to .56, back up to .75, back down to .62. Take your money and put it in a CD.
  12. lol We aren't crashing at all..... You have to look at more than just today or the last 24 hours. Being controlled right now, lots of money moving around bots playing. Even if we do drop below .6, I wouldn't expect a "crash". Don't be so emotional about movements.
  13. I wouldn't. I would let it test .6 first unless you are happy with your gains or don't mind buying back higher. If it starts dumping below .6, I'd say sell. Just my thought though. We just dropped to almost .65 and the orders kept coming, non-stop and there tons more just below that right now.
  14. No, don't think so. Very strong support around .65, orders started flying in and there were tons below it as well. Unless there is a LARGE dump, I don't see it happening right now.
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