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    MsKat141 reacted to 2ndtimearound in Should have switched to Chainlink   
    The ROMO is strong with this one.

    *Realisation Of Missing Out
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    MsKat141 reacted to ixarepe in Ledger Nano S hacked   
    @Sharkey sorry to hear about you loosing some crypto. 
    Do you remember checking the 'send to' address  on the ledger when pressing the button?
    I am curious if the second 'hacker' address was also displayed. 
    If not then the ledger is not working as it should. 
    Part of the concept is that a physical action is required to confirm a payment. 
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    MsKat141 reacted to LetHerRip in Ledger Nano S hacked   
    Also do you have the latest firmware on your Nano? Previous versions where vulnerable to this exact man in the middle attack. You need to make sure you running the latest Ledger Live software as well as having the latest version firmware on your Nanos.
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    MsKat141 reacted to Raekwon in How is it possible for XRP to reach high price??   
    He will NOT respond. He is too busy complaining about Quora on Twitter.
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    MsKat141 reacted to AgamemnonUA in "Disbelief" stage of market cycle   
    "... Americans on talent shows always talk about their dreams. Fine, if you have something that you’ve always dreamed of, like, in your heart, go for it! After all, it’s something to do with your time… chasing a dream. And if it’s a big enough one, it’ll take you most of your life to achieve, so by the time you get to it and are staring into the abyss of the meaninglessness of your achievement, you’ll be almost dead so it won’t matter...."
    Tim Minchin, Graduation Speech, 17 September, 2013, University of Western Australia, Australia
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    MsKat141 reacted to Bearmark in I made an animation for XRP   
    A game sounds interesting. So I guess XRP can move very fast and BTC is slow as ****?
    Monero/Zcash can disappear on command. LTC just follows BTC but is a bit faster. 
    Lastly, Tether is stable and does nothing except increase in size every now and then.
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    MsKat141 reacted to pictagor in I made an animation for XRP   
    Hello XRPChat,
    Just learned about this community today so first time posting here. Wanted to share with you an animation I made for XRP:
    XRP xRapid Firing in action
    I'm making a tower defense PC game featuring various cryptos so this is my version of XRP.
    In the game, each crypto will have some unique ability corresponding to their technology so this is xRapid firing in action.
    Hope you find this interesting!

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    MsKat141 reacted to Zedy44 in I made an animation for XRP   
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    MsKat141 reacted to Riseup in I exchanged majority of my XRP for BTC   
    On, or around april 28 2019 (3-4 months ago) I made decision to exchange majority of altcoins for BTC
    The largest part of my altcoin was XRP. I exchanged 80% of XRP for BTC
    Why I did this?
    1: i saw pattern repeating for a few months, where BTC was gaining dominance, bitcoin go up, bitcoin stops and do a bit of side movement, then all alts partially follows, bitcoin drops a bit, altcoins go up a bit partially (not all), bitcoin then falls a lot, altcoins follows a lot more. As result btc got to over 5k$ at that time, while xrp got to nowhere.
    2: Tip of ice for me was eye opener when some dude from Ripple (everyone knows who i am talking about) sold a lot of his XRP-s and when I mentioned this here I got messages like "you should not speak about that here, thats Joel Katz private thing". I found that alarming, not the fact he was selling, but def reaction of this community, like please noone speak about that. Someone might mention as example Bezos selling his share in Amazon, amazon is doing awesome, but i doubt it cant go up 100% in 2 years and Bezos invested money somewhere where he think he will get more in %. Now imagine people would be prohibited speaking about Bezos selling his stake in Amazon.
    3: I dont thing selling (on top selling under price) is good thing, def will say it good on long term to bring adoption in..BS.
    4: Ripple si doing good I think, but xrp is doing capital BAD, compared to BTC, and I think that ratio will just increase in favor of BTC
    3 months passed, so far I am happy with my decision, perhaps with time all the sudden xrp will spike and i will be sorry, but every new month I am so far happy with my decisions. I see pattern more or less keeps repeating.
    I better not think what would happen with XRP if BTC now all the sudden start falling to 6, 5, 4k. Disaster for XRP if you ask me
    If i look into Sep 2019 and on, I see possibility for XRP to go below 25 cents for longer period of time, even if that does not happen I am quite sure BTC will go up a lot more then XRP, just like it keeps doing this during 2019. 
    Just telling what I did, time will tell if i made mistake or not.
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    MsKat141 reacted to Malloy in Hundreds of XRP Holders Petition Trump to "Stop Ripple Dumping"   
    Ripple's Market Makers strategy was badly managed...instead of creating higher floors they just suppressed the up price action and "hoped" we wouldn't drop below 0.28 USD...
    Very very bad strategy....and it might be about to blow up on everyone's face (including theirs)...
    Sentiment for retail buyers is at all time lows...and if corporations/banks can still buy directly from Ripple who's gonna create price support...
    In the past Ripple employees used to come here often...if anyone is reading this they should not think that a petition was created by "crazy" people but the result of a long lasting builds up of disillusioned.....
    Yes...stop dumping and tell your Market Maker to start buying back to reverse the depressed sentiment...everything else will fall into place naturally after that...
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    MsKat141 reacted to LetHerRip in Tracking sells of XRP from Ripple through CryptoWinter   
    Because he got BILLIONs for free, nada, ziltch, 0. Its worth $0.3X EACH today, could be worth a whole lot less tomorrow... could go to zero if Ripple fails. $0.3 x Billions is many many millions of dollars that he wants to put in his pocket!, infact even $0.003 x Billions is still millions! That is value they have today, tomorrow it might not be there if Ripple/XRP ledger fail their goals.
    You guys act as if price increase is guaranteed. The fact one of the founders (Chris) and the person who created the ledger (David) are selling like crazy even at these prices mean the opposite is more likely. Use your brain. 
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    MsKat141 reacted to Lumpy in story - I bumped into someone who was the head of payments for a very large bank here in australia.   
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    MsKat141 reacted to nikb in Tiffany Hayden   
    Your whole post is just a thinly veiled attempt to insinuate (though I’m not sure to what end) and it sickens me.
    What does Tiffany’s or my personal life have any bearing or relevance?
    Why should my employment status have any kind of impact on Tiffany and her ability to operate a server or limit the things she can experiment with, like and/or support? 
    And as for David’s comments, I share his point of view and I see nothing strange about them.
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    MsKat141 reacted to Rutski in Q1 2019 XRP Markets Report   
    Uhhhh... Burp.
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    MsKat141 reacted to MemberBerry in Ripple's employees dumping their stash?   
    Kingmaine- Joined at ATH 2018 lmaooo
    those bags must be heavy right?
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    MsKat141 reacted to Staigera in 100k stuck since 2018   
    Would i be a horrible person in your eyes if I replied with. F*CK YES!
  18. Haha
    MsKat141 reacted to MemberBerry in 100k stuck since 2018   
    But sir... they said 589 i know.
    Then they say 172$ then it's200$ 
    A whole bunch of financial advisors around here. Pick the right one. 
    EOY 100$ sir. This is 589% financial advice.
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    MsKat141 reacted to MemberBerry in Buy more XRP   
    You can use your Credit card almost everywhere. NFA
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    MsKat141 reacted to Raekwon in Buy more XRP   
    That fomo lol
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    MsKat141 reacted to Fleshmeister in Bob Way live stream on Alex Cobb   
    Are you being sarcastic or did you miss the santander thing the other day?
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    MsKat141 reacted to princesultan in Bob Way live stream on Alex Cobb   
    good thing we have bob during this boring phase in ripple's existence
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    MsKat141 reacted to NightJanitor in Welcome To Our World, Bob   
    History is a funny thing... A little story:  Back in the days of Prosper, there was also a user forum.  Now, Prosper, for those of you who might not know, was a p2p lending venture, and, in the very early days of it, there were those who were tearing apart the system, playing with this and that, trying to figure out how to model underwriting, etc, etc.  But there were more than just lenders on the forum, after a while.  Borrowers eventually found it, too.  The borrowers would go to Prosper to put up a loan listing ("eBay for money" was the PR analogy, back then, and it was much more of a "GoFundMe" feel, with borrowers writing an essay and specifying why they needed the loan - or trying to signal that they were less of a risk, since a "rate-auction" mechanism was involved and lenders would compete with one another (like on eBay) to fund small chunks of loans by underbidding the rate of other lenders, if, for whatever reason, they felt that a particular borrower was less of a credit risk than their credit score indicated or than did other lenders - did they catch some detail that I missed? -ish thoughts)...  So, anyway, back to the forum story.  One day, a particularly "attractive" listing showed up on Prosper.  The lenders in the forum discussed a lot of the listings (there were maybe a few loan requests per day, at that point, so, we were all trying to gain some kind of edge or figure out how we were going to scale up crazy underwriting insights like "the borrower's grammar is bad;  I wonder if that correlates to default risk?" (it didn't, btw, and, also, I probably have a higher credit score than you, and I haven't even hit carriage return, a single time, yet, in this whole story, and these commas are breaking some rules - I just know it)...
    So, anyway, that "attractive" listing showed up.  The grown-up lenders didn't particularly care that the borrower was a young lady, we were more interested in looking after our principal and focused on the fact that, in her loan description, it looked, if one read between the lines, that she might have very little, if any, income (and was fuzzy about, you know, having a job) and seemed to have a lot of debt, already - and, then, in the picture she provided, that she might have what could be (charitably) called "a shoe problem" (there she was, smiling, looking as-cute-as-she-could-muster, hoping to garner lender interest and get more bids/lower rate - but in the background of her apartment, which one could also see in the picture, there was a small red flag, in the form of what looked like the proceeds of what Michael Crichton would have titled The Great Shoe Store Robbery...  I mean, some of them were still in very high-end shoestore bags and boxes - and the 10 or so purses that were in the room also looked rather familiar;  hey, is that a real Gucci?  Uh... Dude... That... looks like a Prada bag.  And another one.  And another one.  How many trips to Barney's are we going to be funding once we lend this lady this $5k or whatever - and what are the odds she's not gonna walk?  That kind of thing...  Innocent, but funny...  And the first time we'd run into this particular situation, as novice online micro-lenders.
    So, her loan listing ran, I think, a week or so... she was apparently unhappy that not many lenders were bidding on the listing or that her rate hadn't been bid down low enough (I dunno, maybe she actually intended to repay?)...  So, she apparently did some googling and found the lender forum and arrived to make her case that she was an excellent credit risk, deserved a 0% loan, and was imminently trustworthy.  Now, we didn't have any way to verify her ID - some of us actually thought one of the other lenders was just making fun and had showed up to pretend to be the shoe girl, who wanted $5k at like 1% over 3 years... and was prepared to argue us all down or convince us of this or that - so we had to start asking "How do we know that's your listing?"  Prosper did KYC - but all of the data we, as lenders, were presented was anonymized (except for the picture, which was optional, anyway - most people chose an avatar or posted a picture of a pet or something, so, if lending (unsecured) money, online, to what appeared to be small cats or a terrier or a pug, who had a 600-620 credit score range and a debt-to-income of like 250% or whatever wasn't weird enough...... well... I digress, but you get the pic...)
    So, on the third day of all the lenders being skeptical that it was "really her" on the forum, she decided to remove all doubt.  She posted a picture to the forum of a sports car, which previously had been unmentioned (and these were unsecured loans, anyway, so, it's not like it would be collateral) - and there was what appeared to be a small, female hand in the frame, held just in front of the camera in front of the car.  Her post, with that "ID picture" said - I swear to God - "I put my hand in the picture to prove it's really me!"
    Anyway, that's straight where my mind went when Bob posted the picture of the shoe next to his head.
    For those of you wondering how it turned out, she never did provide any real proof;  and I'm not sure if she got her loan funded;  but like 6 months later, the name she'd given one of the lenders so that he could look her up happened to turn up in the news.  She - and her mom, I think? - had been busted for some kind of identity theft ring in NY...
    So... I only skimmed whatever you guys are arguing about - but Bob knew the ID question was coming - and so did I - and I thought he handled it with grace - and so did those who eventually asked.  He didn't post a picture of a car with the back of some dude's hand in the shot and go "See, it's me!  How dare you question me!" - his TX was his proof - so... count yourselves lucky that the state of things has progressed...
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    MsKat141 reacted to BobWay in Hi! I'm Bob   
    I'm not sure I'm qualified to use fancy words like "geopolitical" correctly. :-) But there are huge improvements coming to the structure of banking.
    Please keep in mind that while I think of myself as a reasonably smart guy, I'm by no means smart about everything. However, in my various positions at Ripple, a lot of much smarter people than me showed up in our office to tell me the details of their particular problems. They then left it to me to figure out if Ripple or its technologies could help. That was one of my key contributions to the company. I could almost always figure out a way to deploy Ripple technologies to solve other people's hard problems.
    So "geopolitically" speaking, one of the weirdest things about banking is how the international relationships are structured. This is true especially among the smaller countries. Take a random made up example. Say Alice lives in Barbados and want to do a business transaction with Bob in Saint Lucia. It is just a standard two party business deal for services rendered. But Alice uses BBD and Bob uses XCD. So how do their banks settle that transaction?
    Well it turns out in many cases they use USD. That sentence sounds pretty sensible not earth shaking to anyone... But how does that really work? Well it turns out that important banks in Barbados keep "correspondent" accounts with a large US bank. Let's say Citi in this case. And some large bank in Sant Lucia also keeps a correspondent account with a US bank. Let's say BofA in that case. The settlement actually happens by the Barbados bank telling Citi to wire money through the FedWire system to the St Lucia's account at BofA. These requests are transmitted via SWIFT.
    But the crazy thing is that US law says that both Citi and BofA need to screen the transaction between Alice and Bob for compliance with US laws! And if a bad transaction slips through, both Citi and BofA can be fined huge amounts. So in effect, whether Alice in Barbados can do business with Bob in St Lucia becomes dependent on whether or not US banks want to allow it. Even though the transaction doesn't involve US jurisdiction at all!
    The side effect of the US bank's risk in these transactions is that they've started closing the correspondent banking accounts for entire countries. The risk is just seen as too high for the reward (fees) that they can charge. This is called in banking jargon, "the de-risking problem".
    A bridge currency like XRP changes that dynamic dramatically. Transaction that don't involve the US (or other third countries) don't have to travel through their systems to settle. That allows people to stop jumping through third party regulatory hoops and just get one with doing business.
    I hope that counts as "geopolitical"!
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    MsKat141 reacted to Silkjaer in 14 Common Misunderstandings About Ripple And XRP   
    This was not a paid piece. It is amazing, however, how many requests I have received to cover projects. I have never, and will never, take payment for writing about any project or product. Requests is an instant disconnect on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.
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