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  1. Is this why they restricted my account after depositing all my xrp? I wish I had known this? What other exchanges are doing this?
  2. @sukrim But why wasn't that enough to transfer the whole amount? What caused the higher fees?
  3. I'm not able to read the article. Is there a way to post it?
  4. @vick82 I was having some issues as well with websocket. I edited /etc/nginx/conf.d/codius.conf using the instructions in https://medium.com/codius/codiusd-1-2-0-upgrading-and-websocket-support-42f712a0cee9 That didn't fix my problem at first, but I had edited it using Notepad in Filezilla, and Notepad puts everything on one line and you can't see if the code is formatted properly. I mean you can't have 2 lines of code on one line or something which is impossible to tell in Notepad. Someone in Gitter taught me how to edit in shell, then I was able to separate the individual lines of code exactly how it's shown in the medium article and that did the trick. My codius host is working now. But to edit it in shell, I had to login into root in PuTTY then vc /etc/nginx/conf.d/codius.conf then type i to insert and modify text then ESC and type :x and press enter to save I hope that helps.
  5. I don't know about Bare Metal, but maybe you can go on http://codiushosts.com/ and then scroll through the list of hosts who are active and have a green check mark. Then note the server they are using and what version of Codius they're using. I'm trying to get my host working with digital ocean. I found a few on the list that are active with the green check mark on self test, using digital ocean with version 1.2.3. Now if only I could speak to the individuals to ask how they did it. Sigh. At least I know it can be done. This is frustrating.
  6. Did you ever solve the problem? I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway.
  7. How does one clean up the payment channel to get their 10 xrp back?
  8. Then you should use an OTC like Genesis.
  9. If I was an early adopter of XRP and bought when it was a sub penny coin, and I was already crypto rich, I would definitely be spending it now. If only...
  10. Can you use it anywhere or only with certain merchants?
  11. When sending ALV from my Nano address to my Gatehub address, who is the issuer address? Is it the address that shows up in bithomp where my ALV is stored or is it something else?
  12. I was able to get the ALV coins to my nano address. Can somebody explain to me like I'm 5, how to sent the ALV coins from my Nano address to my Gatehub address?
  13. I guess now we know what Brad meant when he said Ripple will be a winner in the "longer" term.
  14. I'm a little confused. When you say Exarpy, do you mean XRP or something else?
  15. Anyday now and I hope they announce more users of xRapid.
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