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  1. @sukrim But why wasn't that enough to transfer the whole amount? What caused the higher fees?
  2. I'm not able to read the article. Is there a way to post it?
  3. @vick82 I was having some issues as well with websocket. I edited /etc/nginx/conf.d/codius.conf using the instructions in https://medium.com/codius/codiusd-1-2-0-upgrading-and-websocket-support-42f712a0cee9 That didn't fix my problem at first, but I had edited it using Notepad in Filezilla, and Notepad puts everything on one line and you can't see if the code is formatted properly. I mean you can't have 2 lines of code on one line or something which is impossible to tell in Notepad. Someone in Gitter taught me how to edit in shell, then I was able to separate the
  4. I don't know about Bare Metal, but maybe you can go on http://codiushosts.com/ and then scroll through the list of hosts who are active and have a green check mark. Then note the server they are using and what version of Codius they're using. I'm trying to get my host working with digital ocean. I found a few on the list that are active with the green check mark on self test, using digital ocean with version 1.2.3. Now if only I could speak to the individuals to ask how they did it. Sigh. At least I know it can be done. This is frustrating.
  5. Did you ever solve the problem? I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway.
  6. How does one clean up the payment channel to get their 10 xrp back?
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