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  1. Thank you for the BTC news @Eric123! What are your thoughts of OMG @Eric123? OMG dropped really hard due to selling after the BOBA airdrop and everybody, who was buying OMG for aidrop, probably already sold their OMG in quite big loss. Has OMG hit bottom and is this a good time to buy OMG?
  2. Good call on the breakout@Eric123!!! Do you have a plan in taking profits anytime soon @Eric123?
  3. That is fair to say. Sometimes I use XLM to transfer to my Kucoin wallet and that is quick.
  4. 100% right Eric. When it comes transferring 10k and over, it is really difficult these days with the banks asking you a zillion questions, and making it extremely difficult. At least with Bitcoin, you can transfer 10k+ without any hassles. I love that part of Btc.
  5. Besides BTC, are you also buying any alt's or just btc?
  6. We wait for the next big company to announce Bitcoin on their balance sheet as it won't be Facebook. https://www.thestreet.com/crypto/bitcoin/facebook-doesnt-have-bitcoin
  7. There is a rumor that Facebook has bitcoin on their balance sheet. Hopefully these rumors are true and can get us pumping. https://www.thestreet.com/crypto/news/could-facebooks-earnings-call-reveal-bitcoin-holdings
  8. @Eric123It's frustrating because I thought the Coinbase IPO from last week, mixed with Venmo allowing users to buy/sell on their platform this week would help BTC soar to 70k but it didn't and you was right... When do you think we break out of this bearish pattern?
  9. Walmart is worth 545 Billion I think? https://investorplace.com/2021/04/walmart-buys-bitcoin-9-things-we-know-about-the-rumors/ The thing is, you been hearing big Tech buying BTC, but now if this rumor is true about Walmart, it would be the first multinational retailer to get into Bitcoin if I am correct and this would get the price jumping even more...
  10. Some good news might be coming this week. Coinbase IPO this week might shoot BTC closer to 70k or pass it... Also, I heard another rumor that Walmart might put BTC on their balance sheet in tune of 1B.
  11. Someone else was talking about Puerto Rico as a place to save on taxes. I dig some research and pulled up two sites... https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2020/06/08/how-entrepreneurs-can-save-on-taxes-in-puerto-rico/?fbclid=IwAR08ghDIMk7S0wEqmOzLMbYA4zBkipPxhMMe47VTNguxOR17f2sNuGmbz0o&sh=5e736fd4cfc1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=w4NWD7Mx0Cg&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0TB63AoN-beI75wIHxnhyPy4SjkIleKje5KRtRicUBKCbe3QIz-EnBMro Not sure how accurate these sites are, but also heard Portugal is tax friendly in regards top crypto as well.
  12. @Eric123 What is your opinion on how long this XRP lawsuit will last?
  13. I think BTC can definitely go well beyond 100k but here is the thing. There are levels of adoption from companies like Mastercard who will use BTC. That's the domino effect. PayPal, Tesla, jumped in. Hence, why you would see Amazon, and Facebook at some point; would put BTC on the balance sheet. The two big companies of the world are PayPal, and Tesla who has given BTC the stamp of approval so other companies will follow and put 10's of billons of dollars in. That is BULLISH for BTC in my opinion. When it comes to altcoins, it depends on the altcoin... The top 10 coins in 2017 are not the same in 2021... I personally find altcoins that can give me a big returns (like ADA and hopefully XRP), than throw my profits into BTC. My portfolio has done pretty good so far with this strategy.
  14. When BTC reaches 100k, people will wish they bought at these levels.
  15. Reading your past posts Eric, you mentioned that we would have 10k swings, and that would be normal... I believe we will see it sooner than later.
  16. There was an article in retuers (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-crypto-currency-apple-idUSKBN2A82I4) stating that Apple has all the technical capabilities, and by adopting BTC, it would make the United States the, "Global Leader" in crypto assets. Thinking about it, if all these private institutions and now Tech companies are getting into BTC, I would say that these companies would not want to left behind? It would not shock me if Tim Cook is buying BTC in her personal portfolio. Just my 2 cents and thinking emotionally with my heart...
  17. There are rumors that the next big public or even tech company to put BTC on the balance sheet could be Apple, google, or even Amazon. If that happens, I am sure BTC will get huge swings if that happens.
  18. Also once these American exchanges resume trading for XRP, I can see another push as well.
  19. Let the pumping begin boys.. Hold onto your seat belts. It will be a helluva ride. Above .40 cents
  20. BTC consolidation would also be good for altcoins to pump as well.
  21. You did you part to plant the seeds. Now it is just a waiting game. Let's get this XRP pump.
  22. Be patient. It is just sideways action. There will be a big break out coming soon...
  23. Hi JohnnyD, I am a fellow New yorker, and you need a VPN.
  24. Hi Mark, this all depends on your circumstances. It is tough to look at the price everyday and seeing all the negativity surrounding XRP... My guess is once this SEC lawsuit is over, the price will skyrocket. This is all a gamble though... You have so much to gain from a risk/reward standpoint... Yes the risk is that your life savings will go down to 0, but you have a huge reward where xrp will go 50x.... But I play poker and sports bet, and what I learned over the years is to never bet $$ I am not willing to lose. It is all about "bankroll management". Best of luck with whatever decision you do. Are you a young guy and can grind/work your savings back?
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