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  1. I think remember my username&password, yes (I am 98% sure). For some reason it is not working on GateHub. I tried to import my old encrypted wallet backup file (exported long time ago from online Ripple wallet) into a Ripple Desktop Client Wallet App. The Desktop Wallet App now asked for the password to decrypt the file and I entered my password, the wallet app rejected my password (and I also tried many variations of my password). The Wallet app does not ask for a username. My wallet file `xxxxx.txt` contains only BASE64 encoded data - It looks like this: eyJ...z2ZETVWlNA5T0sW9ETETVWlNA5T0sWVWlNA5T0sWETVWlNA5T0sWXJ...n0= (File starts with `eyJ` then threre's 490 characters (az-AZ0-9) and ends with `n0=`, so a total of 496 characters) Is there a commandline tool (or simple piece of code) which can extract my ripple secret key from this enrypted file?
  2. I couldn't recover my Ripples. I tried decrypting my wallet backup file with a desktop client with my password (and any similar/plausible passwords). Might be that the wallet file is in a different format, or the encryption methods different than the one generated by the old ripple.com/wallet web app from 2013. Any help still appreciated. Does anybody of you know what exact file format and encryption method was used when exporting the wallet backup file in Ripple web client from year 2013?
  3. I also didn't migrate to the new system. I left my XRPs untouched since 2014. And now the migration doesn't work for me - I am pretty sure I tried the right username+password. (and some variations of it). Luckily I have a secret key in a weird format (not starting with s) - it's just letters and numbers and ends with = (equals sign). Much longer than the usual "s..." secret key that is mentioned everywhere! Looks like a Base52 or Base64 encoded text. Can somebody help me? About registering on Ripple Forum: Check your SPAM / Junk email folder for your activation emails, they might be there.
  4. Hi, Required. I think I have the same problem as you - I have the only (probably encrypted) secret key (not it the "s........" format). My key seems to be Base52 encoded - it's a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers and it ends with an "=" equals sign. Does yours also end with "="? And is longer that the usual "s..." secret key. Maybe this "karl-os/XRP-CHAT-WALLET" desktop wallet might offer recovery from our "format" via Select Account file button. I cannot try it now. Will try this tomorrow. Have you tried it yet? I cant recover/migrate the old ripple.com/client wallet via https://id.ripple.com/auth/migrate I tried all my plausible usernames and passwords. And the process is tedious as you have to reenter everything again each time you try. :-/
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