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  1. Nice analysis. I’m thinking the $1 region holds, would be a little much/unsettling to go all the way towards .85 but def could happen. Lets hope $1 is it before next move up 💯
  2. Nice to see XRP holding up as good as we can hope! only down half as much as other major coins 😬 but yes…will be interesting to see what happens in next couple days 👀
  3. I know some people look at BTC dominance a little more closely than others…I think the general consensus is this cycle will last through 2021 and possibly into 2022? A lull/consolidation period in mid-2021 with a final run-up towards the end of 2021 early 2022? Curious what our friends think? @JASCoder @Julian_Williams @Baka @Eric123
  4. $1.65 level is a fight between bears and bulls. WHO WILL PREVAIL
  5. anyone else excited about the next move? Love to see price holding around 1.60....it made a brief attempt to pass 1.65 in the early hours of AM but shot back down and now consolidating...do we have weekend fireworks? Do our friends in Asia help in a few hours??
  6. No ruling today. MONSTER sell order just executed
  7. I believe so. A couple exchanges have given IOUs to their holders for I think 15% which is what they will be given when Flare goes Live (hopefully they said June). I’m not sure the participating exchanges but it’s only a couple. I have mine on Coinbase and haven’t received any yet
  8. this things coiling up for a big move...up or down...my money is on up 🤑
  9. if this does play out how we all hope, is anyone else confused/excited/weirded out by the charts being pretty damn close to repeating 2017 price movements? how does this happen almost too perfectly?...
  10. Are you going to hold until $10 or are you taking profits earlier? Just curious. I am holding (or will try to) until $10 and still unsure what % I will sell at those levels. I need to do more research on the staking XRP via Flare Network to earn I think FLR? So many variables haha
  11. Thanks for posting this. I go back and forth on where we could go and where we will go. I think $10 is definitely possible and hoping for double digits. Market cap also makes sense at this level as I believe that would put us ahead of ETH but not BTC which is achievable (we already did it once before). Could you comment on market cap at levels such as $50 and higher? I hear people say all the time “it’s impossible for XRP to get to X price because that would mean it’s market cap is Y” ...they compare it to market cap of apple or some other company but a currency should be treated differently, no? I understand it would take a huge influx of $ to get there...but I don’t think it’s impossible, do you?
  12. Healthy looking climb at the moment...let’s see if it’s sustainable
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