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  1. Nice to see XRP holding up as good as we can hope! only down half as much as other major coins 😬 but yes…will be interesting to see what happens in next couple days 👀
  2. I know some people look at BTC dominance a little more closely than others…I think the general consensus is this cycle will last through 2021 and possibly into 2022? A lull/consolidation period in mid-2021 with a final run-up towards the end of 2021 early 2022? Curious what our friends think? @JASCoder @Julian_Williams @Baka @Eric123
  3. $1.65 level is a fight between bears and bulls. WHO WILL PREVAIL
  4. anyone else excited about the next move? Love to see price holding around 1.60....it made a brief attempt to pass 1.65 in the early hours of AM but shot back down and now consolidating...do we have weekend fireworks? Do our friends in Asia help in a few hours??
  5. No ruling today. MONSTER sell order just executed
  6. I believe so. A couple exchanges have given IOUs to their holders for I think 15% which is what they will be given when Flare goes Live (hopefully they said June). I’m not sure the participating exchanges but it’s only a couple. I have mine on Coinbase and haven’t received any yet
  7. this things coiling up for a big move...up or down...my money is on up 🤑
  8. if this does play out how we all hope, is anyone else confused/excited/weirded out by the charts being pretty damn close to repeating 2017 price movements? how does this happen almost too perfectly?...
  9. Are you going to hold until $10 or are you taking profits earlier? Just curious. I am holding (or will try to) until $10 and still unsure what % I will sell at those levels. I need to do more research on the staking XRP via Flare Network to earn I think FLR? So many variables haha
  10. Thanks for posting this. I go back and forth on where we could go and where we will go. I think $10 is definitely possible and hoping for double digits. Market cap also makes sense at this level as I believe that would put us ahead of ETH but not BTC which is achievable (we already did it once before). Could you comment on market cap at levels such as $50 and higher? I hear people say all the time “it’s impossible for XRP to get to X price because that would mean it’s market cap is Y” ...they compare it to market cap of apple or some other company but a currency should be treated differently, no? I understand it would take a huge influx of $ to get there...but I don’t think it’s impossible, do you?
  11. Healthy looking climb at the moment...let’s see if it’s sustainable
  12. I like this and have seen some other analysts agree with your analysis. Unfortunately we are probably still at the mercy oF BTC...but as long as it doesn’t crash and holds until end of year I think we will see another biG leg up soon followed by that final pump in Q4 😎
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