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  1. No, I am sorry but you are going off topic. We are building a structure with Interledger to be able to make instant value transfer with no regional limitation, value store within XRP.L. There is no offering of speculative or hedging products. The Value store in the XRP.L as Issued Currencies, digital valuation of multiple assets. This is an XRP.L development, not us. You can check further information in the manuals. The point of an IC is to have a digital representation of an asset, so if I sell digital value representation of GOLD, I am selling the asset, therefore there is
  2. Opaopa, thanks for your reply. When I refer that the Gateway must hedge its positions, is because it will assume all market risk for its clients. If I receive 100 USD and give back 130 CAD equivalent, and the promise of giving back (in an indefinitely amount of time) the 100 USD to what ever price the CADUSD is, then I as Gateway am exposing my self to what ever movement the CADUSD makes in what ever time range. This is high risk. From the client perspective, he is already exposed (or hedge depending on the client needs) as he has bought 100 USD in equivalent CAD -Just like real fia
  3. Hello, We are currently building an infrastructure using Interledger, Connectors, XRP.L. While constructing the value movement structure, we have to consider what kind of market risk the Gateway is exposed to when Issuing Currencies. Assuming the clients are looking to store value in different type of assets using Issued Currencies, (leaving value transfer aside from the analysis), we have the following risk: If my client A has fiat USD and the interest to store value in CAD, she sends USD to the Gateway and has in correspondence an equivalent value of CAD.GTW in the led
  4. Dear Dave, First let me say I am a big fan of your work and the system. Currently forming part of a project towards joining it. However in this particular case I have to disagree. You are trying to solve something you already have. As your principal motivation is solving the volatility risk of holding XRP (at least in the first years of adoption, as liquidity increases, stability does too, specially with functionalities focused on everyday value transactions), you might think the answer is trying to force its stability through creating a financial derivative product from the XRP, ba
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