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  1. Warbler

    Steps to generate a cold wallet

    https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools you can download this page and use it offline, enter secret which would generate a ripple address (offline) - to verify that pair is correct. and you can sign a small transaction, like assign a gravatar or small payment (sign offline) submit online.
  2. can't change the .main-box size or fields-wide size, though I can change padding in the fields or font-size please test the latest 0.0.7 version. QR code is added in v. 0.0.7 and QR code scanner is added in the bithomp.com/submit
  3. Bithomp allows to filter 1) by transaction type 2) to show earliest or latest first, 3) initiated by account and not 4) transactions including counterparty. for example use bitstamp ripple account, so it will show all transaction between that account and bitstamp. not sure what filter which is missing your talking about..
  4. Hello, thank you. Great idea about the QR code, I created an issue, https://github.com/Bithomp/ripple-tools/issues/1 so will make it later about the address field, can you tell me the browser name/version? screen size? Thanks
  5. I'm not so good at it I wrote one here: Ripple-tools is an open source project https://github.com/Bithomp/ripple-tools/ Would be nice to get some help with tutorials from xrp community
  6. https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools/ 1. works for both paper wallets and hard wallets like "ledger" 2. You can sign transaction on offline computer/phone 3. You can add trustlines (ALV) for your ledger wallet and paper wallets 4. You can send IOU 5. You can Cancel and Execute Escrow 7. you can add a domain which will be shown in bithomp explorer 8. you can add a gravatar, which will shown in Bithomp explorer 9. You can assign a regularKey to your Ledger wallet, so you can control your ledger wallet ripple account with a secret instead of mnemonic. (means you can probably import it to Toast wallet, Gatehub, TheWorldExchange etc) Please don't use this if you not sure what it is, as you might give an access to your account to someone else if you assign a key which not belongs to you, or compromised. 10. You can validate a secret offline, it will show the address 11. you can sign transactions with a regular key secret any feedback and suggestions appreciated
  7. Crypto rabbit hole ... that what is your club about? @Rabbit_Kick_Club
  8. The fee probably was to small to include it to the current ledger, so it was probably included to a next one when it was enough
  9. 15. if you have public accounts, post links here, so we can check your pics P.S. for test accounts you can use an online mode, will be less steps
  10. If you want your nice selfie or logo to show app in the bithomp explorer. as here: https://bithomp.com/explorer/nbougalis You can now do it safe 0. open a gravatar account if you don't have one. gravatar.com (remember the email you used), upload your logo or picture 1. open a page https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools/ 2. safe this page (index.html) can be named as Ripple tools when you save it. (alternatively you can save it from github) https://github.com/Bithomp/ripple-tools/blob/master/index.html press download (project is open source) 3. transfer this file (only one html file to a usb stick and open it on the offline PC) 4. press "Offline", press "paper wallet" if you use secret or "Hard wallet" if you have mnemonic from Ledger HD or other hard wallet. 5. Enter secret or mnemonic (your account must have at least 20 xrp) 6. Press "settings", Choose "Gravatar" 7. enter your email (don't worry ripple ledger will safe only an email hash) 8. You will see a QR code, scan it with your mobile and visit this page. You will get the recommended fee and the sequence number for your account. 9. enter the Next sequence number on the computer 10. press "Set" 11. Scan the QR with your phone 12. Press submit 13. in 5-10 seconds on the page opened on mobile click the link of your address to see your new gravatar on bithomp explorer
  11. You can finish escrow offline here: https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools/ safe the file, transfer to an offline PC, open index.html on the offline PC, choose Escrow, choose Offline, enter your secret or mnemonic, enter the escrow owner account, and escrow sequence the one you want to execute, on online pc check your address in bithomp.com/explorer in the section "information" find "next sequence" enter it in the form on the offline PC, press "execute" copy the signed transaction blob, on online PC go to bithomp.com/submit, enter the signed tx blob, press submit. Done.
  12. released https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools/ open-source https://github.com/Bithomp/ripple-tools run on github https://bithomp.github.io/ripple-tools/ what you need is only on the 1 of July 2018: choose "escrow" fill in info: escrow owner: r9UUEXn3cx2seufBkDa8F86usfjWM6HiYp escrow sequence: 11 memo: This is for the Gz, and this is for the Hustlas (or what ever) press "Execute" must be simple P.S.: failed transactions also take a fee!!!
  13. There is an easier way to execute escrow now download the page https://bithomp.github.io/ripple-tools/ copy it to usb stick, transfer to an offline PC open index.html with a double click in the browser choose "Escrow", then "offline", enter your secret or mnemonic fill in the escrow details: escrow owner: r9UUEXn3cx2seufBkDa8F86usfjWM6HiYp escrow sequence: 11 check your own account on the online PC: https://bithomp.com/explorer and find in the block "Information" the "Next sequence" enter next sequence in the page on the offline PC. enter memo: This is for the Gz, and this is for the Hustlas press "Execute" You fill get a signed transaction blob, copy it from the grey box on the online PC go to https://bithomp.com/submit enter the tx blob there and press submit. check your account or transaction hash in the https://bithomp.com/explorer ripple-tools is open-sourced https://github.com/Bithomp/ripple-tools P.S: you can also do it in online mode: open https://bithomp.github.io/ripple-tools/ choose "Escrow", "Online", enter your secret or mnemonic fill in the escrow details: escrow owner: r9UUEXn3cx2seufBkDa8F86usfjWM6HiYp escrow sequence: 11 enter memo: This is for the Gz, and this is for the Hustlas press "Execute" P.S.: 1) even fail transactions takes fee! 2) don't try to execute escrow #11 before the 1st of July
  14. there is an easier way to submit a signed tx blob https://bithomp.com/submit @EasterBunny
  15. Oops, it's got noticed next month escrow should be on the same account https://bithomp.com/explorer/r9UUEXn3cx2seufBkDa8F86usfjWM6HiYp who is next to release?