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  1. Might be because escrow transactions are not very common yet, so you don't see them in the last 100tx.
  2. For simplicity, for now we only show the balance changes of the account which initiated the "conversion" payment. As the most common purpose of "conversion" payments is to change one currency to another on your own account. This particular transaction is more complex though.
  3. No worries, I didn't take it that way. Thank you for your feedback. We always happy for new suggestions.
  4. @rippleHero @BobWay @Sukrim @Silkjaer @retryW I've improved a bit the view of such transactions. https://bithomp.com/explorer/1A06B8E85C40B3756BE0B24A04DEE76E5BC5B0EFFBABB15F4634860CA78807F4 we always open for suggestions on how to improve the explorer in the user-friendly way let me know what is the best way to show such transactions, so it will be easy to read.
  5. @Flintstone already answered I'll just add an example how to deal with offline mode https://xrpcommunity.blog/bithomp-tools-using-offline-mode/ Thank you for all your support +5 @xrptipbot Really, we do appreciate your support! If you will add a trustline for BTH to rBithomp3UNknnjo8HKNfyS5MN4kdPTZpW, I'll send you some BTH Let me know your xrp address in PM.
  6. Yes, we're in contact with him. Great person. If you need, I can intro you to him @Hodor. I don't see him sharing his name on the website, but anyone can contact him by email shown here: http://kka72.com
  7. We have a "wallet" https://bithomp.com/tools/ opensourced, can be downloaded and used offline. we also have a page which you can open from the phone and submit signed transactions by scaning the qr codes from tools (AirGaped) works both with mnemonic (recovery phrase from trezor, ledger nano and others) and with secrets. Works for escrow, orders, settings changing, iou payments... We also added Ledger Hardware payment send function to our explorer: https://bithomp.com/explorer (click on ledger icon) where you can login with ledger nano s and send XRP in reliable way, using our private rippled and with verifying transaction status *on the ledger*. so, it's already better than to use ledger's native app
  8. Thanks, we also have a account generator https://bithomp.com/create/ and paper wallet. https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/ both use ripple-lib and both are opensourced and can be run locally offline. https://github.com/Bithomp
  9. https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/ it's open source: https://github.com/Bithomp/xrp-paper-wallet it uses the ripple-lib, you can download it, move to offline computer, and start it there to generate paper wallet.
  10. Have you seen this? They have api as well. https://xrptracker.kka72.com/
  11. ripple api is buggy, you can create an issue on githib for that. They often miss some ledgers, sometimes data available not in full, therefore api isn't very reliable. You can get transactions in descending order on Bithomp though.
  12. Warbler

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Thank you for your detailed answer! Was this goodwill lets created only for testing or was it in use for some time? I think I saw another lets on ripple, don't remember the name. something related to "time" or "work hour", so people were paying in hours to each other. It was another one, where people could pay with "coffee cups" currency Did you work with Ryan Fugger?
  13. Warbler

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hello and Welcome @BobWay ! Have you ever used bithomp? https://bithomp.com/explorer/bob
  14. That won't be "on ledger" solution, and bithomp-tools are opensource frontend only without any backend or third party servers. (rippled server connection only).
  15. How often do you check XRP price? Get notified, when market moves more than 5% in one hour or 10% in a day. (price by @Bitstamp XRP/USD and BTC/XRP) Telegram channel: Bithomp Twitter: @BithompAlerts
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