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  1. What happens to the XRP?

    Thank you for using our services. As XRP price rises, we're finding more time and resources to update and finalize some of our products
  2. Bithomp

    Hi, the problem was in Ripple updating their API, now it always returns "BUY" for both "sell" and "buy" orders, we found a solution to fix it. Please check if it's works now well for you. We reported the bug to Ripple API devs. We also fixed exchange rates, same thing here, the API was returning rates with drops before for xrp trades, now in XRP.
  3. Bithomp

    Hi, sorry for late reply. The section Transaction, with "Payments" only shows the transactions with type "Payment". so, if you got currency because of the trade on RCL/rippling, it won't be shown there. It's just show simple transfers from wallet to wallet. We are going to change that, so the most of transaction types will be shown in the "Transactions" except the new ones, like Escrow Create, Escrow Cancel and some other. Did you know accounts with ripple usernames can be accessed by username https://bithomp.com/explorer/pftq
  4. What happens to the XRP?

    The "name" comes from Bithomp's own database. The "username" comes from Ripple id's. The "nickname" comes from the old ripple DB. Domain comes from the ripple account info, can also be shown from Bithomp's own DB. The wallet https://bithomp.com/explorer/rUocf1ixKzTuEe34kmVhRvGqNCofY1NJzV is one of the most viewed/searched wallets on Bithomp, as we our self registered an "account" with wallet-ripple and found out that they give the same address without a destination tag to everyone, we checked their fake address and other information, we reported them to their Russian hosting provider to shut them down. As it's a proven fraud case, we decided to show it to all the users who search for it on bithomp. We also got pretty a lot of emails, asking why their balance didn't show on the wallet-ripple.. when the site still was up. Bithomp has it's own database of fraud accounts. and we develop API solutions for exchanges to see which accounts are associated to fraud accounts.
  5. Trying to understand account balances

    anyone can issue BTC or USD or any other IOU on the ripple network, but this BTC/USD worth nothing. the orange color shows minuses, means it's a gateway. in this case gateway of worthless btc, usd, cny Always check the issuer of the IOU. If it's a trustworthy exchange like Bitstamp, then this IOU have an actual value. You can see in grey the list of gateways (IOU issuers) right under the summery amounts.
  6. Bithomp

    v2 released - better quality of text when printed - instructions how to fold
  7. Bithomp

    correct, if the offline PC won't be ever online, or if it's not compromised. V1 - is just because we have plans to update design and printing options. The core functionality won't be changed, it's safe.
  8. Bithomp

    Paper wallet v1 released https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/ source code om github https://github.com/OctillionSA/ripple-paper-wallet run from github https://octillionsa.github.io/ripple-paper-wallet/
  9. Bithomp

    now you can find transaction id (hash) by clicking the orange "i"
  10. Bithomp

    We've added a new page: https://bithomp.com/nodes where you can see the nodes and some details about them, more updates coming later.
  11. That question was already asked few times on this forum. Bithomp uses original ripple-lib You can use the same service which is open source: https://github.com/OctillionSA/generate-ripple-wallet uses ripple-lib which uses lodash. if you will use an old version of ripple-lib, you won't even need lodash. So if you trust "ripple-lib" which is developed by ripple labs, then you can trust that script also. You can download and replace assets: ripple-lib and lodash from their origin repos. ripple-lib https://github.com/ripple/ripple-lib lodash https://github.com/lodash/lodash then you need to trust only 10 lines: (which is basically the simplest ripple-lib example.) https://github.com/OctillionSA/generate-ripple-wallet/blob/master/js/script.js Make sure your PC is secure That is the same code hosted on github (RUN on github): https://octillionsa.github.io/generate-ripple-wallet/ I can't find any simpler/secure way than that.
  12. Bithomp

    By The way, Bithomp is running a verified validator now. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators/nHB8QMKGt9VB4Vg71VszjBVQnDW3v3QudM4DwFaJfy96bj4Pv9fA
  13. Bithomp

    Yesterday we released a new version of Ripple explorer: now the info block will show all the modified flags on the account and some extra information: Receiving XRP: disabled Destination tag: required Transfer fee: 0.2% Default Ripple: true Master Key: disabled Transaction ID Tracking: enabled Global Freeze: true Message Key: No freeze: true Password spent: true Regular key: Authorization: required Sequence: Owner count: Also we show now destination tags for incoming transaction, and we reformat some balance values.
  14. Bithomp

    we have in plans to build "source analyses" on Ripple network, to see if the money were involved in gray/dark zones, in which percentage etc. Legally wise, you'll probably need to make your own KYC/AML checks. So, you would have your own KYC procedure, therefor you would know who sent you XRP/EUR/USD. What do you count as "criminal sources"? All XRP originally distributed by Ripple. If You accept only IOU from Bitstamp/Gatehub, then the originate of them is from Bitstamp/Gatehub. Though the money on the way to your wallet could be involved in the darknet . But darknet doesnt give a database of all their dark wallets... so we can't easily check it. As a solution when you don't want to build your own KYC/AML, you can make cooperation with exchanges, so users have to login with Bitstamp/Gatehub/etc, and you need to receive KYC information from Bitstamp/Gatehub before they sent money to you. Even if ripple account was activated by Bitstamp/Gatehub even if you will get bitstamp/gatehub iou, that wouldn't mean that this user were verified with KYC/AML checks. @pftq
  15. Bithomp

    in chart? Or on the explorer ? Could you please send me details, may be a screenshot. Thanks.