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  1. Bithomp

    Bitcoin option is available again.
  2. contact our support at bithomp.com
  3. Secret Key doesn't match public key

    We didn't took over... it was just forked, and hosted on github.. ripply didn't get back to us.. https://ihomp.github.io/ripply-paper-wallet/coldwallet-SHA1-cdfbe3260927b6073180a1099f02ef99ce0495e8.html
  4. Bithomp

    Right, we have some technical issues with processing bitcoin activations instantly after 1 confirmation, so we've deleted this option for now, while we fixing the issue. You can activate with PayPal now again. That works instantly.
  5. https://ripple.com/build/data-api-tool/#get-validators https://ripple.com/build/data-api-v2/#get-validators https://github.com/ripple/rippled-historical-database/blob/develop/api/routes/network/getValidators.js
  6. Bithomp

    Bithomp statistics: Data from ripple data v2: Active nodes - Number of rippled servers in the topology. (rippled servers connected right now, some of them are validators, some not) Known validators - List of known validators in the consensus network. (all historical validators including any that aren't active).
  7. You are very welcome, thanks for using them
  8. That's the code ripply used, we still didn't get a reply from them. Ripple-lib is not used there, just parts for creation the key pair and for generating a QR code. In this case, you will need to audit 9670 lines, as it's all in one file. https://github.com/ihomp/ripply-paper-wallet/blob/master/coldwallet-SHA1-cdfbe3260927b6073180a1099f02ef99ce0495e8.html I can add QR to Bithomp wallet creation so it will be the same functionality as the one from ripply. (I'll add it, just a bit busy now. ) So, the projects won't be merged, but I can add the same functionality to Bithomp project.
  9. @deplao https://github.com/OctillionSA/generate-ripple-wallet uses ripple-lib which uses lodash. if you will use an old version of ripple-lib, you won't even need lodash. So if you trust "ripple-lib" which is developed by ripple labs, then you can trust that script also. You can download and replace assets: ripple-lib and lodash from their origin repos. ripple-lib https://github.com/ripple/ripple-lib lodash https://github.com/lodash/lodash then you need to trust only 10 lines I wrote. (which is basically the simplest ripple-lib example.) https://github.com/OctillionSA/generate-ripple-wallet/blob/master/js/script.js Make sure your PC is secure That is the same code hosted on github: https://octillionsa.github.io/generate-ripple-wallet/ I can't find any simpler/secure way than that.
  10. Intresting wallet, service ?

    Just for Information. rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy belongs to Bittrex checked it with my own Bittrex account https://bithomp.com/explorer/rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy
  11. Hello, thank you for pointing to the bug Problem was that "Bithomp accounts" was showing the last 200 weeks only. (It was a query limitation) The script was written in 2015, and launched in early 2016, so it was less than 200 weeks that time and it worked well. I've added 2017 year in the drop list, and fixed the query limit. Data comes directly from ripple data v2. There are still some small differences, I've already contacted ripple about it before. Seems like something odd with 2013 account calculations. https://bithomp.com/accounts/ Thanks for using our service.
  12. An Easy Introduction to Interledger

    Thanks for "easy introduction to ILP", my wife didn't have any questions after reading it, so it's a good one I've got my tickets to Berlin, see you there.
  13. An Easy Introduction to Interledger

    @Professor Hantzen thinking to visit Berlin on 1st-2nd of June to attend the interledger workshop. Do you know Where can I find an agenda for the workshop?
  14. Bithomp

    Migration completed, 0 minutes downtime for last 12 hours!
  15. Bithomp activation is up and running again. Sorry for the downtime.