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  1. @cmbartley we changed PayID to a classic r-addresses, so it should work now on iOS in BRD. for Android we need to wait for a next release of BRD.
  2. @cmbartley I got a reply. So PayID for XRP works on iOS for old classic xrp addresses. and it doesn't work for XRP on Android yet, but they should fix it in the next release.. sometime soon. We at Bithomp can downgrade x-addresses to classic r-addresses, then it will work on BRD on iOS right now But we will probably make a decision if we should downgrade or not after they fix an android version.
  3. Hi, Thanks for reporting. I've checked their post: https://medium.com/brd-blog/simplifying-global-payments-with-payid-ee683d1235b9 their own example givedirectly$payid.charity is not resolved in the BRD wallet which I just installed. But it works in xumm also. I'll contact BRD devs who implemented the PayID.
  4. try to change a websocket server it connects to. xrpl.ws or s1.ripple.com
  5. It doesn't sound like a good idea to reverse transactions which comes from an exchange, a lot of exchangers uses different wallets to send out and to receive payments. Also they don't specify source tag when they send out. 1. Kucoin should set a flag to refuse transfers without a tag. 2. Kucoin could fix the payment for you, if they could identify you as a user with KYC etc. 3. Now it's a double hassle for coinbase to figure out what happened and how to fix it. Good luck.
  6. Everyone who has a bithomp username or an old rippletrade username now also have a PayID at bithomp. Basically, anyone who register a username on bithomp ( https://bithomp.com/username ) will also get a PayID for it. more than 130 000 usernames are already taken. Please note: if you assign a username and then share it, people you shared it with will be able to see your assigned address, transactions, balances, escrows etc. usernames are public here is an example:
  7. Hi, to the node you should submit the old r-address and a tag. nothing changed on the ledger level for addresses. I know payid lib supports x-addresses, xpring sdk, might be the latests versions of ripple-lib too.
  8. @PunishmentOfLuxury thanks for reporting those issues. Connectivity to a web socket was fixed. I don't have an Android 10 Chrome to test right now, but I'll look into it when I have time. Thanks.
  9. You need a sequence of transaction on your account, not the ledger sequence. You can find the next sequence number for your address in bithomp.com/explorer/ in the "Information" block. "Next sequence".
  10. SCAM, @Kekoa couldn't you see that it's ripplé not ripple.. How did you find that ripplé scam site?
  11. @Flintstone I can't add anything here, @at3n doing a great job, better than I could
  12. Hi, Thanks for a good question. Actually, both ledger and trezor allow us to get other xrp addresses as well. (It's just a change of derivation path). We just didn't work on it yet (UI wise), as it wasn't so popular yet to have a multiple xrp addresses on hardware wallets. We can add that to our roadmap, if we will see a higher demand, we can implement this. //sorry for late answer, I just saw it.
  13. Yes, I got a reply: One more time, thanks for reporting it @crypto_deus and thanks for the ping @Flintstone
  14. Thanks for a screenshot @crypto_deus, I've sent them another email.
  15. @hexripple @Flintstone You can decode transaction here: https://bithomp.com/submit/ it's client side (works offline) and opensourced. we have a js lib to decode transaction: https://github.com/Bithomp/decodeXrplTx very easy to use <html> <head> <title>Bithomp-decode</title> </head> <body> TX blob: <input id="tx" /> <br><br> <button id="decode">Decode</button> <br><br> <pre id="output"></pre> <script src="decodeXrplTx.min.js"></script> <script> var output = document.getElementById("output"); document.getElementById("decode").onclick = function() { var tx = document.getElementById("tx").value; var txJson = decodeXrplTx.decodeTx(tx); output.innerHTML = JSON.stringify(txJson, null, 2); } </script> </body> </html>
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