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  1. Thanks for "easy introduction to ILP", my wife didn't have any questions after reading it, so it's a good one I've got my tickets to Berlin, see you there.
  2. @Professor Hantzen thinking to visit Berlin on 1st-2nd of June to attend the interledger workshop. Do you know Where can I find an agenda for the workshop?
  3. Migration completed, 0 minutes downtime for last 12 hours!
  4. Due to dramatically increased traffic to our web-site, we have to move to a bigger server to provide a stable service. Migrating now, expecting downtime for 2-6 hours.
  5. seems like the same hackers involved in here: Though that time they cashed out through bittrex. same client used rt1.1.32-bugfix-2-ge152297-dirty https://bithomp.com/explorer/r4Q4t9GkgGx6TBZ4Dwmcq47YycM1zKYNNJ
  6. That's the interesting moment! The hackers could send you a link, where you need to enter 2fa code in order to access your free bitcoins. That fishing web-site can look exactly the same as coinbase or any other. So that time when you enter your 2FA code there, they get an access to your RT account. "So, they have my new number." - that's how you gave them your new number I guess XRP were stolen around the same time you've got your Bitcoins on "coinbase". Can you withdraw your bitcoins from "coinbase"? was it coinbase.com ?
  7. The client name is saved in the transaction data.
  8. The Japanese account was probably just another stolen account on the way to cash out. quote from the thread:
  9. Interesting, that "hacker" used rt1.1.32-bugfix-2-ge152297-dirty the same as in So, I guess it's not the first case...
  10. "Ripply" promised to get back to us. still waiting I forked the ripply cold wallet generator before: github hosted: https://ihomp.github.io/ripply-paper-wallet/coldwallet-SHA1-cdfbe3260927b6073180a1099f02ef99ce0495e8.html source: https://github.com/ihomp/ripply-paper-wallet We can make the similar one, using ripple-lib instead. But we working on something else now
  11. It's also possible to run from github https://octillionsa.github.io/generate-ripple-wallet/ works also offline if you download the source code and open index.html in your browser. https://github.com/OctillionSA/generate-ripple-wallet
  12. Just realised, if you unzip the 0.17.6.zip you won't get a built ripple-lib library. So, I've built it and uploaded to github: https://github.com/OctillionSA/generate-ripple-wallet You can run it from github https://octillionsa.github.io/generate-ripple-wallet/ or download and run offline locally.
  13. I'm pretty sure I mentioned a different address that time, not rJGW69cMpaSqNwjhWjvtkRwhvm9yNfnNpN .
  14. Bithomp uses ripple-lib (Javascript library made by Ripple Labs) once you opened a page https://bithomp.com/create JS library saved in your browser's cache, so you can generate Ripple addresses offline. We added that service mostly for user's test purposes You can esily make your own html/js waller generator. This is the latest built ripple-lib: https://github.com/ripple/ripple-lib/archive/0.17.6.zip You can unzip it and put in the same folder as that html file to generate addresses offline with ripple-lib library Didn't test it, should work, as it pretty simple. Same thing used on bithomp.com/create