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  1. We finally expanded our Advanced Transaction search. Now you can also search by Date & Time, exclude failed txs and show only Incoming txs (not signed by an account). P.S.: long period requests can timeout. We hope you like it
  2. Octillion S.A. is a company behind Bithomp brand. all the repositories related to bithomp were moved from octillion's github to bithomp github account. So what you're missing on octillion is must be on the bithomp's github now. The move happened a few years ago Even if Octillion and Bithomp will be gone, the github will still keep the repositories, they are open sourced, and you will be able to use it with xumm or other software. A paper wallet was used as gift cards, so you can share some xrp with your friends and family, give 5-20 xrp, but since the minimum base reserve of 20 xrp is now around 12 usd, it's not so useful for small gifts any longer. You can also use it offline with bithomp-tools, but that's no so easy, it would make more sense to keep it as a backup for xumm and other online apps/wallets. Hardware wallets also have paper backups (also can be metal backups). HW are to be used for everyday transactions on any computer securely. imho
  3. If you haven't claimed your Spark yet, it's time to do it If you did, then you can check the spark amount you will get. If you had some xrp on the 12th of December 2020, you should be able to see the "Flare claim" in the information block on bithomp when you check your xrp address, make sure you have the Flare address set. (see pictures)
  4. In order to claim spark you need to be able to sign a transaction which would set a messageKey, it seems like here you're using xrptoolkit in a "read only" mode, as you entered only your xrp address, in order to sign transactions you need a hardware wallet or xumm or something else what has the secret.
  5. @strikerjax for TESTNET, we still host bithomp-tools. https://test.bithomp.com/tools/ If you can provide the transaction hash, I can take a looks what's wrong
  6. It's called bithomp-tools :) not a toolkit. It's fine for offline use on a secure air-gapped computer etc.. We discontinued it, as there are better options, like using hardware wallets or xumm app. Cheers
  7. I got a few notifications of being mentioned in this thread I haven't read it all Shortly: Yes, you can set the MessageKey with bithomp-tools offline (for both secrets and mnemonics) here are the steps. copy-pasted from Wietse's Coil (https://coil.com/p/wietse/Prepare-for-claiming-your-Spark-token-Flare-Networks-a-tool-for-XUMM-XRPToolkit/NkXJQUqpi) 1. Take a ETH-compatible public account address you own the private key (or secret, like mnemonic, seed, ...) of, eg. 0x234234234234234abcabcdabcd 2. Strip the first two characters (0x), and turn the string to upper case characters: 415F8315...A431FB61 3. Prepend 02 and 24 zeroes: 020000...00023423...ABCDABCD 4. Store this value in the MessageKey field on your XRP ledger account (on ledger) using an AccountSet transaction On your offline machine open bithomp-tools, enter secret/mnemonic choose "settings", set messageKey, and then submit the transaction on bithomp.com/submit or through xumm.
  8. We have a small update: now it's also possible to search for PayIDs in bithomp xrp explorer. Here is an example: https://bithomp.com/explorer/hodor$bithomp.com
  9. I think bithomp submit was using a ripple server to submit transaction which was down, in the update version we just changed the server to xrpl.ws that was the only fix. I guess our generated QR code for transactions are in json format with the transaction id included, but I think xumm now accepts such format too. The bithomp-submit page accept different kind of formats. sorry for the late answer, missed that somehow.
  10. @cmbartley we changed PayID to a classic r-addresses, so it should work now on iOS in BRD. for Android we need to wait for a next release of BRD.
  11. @cmbartley I got a reply. So PayID for XRP works on iOS for old classic xrp addresses. and it doesn't work for XRP on Android yet, but they should fix it in the next release.. sometime soon. We at Bithomp can downgrade x-addresses to classic r-addresses, then it will work on BRD on iOS right now But we will probably make a decision if we should downgrade or not after they fix an android version.
  12. Hi, Thanks for reporting. I've checked their post: https://medium.com/brd-blog/simplifying-global-payments-with-payid-ee683d1235b9 their own example givedirectly$payid.charity is not resolved in the BRD wallet which I just installed. But it works in xumm also. I'll contact BRD devs who implemented the PayID.
  13. try to change a websocket server it connects to. xrpl.ws or s1.ripple.com
  14. It doesn't sound like a good idea to reverse transactions which comes from an exchange, a lot of exchangers uses different wallets to send out and to receive payments. Also they don't specify source tag when they send out. 1. Kucoin should set a flag to refuse transfers without a tag. 2. Kucoin could fix the payment for you, if they could identify you as a user with KYC etc. 3. Now it's a double hassle for coinbase to figure out what happened and how to fix it. Good luck.
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