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  1. God bless @JoelKatz Activated by: ~JoelKatz https://bithomp.com/explorer/rDEiAF295EfZn3Sq71xSnvmPzEQsFFFodu Actually 55.55 to be precise
  2. 1) If you activated your account on bithomp, then you already paid for your activation. 2) Probably someone saw your request for activation on xrpchat, and sent you money.. You can check who sent you first transfer here: https://bithomp.com/explorer/ just enter your ripple address. 3) If you want to pay them back, you can do that (check in explorer who sent it to you) Though many ripple holders don't expect their "activation" XRP back, many of us prefer that you activate someone else with this ripples Someone activated your account, you can activate someone's else Ripple it... Activation is just first 20XRP (can be more) sent to a new wallet.
  3. You are very welcome, I'm in process of rewriting the backend for all services, to make it more stable and easy maintainable. Thanks , though this chat window was there from the begging (only for activation page).
  4. It works now
  5. sorry, we had a technical issue. service works now
  6. https://bithomp.com/activation/ works sorry for any inconvenience
  7. not on top any longer https://bithomp.com/explorer/AlexKravets
  8. @cmbartley I can show "which accounts are actively trading in a specific currency pair" for example Bitstamp BTC or USD. if it's useful
  9. like here https://bithomp.com/accounts/ It's possible to see how many accounts were created by each week. (easy to show how old they are, time now minus time of creation) How I would find active accounts, and what would I count as an active account? (accounts, which have at least one transaction not older than a week)? I can get this info by querying each account individually or by "monitoring the ledger" for last transactions + checking to which wallet it belongs and how old is the wallet. Which would require to continuously monitor a lot of data, which I don't have resources yet for. Or did you mean something else
  10. right, but can't without the tag
  11. We didn't work with ILP much yet, very excited about it. We don't run node yet, hopefully we will...
  12. shouldn't be possible to donate XRP in that way, as transactions without destination tag must fail.
  13. Right, "Chart" doesn't show number of validators yet. We are focusing on a different project right now, will be back to "chart" later "number of validators" is not very dynamic parameter so far. You can see it here: https://bithomp.com/statistics
  14. done, https://bithomp.com/statistics
  15. 100 XRP from Poloniex already activated your account. I guess you started activation process on bithomp before you sent money from Poloniex, so when you paid PayPal your account was already activated by Poloniex, Bithomp don't send XRP automatically for already activated accounts (if payments comes from PayPal). Bithomp don't allow to activate (send 25/50XRP) to already activated accounts (accounts with balance), but if you start activation before account activated and pay PayPal when account already activated by someone else, then such payments would stack for manual check Now you have your 25 XRP...