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  1. Warbler

    Ripplepaperwallet.com safe?

    I guess the button is not clickable as there is a text on top of it. "why the text is on top?" - that's a good question. May be there is some problem with the default font... is it bigger than it should be? Does it look the same when you print it? Thanks for reporting.
  2. The Ledger Nano S has two apps working with XRP. ("XRP" app and "Ripple" app) You can install the latest "Ripple" app, which is 1.0.4 (It has a browser support) The latest "XRP" app doesn't have a "browser support". By the way that won't help you to add a trustline To add a trustline you need to use mnemonic on offline computer/pi, preferably on a pc/pi which will never be online again
  3. 20 XRP is a base reserve, If the reserve would be changed in the xrpl then some of them you will be able to move. Bithomp doesn't charge for using a paper wallet, it's XRPL locks your XRP. You can count it a security lock up, as you have a full control of your XRP. If you keep XRP on the Binance or any other exchange, the they have their 20 XRP locked on their XRP account. Though in that case your XRP on their account also, they have control of it. If the exchange got hacked, bankrupt etc you might loose your XRP. That won't happened if you use paper wallet, keep it secret and away from water/fire etc. (Cryptosteel)
  4. You can add trustline for ledger nano s at bithomp.com/tools works with offline signing even
  5. Warbler

    Wallet Poll

    offline multisign was already deployed yesterday
  6. Warbler

    How to enable Master key ripple

    There is no way to re-enable the master key once it's disabled. As @Hero_Member mentioned, to sign transactions you need to use the secret of your Regular key: rNY7duVPbwL6nANYUWNxwg9WKzdQEkydBp @congbkhit
  7. Warbler

    Popular Wallets

    Yes, it is. Right after finishing multi signature functionality.
  8. Warbler

    Popular Wallets

    Our repos were moved to bithomp's githib https://github.com/bithomp 1. Offline/Online wallet https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools 2. Paper wallet https://github.com/Bithomp/xrp-paper-wallet 3. Generate wallet https://github.com/Bithomp/generate-xrp-wallet We unpublished the ripply's old paper wallet, as it's unsupported, and might works buggy in some browsers. So, please delete from your list the ripply's old wallet and update links for our repos. @namini
  9. Warbler

    Steps to generate a cold wallet

    https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools you can download this page and use it offline, enter secret which would generate a ripple address (offline) - to verify that pair is correct. and you can sign a small transaction, like assign a gravatar or small payment (sign offline) submit online.
  10. can't change the .main-box size or fields-wide size, though I can change padding in the fields or font-size please test the latest 0.0.7 version. QR code is added in v. 0.0.7 and QR code scanner is added in the bithomp.com/submit
  11. Warbler

    Keeping Zerps on Bitstamp

    You need to download only from github, where you can see not the minimized code, which anyone can verify.
  12. Warbler

    Keeping Zerps on Bitstamp

    1. Bithomp paper wallet is public, download and use offline https://octillionsa.github.io/ripple-paper-wallet/ https://bithomp.com/paperwallet/ download the code from github https://github.com/OctillionSA/ripple-paper-wallet 2. To verify secret offline you can use https://octillionsa.github.io/validate-ripple-secret/ download from github https://github.com/OctillionSA/validate-ripple-secret use offline You can also use https://bithomp.com/ripple-tools/ https://github.com/Bithomp/ripple-tools/ download from github and use offline 3. Generate a wallet offlline https://octillionsa.github.io/generate-ripple-wallet/ https://github.com/OctillionSA/generate-ripple-wallet download and use offline @cuber @MegaNerd @Thatswhatshesaidnew @FlyingFox hope it helps Free to use, from Bithomp with Love
  13. Bithomp allows to filter 1) by transaction type 2) to show earliest or latest first, 3) initiated by account and not 4) transactions including counterparty. for example use bitstamp ripple account, so it will show all transaction between that account and bitstamp. not sure what filter which is missing your talking about..
  14. Hello, thank you. Great idea about the QR code, I created an issue, https://github.com/Bithomp/ripple-tools/issues/1 so will make it later about the address field, can you tell me the browser name/version? screen size? Thanks