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  1. New video released: How to rekey your xrp wallet using bithomp-tools
  2. Bithomp now supports sending XRP with Secalot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l1gsKMTcoM& https://bithomp.com Send XRP with Secalot Hardware Wallet
  3. It's might be easier and quicker just to create a paper wallet and move funds into it. Though 20 xrp will be locked as a base reserve on the new paper wallet. paper wallet is open sourced, you can download it from github: https://github.com/Bithomp/xrp-paper-wallet Otherwise you're right, though it can be a bit more complicated/secure It's more secure to download software like wallet generator, paper wallet or bithomp tools and then transfer them to an offline computer/phone/tablet/rasberyPi which will be never be online, and then do all the operation with the secrets there, offline. Bithomp tools supports offline mode. For a smaller amounts, if the computer is secure, you can use a private mode in browser. xrp-wallet-generator also open sourced and available on github to download: https://github.com/Bithomp/generate-xrp-wallet same for bithomp tools: https://github.com/Bithomp/bithomp-tools
  4. There is an option in bithomp-tools to create an escrow for ledger wallet... But that for advanced users who can manage it secure on the offline machine using mnemonic (recovery phrase). https://xrpcommunity.blog/bithomp-tools-using-offline-mode/
  5. Our new API endpoint is documented! https://bithomp.com/dev#user Query to get new Bithomp or old Rippletrade usernames.
  6. @at3n +5 @xrptipbot Thanks for pointing this out. Fixed. Now in production.
  7. For now it's just makes it easier to check your balances/transactions in our explorer, as you only need to memorise your username. Soon we publishing an API, which can be used by wallets to make transactions, where username can be converted to an address.
  8. We also have such service for testnet addresses, you pay with 10 testnet xrp, so it's free. It's nice to use for developers! (hotwallet, coldwallet, marketmaker, user1, user2 etc) TESTNET: https://test.bithomp.com/username
  9. Bithomp launches a new service: BithompID - a username for your XRP address. https://bithomp.com/username For 10 XRP (Thank you for supporting the Bithomp project) you're getting a username assigned to your XRP address. - Old rippletrade usernames are reserved (you can't register them) - You'll be able to check your account by entering username in the search field on Bithomp - You will have a short link like https://bithomp.com/explorer/vbuterin - The username will be shown in transaction view on Bithomp explorer when someone send/receive a payment to/from you. - It's only possible to register a username for your own accounts you're in full control of. Don't try to register a username for your hosted accounts on Poloniex, Bitso etc. - API for usernames will be published soon on Bithomp. As usually with love from Bithomp, hope you like it Thank you for all your support!
  10. many devs are missing the link to testnet version Please suggest where we should add the link, so that will be noticeable for devs
  11. You won't be able to buy 7k xrp for the first card purchase, there are card limits. I think its around 600 EUR for the first time buyer. We have an automatic system which refilling the hot wallet, with xrp its quick, so no worries about that. Actually, for bigger amounts it's probably nicer to use cheaper methods like SEPA. xrparrot for example.
  12. Let see it that way: enter 100 EUR. it shows 350.5267 XRP (fee: 5 EUR) now Bitstamp is 1 xrp = 0.27170 EUR Calculated that way: 100 eur - 5 eur fee = 95 eur. * 0.27170 EUR = 349.65 xrp So 350.5276 XRP (showed in widget) is approximately the amount you going to receive (rate takes from bitstamp on the moment when funds received) Widget doesn't show rate, it shows how much you will receive. and how much the fee is.
  13. Bitstamp, probably the biggest licensed European exchange
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