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  1. @Tinyaccount @Invincible thanks for reporting. Can you try again, may be you need to clean browser cache first. If problem is still there, please tell the browser name and version and the OS.
  2. Hi, it took some time to rewrite that functionality. Now you can choose the type of the transaction: "payment type" for payments and "order type" for exchange orders. You can also order by age again. just check the checkbox "oldest first" to show earliest transactions first.
  3. offline way to verify secret: https://octillionsa.github.io/validate-ripple-secret/ download https://github.com/OctillionSA/validate-ripple-secret/archive/master.zip unzip on offline PC, start index.html, enter your secret open source https://github.com/OctillionSA/validate-ripple-secret
  4. Warbler

    Is Bithomp owned by Ripple?

    the best way to validate a secret would be to sign a transaction offline and submit it. otherwise you can validate secret offline here https://octillionsa.github.io/validate-ripple-secret/ download https://github.com/OctillionSA/validate-ripple-secret/archive/master.zip unzip on offline PC, start index.html, enter your secret
  5. Warbler

    Is Bithomp owned by Ripple?

    1. you don't have to show your secret online.. (though it's only in your browser, so it as safe as your computer) copy the script from here: https://github.com/OctillionSA/ripple-paper-wallet and run it offline from offline machine. 2. It as secure as ripple-lib and your computer. validate the open source code here: https://github.com/OctillionSA/ripple-paper-wallet
  6. raw data comes from https://ripple.com/build/rippleapi/#gettransaction we will make a better presentation/interpretation of this data for different transaction types a bit later, and we will leave the raw version as well.
  7. In case if someone not aware yet, you can see a raw transaction data on bithomp as well.. https://bithomp.com/explorer/2704862BAB1159352341BAEB408846B4AF1E1BD525FD89A5DE4E6608C40B44A1 the raw format is different from ripple charts
  8. Bithomp's paper wallet is open source, uses ripple-lib. https://github.com/OctillionSA/ripple-paper-wallet 1. Ripple-lib developed by Ripple, pretty trustworthy to trust it to be correct in generate a ripple key pairs 2. The code is opensource you can verify it 3. you can download it and run offline (press close or download)
  9. The easy way to add ALV trustline for ledger and to send out ALV fro Ledger. https://octillionsa.github.io/ripple-with-mnemonic/ opensource https://github.com/OctillionSA/ripple-with-mnemonic wrote it for my friends, anyone is welcome to test and to contribute to the code
  10. Warbler

    Accounts explorer

    usernames from id.ripple.com nicknames from the old ripple database, usernames were used in the ripple forum. names - it's our internal. Comes from gravatar, ripple.txt, sites. https://www.bitstamp.net/ripple.txt we don't have an API points for that info yet, we are planning to have it.
  11. Warbler

    What happens to the XRP?

    Thank you for using our services. As XRP price rises, we're finding more time and resources to update and finalize some of our products
  12. Warbler


    Hi, the problem was in Ripple updating their API, now it always returns "BUY" for both "sell" and "buy" orders, we found a solution to fix it. Please check if it's works now well for you. We reported the bug to Ripple API devs. We also fixed exchange rates, same thing here, the API was returning rates with drops before for xrp trades, now in XRP.
  13. Warbler


    Hi, sorry for late reply. The section Transaction, with "Payments" only shows the transactions with type "Payment". so, if you got currency because of the trade on RCL/rippling, it won't be shown there. It's just show simple transfers from wallet to wallet. We are going to change that, so the most of transaction types will be shown in the "Transactions" except the new ones, like Escrow Create, Escrow Cancel and some other. Did you know accounts with ripple usernames can be accessed by username https://bithomp.com/explorer/pftq
  14. Warbler

    What happens to the XRP?

    The "name" comes from Bithomp's own database. The "username" comes from Ripple id's. The "nickname" comes from the old ripple DB. Domain comes from the ripple account info, can also be shown from Bithomp's own DB.