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  1. Warbler


    We shared API with accounts informations we have. New API endpoint to get all our local account's data. Please cache the data when possible. https://bithomp.com/dev If you run a service using XRP, submit your info: https://bithomp.com/explorer/submit.html (Not for private accounts). Another small update for our explorer: publicly known addresses shows profile picture from twitter instead of gravatar, also now you can see social links: twitter, instagram, facebook, medium, reddit, youtube and linkedin. We also improved our transaction view for mobiles.
  2. Warbler


    Good idea, I've added it to our roadmap thanks I'll let you know, when it's done.
  3. Warbler


    Should be fixed by now, please verify
  4. Warbler

    Ripple Network forked to create SystemD

    @Vokez was that your original plan?
  5. Warbler

    Ripple Network forked to create SystemD

    The minimum investment is 0.26 BTC why BTC? Domain, Twitter and Github accounts are new. The only email leaves me a clue on who is behind it (danielw@vokez.io). May be https://www.xrpchat.com/profile/1100-danielw/ @DanielW yes? nope? Domain ownership is hidden, the flashy website with BTC investment opportunity reminds me fraud ICOs I've seen before... Not to offend anyone, just my opinion. Agree with @jn_r :
  6. Warbler

    Change secret key

    @Tinyaccount @Kakoyla Thanks For some reason I was sure it wouldn't work to enable the master, but it works. bithomp tools 0.3.4. released with the option to remove the flag disabledMasterKey. https://test.bithomp.com/tools/
  7. Warbler

    Change secret key

    Just tested it myself, confirmed, works https://test.bithomp.com/explorer/5504E9F323457721E5A8E750DC74FA4D798B4AF42325A98B0F94225C81CF44B3 re-enabled master with the regular key.
  8. Warbler

    Change secret key

    @Tinyaccount Thanks @Kakoyla do you have a transaction id which would re-enable master? testnet or live?
  9. Warbler

    Change secret key

    Anyone can set a multisig to their account. bithomp.com/tools Once master disabled, you can't enable it back. You can use multisig or regular key when master is disabled. You can't disable master, unless you set a regularKey, multisig or both regularKey and multisig. If anyone wants to play around, testnet tools here https://test.bithomp.com
  10. Warbler

    Ripplepaperwallet.com safe?

    I guess the button is not clickable as there is a text on top of it. "why the text is on top?" - that's a good question. May be there is some problem with the default font... is it bigger than it should be? Does it look the same when you print it? Thanks for reporting.
  11. The Ledger Nano S has two apps working with XRP. ("XRP" app and "Ripple" app) You can install the latest "Ripple" app, which is 1.0.4 (It has a browser support) The latest "XRP" app doesn't have a "browser support". By the way that won't help you to add a trustline To add a trustline you need to use mnemonic on offline computer/pi, preferably on a pc/pi which will never be online again
  12. 20 XRP is a base reserve, If the reserve would be changed in the xrpl then some of them you will be able to move. Bithomp doesn't charge for using a paper wallet, it's XRPL locks your XRP. You can count it a security lock up, as you have a full control of your XRP. If you keep XRP on the Binance or any other exchange, the they have their 20 XRP locked on their XRP account. Though in that case your XRP on their account also, they have control of it. If the exchange got hacked, bankrupt etc you might loose your XRP. That won't happened if you use paper wallet, keep it secret and away from water/fire etc. (Cryptosteel)
  13. You can add trustline for ledger nano s at bithomp.com/tools works with offline signing even