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  1. I got a error when execute api.getPaths(pathfind) "notFoundError(No paths found. Please ensure that the source_account has sufficient funds to execute the payment. If it does there may be insufficient liquidity in the network to execute this payment right now." We are working on a payment gateway what trust model is that all the banks trust the payment gateway. We have two bank Bank A and Bank B. Both banks have a trustline with our payment gateway using this code. await api.connect(); // Add trustline between Bank A Account and Getaway const address = 'rEYm78SumnpFPpnzcJDakwB4Fuf
  2. I want to create a gateway of my own Currencies using Ripple. For that I need Account B trusts to Account A for 1 million USD within my gateway. For that do I use Trustline and TrustSet? What is Different between Trustline and TrustSet?
  3. I am using ripple-lib for connecting Ripple. To create Trustline I am using api.prepareTrustline(address, trustline); which method needs to use to create TrustSet in ripple-lib.
  4. I want to Account B trusts account A for 12000 "USD". I found two address for prepareTrustline 1. counterparty in trustline 2. address who prepare Trustline is counterparty == Account B and address who prepare Trustline == account A is this current? const address = 'rKgcwx6vE6yfzquGrRGPLJahy7RLPogdD2'; // Account B let counterparty = "rw2NGfT6Yigy6uYv85D19xnWtZdECbeAwY"; //Account A const trustline = { "currency": "USD", "counterparty": counterparty, "limit": "12000", "ripplingDisabled": true, "frozen": false,
  5. I want to create a payment gateway connecting a few banks. I want to create my own payment gateway Issued Currencies like "ABC". What will be better to add Trust Lines between bank to bank or bank to my payment gateway? I am using ripple lib javascript library. How can I Issue my own Currencies in my payment gateway using ripple lib? How can I create Trust Lines between bank to bank in my payment gateway using ripple lib?
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