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  1. It is my opinion that peers are reluctant to support because Ripple is a threat to supplant their power. They want to retain control, not a level playing field. Ethereum, besides greasing palms, with its move to POS will allow for the largest holders that run validators to have more control over the network. The exorbitant fees are right up their alley as well. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the BTC/ETH community has actively tried to disparage Ripple/XRP throughout the years by any means possible (bots, misinformation, blatant FUD, censorship of ideas, cutting deals with government officials, etc). Lubin chastising Ripple/XRP whilst in bed with the SEC... it all reeks of subterfuge.
  2. I can agree with that, but not all rules are worth breaking. It's always a fine line or is it a gray area? Hard to tell haha.
  3. I have been around in the space for a decent while, but you are right, it is healthy to acknowledge both sides. Yes they had blunders, but that cannot be changed now. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in their future though. Sure they cannot do everything perfectly, but they have been a step ahead in quite a few areas. Perhaps I misconstrued your words.
  4. Train wreck? An utter disaster? Last time I checked they were opening new corridors all whilst fighting the SEC. Sounds like they have been hindered more than crashed. Maybe not first to act (DeFi, NFTs), but more so first to act correctly. See the pain points and address them. That has been their MO.
  5. I would rather them have a Canary Network* roll out to gauge real life scenarios rather than just shove out the final product. It gives Flare valuable feedback and it gives the public/developers an opportunity to use the network with reduced risk. As Flare rolls out, Songbird will still continue to work in tandem working as a stepping stone onto the network. They are taking the time to get it right and I can appreciate that. I personally don't see it as a cover-up or misdirect. It seems more logical than anything else. Measure twice, cut once.
  6. Brother Maynard: Skip a bit, Brother... Brother Maynard's Roommate: And the Lord spake, saying, "First shalt thou mint FXRP. Then shalt thou count FXRP pegged to XRP, no more, no less. 1 to 1 it should be, if not then arbitrage, for it should always be 1 to 1. 4 to 1 thou shalt not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to 1 to 1. Five is right out. Once the number one, being the first number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Flare Grenade of DeFi towards thy foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it." Brother Maynard: Ramen. All: Ramen. King Arthur: Right. One... to... five. Sir Galahad: One, sir! King Arthur: One!
  7. I know just enough Russian to get myself in trouble. Thanks Max. Anyway, great job to all those who are not native English speakers. Always good to hear sentiment from around the globe. XRP has been holding strong. Hopefully we see the next leg up soon.
  8. I'm leaning more towards alt season has come around for some suppressed tokens and XRP might just be leading for once.
  9. Well, the SEC has had 8+ years without a designation on an asset that has practically begged for help. So, yeah, decision making is a slow process for some.
  10. To my knowledge, no. DFLR will be airdropped. It then must be redeemed for YFLR. YFIN can be farmed, bought, or acquired through swapping. I believe it must be farmed first before other options become available.
  11. Fair enough. I don't expect full-scale usage right out of the gates, but they have to start somewhere.
  12. https://ripple.com/insights/azimo-and-scb-runs-on-ripple-for-instant-payments-into-thailand/ “More and more countries are going to instant payment,” said Azimo co-founder and executive chairman Michael Kent. “Thailand recently launched their instant payment network, and this partnership with the largest bank in the country allows us to get the time to settle payments down from around 24 hours to an average of 22 seconds. [It’s] faster to send money to Thailand than to someone else in Europe”. So, SCB is either directly or indirectly using XRP (through Azimo). No?
  13. Matt works for Ripple. I'm going to wager he knows what he is talking about.
  14. https://ripple.com/ripple-press/our-statement-on-moneygrams-earnings/ I believe the Ripple Markets arm in Wyoming may try to get MGI back up and running with ODL until the lawsuit is resolved.
  15. Burned to the ground? *Strike is currently only offered in the United States and only supports the US dollar. NY and HI excluded. I understand it says "currently." However, how many fiat pairings does XRP currently have? Where in the world can it be used again, today? You seem to be ignoring Ripple's groundwork. Sounds to me like you've lost one emotional attachment and latched onto another. Good luck.
  16. A lot of these threads read like a bad soap opera (they're all bad). Any nuanced trader/holder should know the ropes or they'll get hung by them. Alt season is upon us and XRP will have its day(s). Be ready, be vigilant. Good luck.
  17. I've used Uphold since 2019 with no qualms. I even had a friend sign up a few hours before the whole top fell out earlier. I'm guessing you deposited over 10k? If so they have to comply with Anti-Money Laundering rules and Title 31. They are required to do their due diligence. Otherwise they get heavily fined and possible jail time depending on the severity of any rules being skirted/broken. That and the hold may be due to not being settled on the back end yet. Traditional rails are still slow and banks work bank hours. That is my guess. It is of my personal opinion that Uphold is not out to screw anybody over. Being one of the few US avenues left to get XRP I'm sure they are doing their best, but most likely a bit overrun. I hope it all gets worked out for you.
  18. @Troote Yes, there is a separate reward pool for FXRP holders.
  19. For anyone wondering about LTC and FLR. DEDICATED LITECOIN REWARDS POOL As first mover after XRP in supporting Flare, a pool of 5 Billion FLR is being dedicated to Litecoin participants. This is intended to incentivize community engagement with Flare and the building of applications on Flare that use FLTC and to widen the circle of FLR token ownership. The 5 Billion FLR pool does not increase the amount of FLR coming into existence rather they are redirected from the amount that would be accruing to the Flare Foundation. A fixed percentage of the FLR rewards pool will be distributed daily by smart contract to FLTC holders. Each participants reward will be calculated based on the amount of FLTC that they hold relative to the entire amount of FLTC that exists on Flare. There will need to be a reasonable minimum aggregate balance of FLTC on Flare to trigger the distribution. By example on a specific day, if there exists on Flare 1000 FLTC and an individual owns 50 FLTC then they would receive 5% of the dedicated FLTC reward for that day. As the pool is of a fixed size, this means that the largest numerical amount of FLR is paid out on day one and decreases very slowly each day onwards. Further details and the precise daily percentage will be confirmed closer to launch. Taken directly from their latest blog. https://blog.flare.xyz/integrating-litecoin-flare-recap/
  20. @Eric123 LTC holders will have to get FLTC in order to get FLR. The 5B is put into a reward pool just for LTC holders that will disperse a percentage (daily) to all FLTC holders. They want you to be involved in the system to qualify. Sounds good to me. They also won't be burning any of the self-custody XRP that don't claim their FLR. Those XRP will be added to a general reward pool (LTC holders have their own separate one and do not qualify for this one) along with the excluded wallets, Ripple wallets, etc. Then, holders of FXRP (and most likely any further F-assests) will be rewarded FLR from that reward pool.
  21. Is this not the 30-50% dips that people should come to expect in crypto? Incite panic, drop the price, and accumulate. Perhaps oversimplified, or perhaps not? Reminds me of the read on another thread about buying uranium when it seemed silly (to most) to do so and holding through bad news when it would scare off most. Everybody's scenario is different, but I will continue to hold and buy (at low prices). Short term it's a bummer, but long term outlook hasn't changed for me. Best of luck in your endeavors.
  22. So surreal right now. On break at work, watching the sun rise and xrp along with it. Did I really make one of the best financial decisions of my life? I've been a lurker for years, but you are a fun bunch. May the good times continue!
  23. Great interview. Amazing endorsement for XRP. That interview was so clean to listen to haha. Felt like I was listening to Michael Caine's astute brother be the Attenborough of moderating.
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