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  1. @Eric123 LTC holders will have to get FLTC in order to get FLR. The 5B is put into a reward pool just for LTC holders that will disperse a percentage (daily) to all FLTC holders. They want you to be involved in the system to qualify. Sounds good to me. They also won't be burning any of the self-custody XRP that don't claim their FLR. Those XRP will be added to a general reward pool (LTC holders have their own separate one and do not qualify for this one) along with the excluded wallets, Ripple wallets, etc. Then, holders of FXRP (and most likely any further F-assests) will be rewarde
  2. Is this not the 30-50% dips that people should come to expect in crypto? Incite panic, drop the price, and accumulate. Perhaps oversimplified, or perhaps not? Reminds me of the read on another thread about buying uranium when it seemed silly (to most) to do so and holding through bad news when it would scare off most. Everybody's scenario is different, but I will continue to hold and buy (at low prices). Short term it's a bummer, but long term outlook hasn't changed for me. Best of luck in your endeavors.
  3. So surreal right now. On break at work, watching the sun rise and xrp along with it. Did I really make one of the best financial decisions of my life? I've been a lurker for years, but you are a fun bunch. May the good times continue!
  4. Great interview. Amazing endorsement for XRP. That interview was so clean to listen to haha. Felt like I was listening to Michael Caine's astute brother be the Attenborough of moderating.
  5. I think a lot of people are either unaware or forgetting that the actual airdrop won't happen until the network goes live (or around that time). Which means we will be waiting for the airdrop to happen sometime in the first half of next year when the network goes live. Edit: If that factors into price I don't know, but we should have a much better picture of the amount of Spark available for the drop by then as well.
  6. @KarmaCoverage Have you checked out XRPL Labs XRPL Hooks? Wietse says it is basically smart contracts for the XRPL. https://coil.com/p/XUMM/XRPL-Labs-is-working-on-the-transaction-HOOKS-amendment-for-the-XRP-Ledger-Supporting-business-logic/kEmqhoqMW Write up from July, but he says that they will be releasing an alpha in the coming weeks with sample hooks etc. I am not so technically savvy to know if this would align with your ideas or not. I figured this might pique your interest though if you are not already in the know.
  7. Kraken just reopened for the Japanese market. That could be part of it.
  8. For anybody that would like to see the official document: https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/National-Strategy-for-CET.pdf
  9. Is there a possibility we see an increase of XRP bought back by Ripple in correlation with LOC usage? If there is enough demand outside of LOC the effect could be negligible right? Obviously we would have to reach that threshold, but the addition of Flare, possible stablecoins, and increased ODL could help mitigate that downward pressure. The pace has seemingly quickened as of late. DLT has established itself and people are starting to notice. Looking forward to the next few months.
  10. Good on Flare for holding exchanges accountable to Flare's standards for the distribution.
  11. https://flare.ghost.io/closingthecircle/ A proposal on how to issue and redeem assets from Flare on the XRP Ledger in a trustless manner.
  12. https://ripple.com/insights/fund-instant-cross-border-payments-with-a-line-of-credit-from-ripplenet/
  13. He is saying you have six months after Dec 12th to claim Spark. Has nothing to do with issuance... which will occur when the network launches or as soon as the network registers your claim. All of this can be found in the FAQ on flare.ghost.io
  14. Yeah, it was going bonkers there just a second ago. Saw 7m traded in 1 minute. CAD even made a showing Kitao appointed the economic advisor to the new Japan Prime Minister (after further review it's speculation, my apologies), US Regulators getting their asses in gear, Kraken Bank... dare I say, things are looking up! RUB and ZAR? Everybody wants some action. I could get used to this.
  15. Where is this confirmed? As per the Flare site: If you self custody, your Spark tokens will be delivered by a set of smart contracts operating on the Flare network either at launch or as soon as the network registers your claim from reading the XRPL. You may claim Spark after the network goes live but not after the 6 month date from the Snapshot. The Spark tokens will be delivered to the Flare address specified during the claim process. At launch there will be several Flare compatible wallets to choose from. If you hold your XRP at a supporting exchange they will deliver the Spa
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