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  1. Wouldn’t some portion of that increase in volume would simply be the extra XRP to carry the FIAT volume because of the recent price slump? It’s not easy getting these volume comparisons straight in my head because of price variations.
  2. Since I ignored him my experience of the forum is much improved. He is so far the only one on my list. He made it by never ever putting anything of value out and never missing an opportunity to snipe at XRP and it’s holders. Some people apparently enjoy throwing brickbats. To be honest I wish people wouldn’t quote him either, then I’d never notice his vomitus.
  3. Well I hope you are right but if 2020 has taught me anything it’s that hopes are the first to go. Time will tell. If you are correct then it will be good for all of us.
  4. That the step that I doubt they will do. You are assuming a very altruistic, and I think, unrealistic attitude on Ripples part. And if they don’t do that step then unfortunately all they’ve effectively done is remove buy side pressure. It’s true that increased usage may indirectly and eventually increase demand and therefore price, but that is a hope more than a likelihood.
  5. Hi Nik, could you explain what you mean here please? I haven’t come across the concept of a website being deprecated. If code is deprecated then it is generally because it still works but shouldn’t be used because there is a better/less undesirable/more functional unit that can do the same thing but better. The reason it’s not gone completely is to avoid breaking modules that use it. I wouldn’t think that’s applicable to a website. If it’s wrong then pull it down? Or fix it? Why would one knowingly leave a website that presents incorrect information online? Not saying
  6. Those two things are separated in time and nature though aren’t they? Unless I’m mistaken the sales stop happened ages ago and was nothing to do with this line of credit. Where did you see the 4% figure? I have perhaps missed some relevant info on this thing.
  7. Actually I think it’s a giant fail on everyone’s part that we all collectively don’t drop Bitcoin like a hot potato. “The implication of rolling back BTC transactions is that the trust in the miners' neutrality would be entirely eroded AKA the end of Bitcoin. ” Really any of these facts it’s possible it can be done by anyone with CZs resources and situation (or greater, especially a motivated State entity) It was discussed seriously by the major players there was no certainty in anyone watching what was going to happen with that decision should
  8. My read of that at the time, and still now, is that because Ripple are starting ODL in unbalanced corridors, the Market Makers at Bitso and elsewhere are accumulating XRP. To limit the unbalanced selling of those acquired XRP, Ripple are stepping in and buying them from the Market Makers at market price. This would mean that the MMs are getting a fair price (better than they could if they sold in volume and slippage walked the price down) and Ripple are supporting the market until the balance arrives organically. I imagine this was a bigger thing back when ODL was doing trea
  9. It’s not uphold allowing anything. The flare smart contract will simply use the particular XRPLedger balances of that snapshot ledger when calculating how many Spark to send to the Flare network address specified in the ledger Accounts messagekey field. So if Uphold are supporting the distribution, then it means that for their XRP wallets they will have set up the Flare address in the relevant field. Once the distribution happens they will have a large number of Spark tokens on the Flare network in the wallet(s) they specified. They will allocate them to their users proportional t
  10. Well to be honest I prefer a lower profile but this is a public forum so anything I say here is publicly quotable. Up to you how to handle it but I thank you for the courtesy and consideration of asking.
  11. Actually I’m worried it’s the reverse. Previously any ODL would involve a buy and a sell on public exchanges. In the line of credit cases the critical change (to us) is that the buy is done from Ripples wallets. So the sell will remain without the corresponding buy pressure. (Differing exchanges but assuming arbitrage across all exchanges...) This seems to be a “Ripple will be funding some (many?) SME’s growth in the next periods via private XRP sales and removing that buy pressure from public exchanges”. They will be acquiring Fiat and offloading XRP. Th
  12. @nikb in the spirit of what you have been saying about participating... I went to the link you provided earlier and saw the excellent live consensus graphic (at XRPL.ORG) and went a bit further to accidentally trip across this interesting ledger info saying there were missing unl validators in one particular ledger?? I tried to find out more, but there is not (that I could find) a legend or explanation for the graphic. I thought I would add the suggestion to: “show a legend with explanations” and it directed me here to XRPChat... so I’m doing it now. I think
  13. I went and looked at their terms and conditions to see where they talk about it. Holy crap. First up, even though long web pages are all over the internet and the methods to display them properly to ease reading have been known forever, these guys have used a tiny font and made each line a mile long, so just reading it is a struggle. Second up, they do indeed mention “n-degree arbitrage” in a very terse way but make no clarity about what it is or what happens if you accidentally stray into doing so. No definition at all. Lastly it must be noted that their method of dealin
  14. So @nikb if you have time can you say if you are thinking that the near halt or whatever it should be called is now rectified and shouldn’t happen from that cause again? Do you think that the recent foundation creation will have a positive effect on this type of monitoring and mitigation area of the XRPL? Thanks for being engaged and spending your valuable time educating us here. Much appreciated.
  15. I think the arbitrage they refer to is between coin pairs and doesn’t leave the exchange. But I don’t understand why they are against it.... it’s actually a good thing that brings valuations into line. This is really disturbing and should bother all traders that someone can be accused of this obscure thing that none of us here so far can define. I’d love to hear how they justify this... it sure looks like theft.
  16. So very disappointing to see this from Bitrue. Their ‘warning then second’ thing has fallen over badly. You’ve made some breach (btw I can’t understand what could possibly be wrong with arbitrage, but that’s their conditions so fair enough) without being aware you were doing so, and now they are dropping on you like a hammer. That sux and is a poor reflection on Bitrue. It looks like theft to me. Can I suggest a brief summation TLDR section be put at the front of your long original post? This is the Internet so many won’t bother if it’s longer than a few words...
  17. Excellent reply again Nik. Thanks for being so helpful with that. May I ask a question that’s popped up lately... a job the same as or similar to yours is open at Ripple, are you still with Ripple? Are you leaving? If that’s too personal I understand and apologise for raising... but enquiring minds do want to know if you are willing to say.
  18. I don’t infest Twitter, only here, so I can’t hit him up on Twitter, but I’m pretty sure he is on there and active. Perhaps someone reading this will use that wonderful platform, widely known as a wellspring of erudition and civility, to ask him.
  19. Thanks Nik for the full and frank reply. I appreciate your response and your point of view. I’m pretty sure I read that @Nicolas from FlashFX said they run a validator. They use ODL and I may have interpolated that out to infinity. Maybe an oops?? I do think you are correct that Ripple shouldn’t be the first and only port of call, but they have such a vested interest and have already done a lot, so funding this one step further doesn’t seem much of a stretch to me. I’m also fairly sure (based on knowing their self-interest and capabilities) that Ripple do have mon
  20. That’s an excellent reply and I believe we all owe you and the other devs a debt of gratitude. Feels like sucking up to say that, but it is the unvarnished truth of the thing I think. If you are free to, and wish to, I would be grateful if you could look at my last post and comment. If not, no worries, you actually owe us all here absolutely nothing. So thanks for all so far.
  21. It’s the Russian Ruble. https://www.google.com/search?q=rub-usd
  22. Thanks for replying with your view. I agree and have done so for some time. I believe that many commercial users already do validate, and to some extent that allays in my mind the concerns that have been raised about network stability. But I don’t have a firm grasp on the situation and have no metrics to hand about it either. To be frank though, it bothers me a bit that Ripple have sent such large amounts of funds out to extremely speculative enterprises some of which, so far at least, have done nothing at all with XRP. I don’t understand why they haven’t spent a tiny perce
  23. @nikb thanks very much for the detailed information you’ve provided. Can I ask please, do you think that the commercial entities that are using ODL should all be validating? Are they already? Btw... I think you might have a typo in an earlier post that reverses your intent: ”I don’t see this as “airing dirty laundry” nor do I feel it’s a good idea for incidents to be discussed and evaluated so lessons can be learned.“
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