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  1. Thanks. Now that you motivated me I tried switching to portrait view and then after dropping down menu it’s the last item. Only way to access it via mobile as far as I can see. Tried safari and chrome.
  2. I didn’t see a search field like may explorers have to find any type of object, Tran, account etc. Maybe I’m blind? Or maybe not there yet?
  3. In IOS the app is not yet available except in the Apple test bed. I don’t want that hassle so I will wait till it’s App Store available as normal.
  4. I think it just means block 1 of songbird network. So any trans or delegations etc and any rewards can all be rolled back and gone if they have any issues requiring a restart of the network.
  5. I’ve been holding off on downloading the bifrost wallet until closer to launch. Letting the dust settle as it were. Might be time to get going on that now…
  6. Thanks for that. So distributed but not accessible. Also they can be rolled back to genesis block at any time while still in this monitoring mode.
  7. It doesn’t look in that doco that the tokens are distributed as yet. Or am I reading it wrong?
  8. They say they have various modes to move through before fully operational. Currently in Monitoring mode where it may be rolled back to genesis at any time if needed.
  9. On reflection that doesn’t mean you are wrong, songbird first then maybe the case sorted then Flare. So I think you may be right @RipMcGillicuddy.
  10. I think Songbird has changed that. You might have been right, but now I think they will want to get the canary network testing the tokenomics for them as soon as possible. That way when the time is right they can proceed with some confidence.
  11. It’s certainly true. Media often gets the details wrong. They always hype (because news is nowadays actually entertainment,) and distort. Anytime you’ve been on the ground and seen the media coverage you know how wrong it is. But that apparently has fooled many into thinking the mainstream media are routinely deliberately lying. The shysters running for office and calling “fake-news” encourage that belief. But it is wrong and VERY damaging to our society. The more respected parts of the mainstream media do try and get their facts straight. Sadly this ‘fake-news’ warcry has many members of the public throwing the baby out with the bath water. The results are currently on display.
  12. I’m not well versed in legal matters but just from general observations there always appears to be some avenues of appeal anytime someone with enough money wants to drag it out. This is why I would prefer a settlement be reached. Legal precedent is great and all, but that will inevitably be a long process I think.
  13. I could easily be wrong but I would think an appeal is inevitable irrespective of which side wins. The SEC have too much riding and so do Ripple.
  14. I think the point you might be missing is that if successful, XRP has capabilities that are entirely new to finance. In the same way that PC’s seemed limited and nearly useless to tech experts used to mainframes, simply looking at one aspect of payments is not seeing the possibilities that might open up. No one in early pc days predicted TikTok or Spotify. So streaming micropayments to mention just one XRPL skill set could open business opportunities that undreamt of right now. Pathfinding is another. DEX, layer 2 smart contracts…. the list goes on. Frankly I think any price modelling is a waste of time. Speculation and unpredicted new opportunities will likely swamp any old style valuation model. And on the downside, black swans could kill it mid launch. No one knows, but time will tell. My bet is on UP.
  15. Classic! Old man itus. It’s just luck I didn’t say 1980. Thanks for breaking it to me gently.
  16. The publicised version is redacted, the in camera version the judge sees is not. But the judge will note what was redacted and MAY have something to say if it’s not redacted reasonably…. especially since she ordered it so.
  17. This document is single handedly going to be the cause of the ‘great black toner shortage of 2021’.
  18. The disheartening thing about this Nate front-running is that so many people think that’s perfectly fine (and I’ve seen similar opinions recently on this forum). The idea of nearly free, decentralised open finance seems to run a long last to scammy arseholes who are happy to mow down anyone in their race to make money. I’m not naive, so I know ‘twas ever thus, but it’s just disappointing to see so much of it happening. Never stand between an arsehole and a dollar.
  19. Stellar (XLM) did that many years ago then mutated away from Rippled code. CasinoCoin (CSC) did that a couple of years ago then adjusted code to match their intended usage. They eventually died of dissent and disinterest and phoenixed back as a Token on the XRPL (CSC-XRPL) So yeah it’s entirely possible. There may be others.
  20. Strawman much? @Neurotoxin has advised letting your statements lie and I tend to agree. That’s it from me.
  21. Finished now, but just needed to reply to this idea of yours. Ineffective is right…. the market has confounded every YouTuber that wanted to push it one way or the other. If you think a YouTube campaign can push a coin and you have the lack of morals that would allow you to do it deniably like you said you would…. then you could make a fortune. And no, the risk is not non-existent. It’s huge. Almost everything comes out these days. There is no way they could run a viral campaign without risk. Even if through third or fourth parties. It is naive to think otherwise. So it’s not a circular argument…. your points are invalidated.
  22. Ah but they are not my views. Everything apparently seems binary to you. The world has shades of grey my friend. I believe I earlier said that I did NOT think they were saints. You probably missed that in your haste to put your conspiracy out there. It’s not in their best interest to do as you suggested they have done. The risk is high and the reward ineffective. So that’s the reason I don’t believe it. I’ve said my piece. Let’s leave it at that.
  23. And this says volumes about how you operate. No wonder you have the views you do.
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