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  1. They will drop Songbird first then later Flare. I’m guessing Songbird in next few weeks.
  2. McDonalds: Ether is not available after 11am. TSA: Ether is contraband and we are confiscating it. NASA: Ether is complicated and we will be examining it in the next decades. Dominoes: Ether at your door in 30 minutes or your gas back.
  3. Ah thanks for clarifying. I too think they are not saints…. just like the banks.
  4. Just to set the record straight for those that don’t know…. I was joking and so was Brian. We don’t know each other. I truly do think his post was excellent.
  5. Thanks for this extraordinary post. Everything I needed to know but didn’t know I did. Explained in terms that even I can understand. Sincere thanks for explaining all that. Well done Brain, you have made your mum and I proud.
  6. Yes it’s not hard to see the agenda. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
  7. I’m just wondering what that dirt is. Certainly various countries have acted against it because they don’t like the lack of KYC etc on many accounts. But is that “dirt”? Or just countries forcing Binance into the financial standards they demand for operation in their country? (Which is their right, and I think a good thing.) Or have I missed the actual dirt?
  8. All this sounds interesting and lovely but does anyone have a concrete example of how this would actually work?
  9. Yeah me too. It doesn’t seem sensible to me to conclude at this time that they have dropped a ball. I saw that and wondered if it was a moment of pique from Jeremy so I left it alone until more information emerges.
  10. Absolutely understand and agree although I wasn’t aware of it till years later.
  11. So although the market is highly synched, there is enough slight difference that the actual EMAs wouldn’t be exactly in the same state all the time would they? It doesn’t look that way to my haphazard occasional looks. (But I could easily be wrong.) Which means that the trigger condition wouldn’t be every time the sequence happened would it? Wouldn’t at least one be unready? Or do they all stay in same state? If this is a regular pattern then it would definitely be a short period trade opportunity. Whatever rewards you see from your efforts will be well deserved because of the diligence and generous information sharing you practice. Good luck to you sir.
  12. I fear there will be many disappointed believers when Jed finally is finished and the price is unaffected. People seem to be unable or unwilling to see the difference between an effect and a significant effect. The pressure of his sales is overblown I believe. Also the method used is not widely understood so people think the wrong things about it. He sells on the upside of the spread. So is adding liquidity without pushing down hard on the price. But I could be wrong. Time will tell.
  13. If it really was a recently created page, then they are using very old marketing material… because the terms XCURRENT and XRAPID are long gone.
  14. I should add that you said “24 words, plus that network address” but in reality importing the 24 words will deterministically arrive at the correct address. You will just import them and the wallet will now have your account address and key.
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