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  1. I dont think you can do that can you? That’s why it’s a reserve. #iCouldBeWrongThough
  2. I have very much the same feelings. Which is actually ridiculous when you look at it. We haven’t evolved much beyond our caveman ancestors who figured the tree falling on Zog running from the rain was because yesterday he was badmouthing the gods. But cautious optimism is probably the best mental health setting to use... so if you can choose that option it’s wise I think. I’m quietly confident this run has a good set of legs yet, but will eventually sag. The sag hopefully might not be as large as previous ones because of increasing institutional support. I hope so anyway.
  3. And she was absolutely right and prescient in her statements about why he was not a good candidate for the position. I hope there is some follow up to whether any of his and others actions were self serving.
  4. So to you the big advantage is the avoidance of that very newbishness I mentioned? Yesterday I almost fat fingered myself into a short position on XRP. So yeah, knowing the ropes can avoid pitfalls for sure. What I was trying to get at I suppose is whether there is going to be a permanent advantage in any of this because you got in early. So will you for instance ‘lock in’ higher rates or something if you are the first few in a pool or something like that? Dont feel obligated to reply... you’ve already helped me and so many others on multiple occasions.
  5. I’m not really in a position just now to participate in that. So the question I want to ask you good sir is: won’t it be easy enough to know a good prospect at the time? I realise there may be disproportionate profits to be made in the very first days, but wouldn’t you expect that after a week or so the path would be clear enough and easy enough for someone who is basically a newb to do ok with Flare and FlareFinance?
  6. Just out of interest... how did they set the trap to try and get your keys? Did they ask you to enter your secret key into something?
  7. @Wietse has created a tool to convert to secret key format if you need to go from numbers to secret key. https://secret-numbers-to-family-seed.xumm.dev/
  8. I agree with @MQB that you will never really know when it’s peaking and therefore the thing to do in my opinion is sell tiny amounts all the way up. You don’t obtain the very maximum that way, but you do gain nearly all the way to the top instead of waiting for a figure that might not happen. If you sell 3% every 15% rise (or greater... (if it’s above and climbing let it go then sell when it turns,) then you can do that ten times and still have 70% of your initial bag. Also your portfolio value was climbing even though you sold some. The amounts aren’t very exciting (unless y
  9. Rather than use a standard hyperlink like everyone else does, I decided to use a hyper dimensional link. If you can’t see it, that’s probably because you are limited to just four dimensions. Or I’m a doddering old idiot that forgot to include the link to XRPscan (that @brianwalden in his very stylish crocs, kindly did for us). One of those two options is true.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. If you go here you can see what a Flare enabled account looks like. Put your PUBLIC address into the search and you will see your account. (Don’t put the secret key there... the thing that starts with ‘s’)
  11. Ah... thank you for clarifying that. Re-reading the OP in the light of your description I can see it’s probably as you say. I thought he was talking about being advised to do it very recently. The OP might revisit and explain more.
  12. Does to me. Why do they need XRP transferred? What is the tag address ‘they’ want it sent to? The same as the OP’s? Or a different one? But Coinbase have the record of how many XRP were there on the snapshot date. Why would they need them now?
  13. Got past the biological life form check... I had capitalisation wrong. Just updating because I’d said captcha failed. It was me that failed.
  14. Hmm... I dunno. I am a bit uncomfortable with FF. I just went to the discord link. I don’t use discord so the whole UI seems a bit user-unfriendly to me but I tried anyway. I get a captcha-bot that presents me with distorted text to type in proving my hue-manatee. My first go fails, so I look closer and realise there was another letter lurking there. Retry but fail again. Cant see any alternate to what I typed, but only have one attempt left. No way to click ‘try another captcha’ or suchlike. So that’s a bust. Ok, let’s look at the flare finance faq. I get down
  15. Sounds like a scam. If you can get them back quickly do it now.
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