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  1. I agree that the Market Makers are the critical component at this time. (Perhaps later the market liquidity will just be organic users with Market Makers not strictly necessary but acting for themselves and resulting in small spreads.) And that the rebalancing is the limiting factor for them, and hence ODL. Everyone I see discussing this type of thing seems to be thinking in terms of discreet corridors without factoring in that the XRP “in” Mexico can be “in” Australia or Europe Or anywhere else three seconds (plus Exchange processing time) later. So the Arbitrage opportunities/c
  2. When you see narcissistic trolls performing necromancy on year old threads to plss and moan while simultaneously crowing about their brilliance.
  3. Really? You think the doctors and nurses pleading for people to take sensible health precautions because they are being flooded with ICU work are just confused about a ‘normal‘ year? The one thing this has all taught me is that facts apparently don’t matter. People pick from the fact buffet and happily munch their beliefs. The cases of Covid deniers who lost their life or their loved ones lives and recanted their foolishness after their suffering aught to be educational but apparently are not. Sigh. Whatever...
  4. Actually there is another var they can control. I think the more reasonable and sensible control would be the fiat volume control. That manages the liquidity as well as using the XRP var would. I agree with all that you and Julian say, but if you are correct, and the limiting factor IS the absolute number of XRP involved then that bothers me somewhat. Firstly because I can’t understand why they would do that rather than simply throttle the fiat volume by selective transaction processing.... allow only a certain amount of FIAT throuput per hour through and use existing c
  5. My current plan is to use the Xumm wallet. Just not in a hurry yet in case better options emerge. I won’t be transferring to an Exchange.
  6. Wouldn’t you be better off to do it in the reverse? Create a regular key you give to them and then you don’t need to disable the master and you can revoke that regular key at any time it seems wise. Or have I misunderstood something? (I believe you have a greater depth of knowledge than I. ) EDIT: I don’t mean to get Flare... Gatehub is a silly choice for doing that. I just mean to use Gatehub in general if you wanted to.
  7. In a different fiat in a different country? Do they both agree to burn CDBA that goes to the external ledger? Who audits that? Its not as ‘simple’ as all that I think.
  8. So by that do you mean that the maximum transfer volume per day is limited to be within a certain number of XRP? That if the price goes up more USD can be pushed through but if the price falls less USD can be sent because there is only a limited amount of XRP available for the ODL? If the absolute XRP number is the throttling variable then MGI would be working with a limited doled out amount of XRP every day and could only push that amount through ODL and the rest of their Mexican business must go via their traditional channel. It also would imply that they are using a XRP tran
  9. Eric you are clearly copying and pasting from earlier posts because for a little while now you have been running a butchers board of prices. What type of steak is it that costs so much? Does someone come over and cook it for me on the BBQ at that price? Just taking the ****... I really appreciate your posts.
  10. So why are ICU and emergency wards full? Multiple states. Starting to create temporary overflows again. Sigh.
  11. Bithomp explorer has ‘Fkare address’ as a filed in the account details. There are other explorers also... find them and check them too perhaps. The Bithomp one seems to remove all those leading zeroes so it would be nice to get one that shows the raw form too. can’t look it up for you just now... but the front end of this thread mentions a few toolkits I think. https://bithomp.com/explorer/
  12. Another option is write a short note to the unknown recipient and say what happened and would they consider sending it back to you please. Then ask support if they could onforward the message to the recipient. Maybe ask the sender to keep ten percent themselves as fee for trouble. Most people are honest in my opinion. If you sent it to me I would send your whole lot back. I reckon it’s fifty fifty whether you can jump both hurdles... support on-passing the note and getting a good result.
  13. Yes it’s very annoying and a disgusting display of ineptness and greed on their part. But I don’t think the gentleman agreement thing will work as planned. I could be wrong though. Happy to hear from anyone that knows for sure how the matching engine will work. Well said and sadly true.
  14. Maybe the best thing you could do is trade all your crypto’s to XRP and let them be stuck with a bag like the rest of us. Just kidding. Hope jokes are not annoying to you given the situation. Hope it goes well for you.
  15. I fully understand your position on this. I’m not sure you will be able to do what you plan though. On many exchanges the trading engine will fill every order in the book on the way down to the sell price you set. So you won’t be able to “pick” an order and trade it... instead you’ll eat all the bids down the book to the limit price you chose. As annoyed as you are at them... I think you might get a satisfactory result as @Flintstone suggests in time, so social media and time might be to your favour, Good luck with it no matter what you decide.
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