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  1. If you delegated after the epoch started then it doesn’t take effect till the next one. So you will be in the next one.
  2. But sir, with respect, the fact that countries fight to protect and push their own currencies doesn’t provide any indication or evidence that Ripple and the government are in a secret classified case together. And nah, I haven’t watched the videos. I don’t generally watch these things.
  3. Well that sounds exceptional. Please let us know if you find out what’s happening. Are you saying that you have edited the account after it is in Xumm to make it Full Access and yet even after successfully doing that, it hasn’t changed to full access?
  4. See I can agree with all that. It’s silly conspiracy theories that have zero evidence that I take exception to. Just because we want to believe something doesn’t make it true. Anyone can make up scenarios but without any evidence they have no value and actually do readers of this site a disservice. Hopium is a joke word but it does apply to anything that we would like to be true but that has zero evidence to support it. Lets stick to what is provably true or at the very least have some visible dots that might connect. To my way of thinking it’s fine to point to those dots and say they might be connected. But whole conspiracy made from absolutely nothing but a hope is really not helpful and could be harmful if deluded idiots believe it. That’s why I ask ‘On what basis?’ when I see something totally unsupported by evidence or even dots to indicate it’s possible truth.
  5. I try not to fool myself. And yeah I know full well that govts wrestle in currency wars. But the claim was that “US Government is playing along with Ripple in a very classified case that involves national security.” And the basis for this was? I’m tired of this site entertaining unsupported conspiracy theories. Where is the evidence that the US govt is playing with Ripple in a very classified case? You might as well believe in the Lizard People. There is the same amount of evidence.
  6. I’ve been trying (and failing) to add the custom token qbit to MetaMask iOS app so I can swap the ETH dust for qbit. I’ve somehow got the wrong contract address for the token. The error appears below. (Can’t pick my spot for the image in a post… always appears at end) I’m stumbling due to lack of knowledge, but I suspect I actually need to somehow get that ETH onto the BNB chain if I really don’t want to lose the dust value in further gas fees. And then I think I would be using the Binance chain contract address which is presumably different. I started this nightmare by wanting to buy DogeGf (another bad idea ) but only had a hundred bucks and the fees swelled nearly all of that. But have some ETH dust left. Any suggestions would be most welcome and appreciated.
  7. That’s because you chose read only as the option when importing. You can change that at any time by editing the account.
  8. XRPscan looks at the XRP ledger and advises how many you have claimed. To actually see them you need to look at the Songbird network. Put your Eth-compatible Songbird address into the Songbird explorer to see if they are there as expected. Replace the ‘X’ I have placed in the Search box with your own Songbird address. https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/search-results?q=X
  9. Ok I’m a lazy optimist so I’m grateful to you guys especially @JASCoder for doing this. I’m in the happy (??) position of having some Etherium dust left over from a disastrous fee fiasco. So I’m wanting to never ever touch Etherium again. Which means I’d happily swap my ETH dust for some very low valued coin that might grow and help me recoup the $90 fee. (It’s not the amount but the principle.) Can I buy any of these things with a MetaMask wallet swap? Will I be charged ETH Gas fees? (If so that kills it) Sorry for newbie questions…. I know nothing of the Defi and Etherium worlds.
  10. I respectfully disagree with your conclusion. Yes the price tanked. But that, in my opinion, was based on two factors more than any other: the action meant that USA exchanges were shortly going to delist the coin there was the risk and fear that XRP is declared a security and the chilling effect that would have on many XRP usage scenarios including but not limited to Ripple Additionally one can find many instances where Ripple news did nothing to the price. On the other hand, correlation to BTC is almost absolute with very few moments of disconnect. So I think the connection to BTC is much stronger than to Ripple.
  11. I don’t understand. Are you saying the provider reward limit of 10% is now reduced to 5%? Is that official?
  12. Isn’t that a Flare foundation role? Not that I want to load them up right now…. I’d prefer they work towards helping the roll outs.
  13. Btw…. that is why I prefer written explanations than video ones. A written one can easily be reread multiple times at any “speed” to understand a tricky bit. And previous points can be found easily. The bloody videos are a pain for that. Text kills video for complex ideas.
  14. That vid makes the claim, and purports to prove it, that for the same amount of investment, if the price rises, you make LESS profit with increased leverage. That CANNOT be correct can it? I admit I’m a newb at leverage.
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