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  1. Hehe. Thanks for fixing that. Yep. As usual I’m at least a year behind...
  2. FLR are the Spark tokens that will be allocated at initial allocation time. The number is based on your XRP holdings as at 12 Dec 2019 2020. Only 15% distributed initially to your Flare wallet. The rest distributed monthly for approx three years. FXRP are XRP when staked onto the Flare network. That is only something that you do if you want to participate. So you can temporarily lock up some XRP onto Flare and get a reward for doing so. The outline of the procedure is here: https://flare.ghost.io/fxrp-walkthru/
  3. That’s sounds reasonable but there are two things against it. The first is that it’s not indefinitely. It’s only a max of three years or so. The second is that the reason the field was chosen is because it’s not used currently. It could be most flexible by using the logic: ‘to flare address already recorded at first claim unless it’s changed’. Which would allow the flare address to be removed and the field used as intended (or cleared) once the first payout has been made. But you may be right... they might just default to first claim address always. If it is not done flexibly t
  4. Yes, a good deal of sense. I think you may be correct. All that time and studying of this has given you good insights. Thanks for sharing that.
  5. Thanks for your efforts, for sharing them, and for gett8ng back to me. Much appreciated. That limit on the token is indeed surprising and puzzling. It would seem much more natural and likely that there would be a value limit on ODL corridors (if throttling is going to happen) rather than a limit of XRP coins used. But as you say... it does make it easier to see if the reins are being released if they have a token limit. So a bonus for us I suppose. A token limit seems to indicate (to me at least) that the order book liquidity and the value volume are n
  6. At a guess... if you “mess it up” then you haven’t actually claimed as yet. So if you subsequently fix it then that would be a valid claim. If it’s not proper Flare format it’s not a claim is my guess.
  7. That ties in to a question I have... is each months drop sent to the current message key field address or the first claimed address? in other words can I have it sent to a number of different addresses over time? If I was designing the smart contract it would be flexible. Build a list of “message key set correctly” accounts at the start. Then listen for messagekeyset transactions and update the list as they happen. But it might not be done that way.
  8. I think you might be misunderstanding what happens to all parties including those with a self managed wallet. They receive 15% like the exchanges will too. (Please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t believe I am....) Since Flare will only be dropping the first 15% in the first month, its unlikely an exchange will magic up the 85% that doesn’t exist at that time. Anyone allocating 100% would be giving out hope-filled IOUs. They would be taking on the risk that Flare don’t change their plans over the next three years. I don’t think anyone is.
  9. I should add there are other known hacks... if you didn’t buy it direct from Ledger (the company) then it could have been compromised in transit or in store. If that was the case the XRP would generally be stolen fairly quickly after putting into the device.
  10. I’m not an expert but I believe that so far, the only way that can happen is if someone gets access to you backup of the account. I don’t have a ledger but I think I recall someone saying they use the 12 or 24 word backup system? So somewhere you recorded that down. Since that time you have either entered it on a website or into an application or a camera on a compromised device has ‘seen’ that backup or your took a photo of it or suchlike. Or someone had access to your physical ledger and also somehow knew the pin. If you think about it you can probably work out which of those ha
  11. Guys I don’t think there is going to be a LTC airdrop like XRP will have. I could be wrong but the statements so far don’t say airdrop... they are about allocating a pool to reward FLTC holders. So a staking reward mechanism. Happy to be corrected if I have that wrong.
  12. I could be wrong but so far it seems to me there is no LTC airdrop. Only a connection to the LTC blockchain and with that the possibility to earn Spark rewards for staking FLTC by putting your LTC into a contract. I really could be misreading all that though.
  13. The twenty is the account reserve and is enforced by the XRP ledger for every account. Deleting the account will recover 15. But really... just because Toast is toast does not mean you need a new address. You can simply import that account into any other wallet and avoid paying a new 20 XRP fee for the new account address. You will be simply using your existing address. The only reason you would need a new address is if you felt that Toast was compromised which is not the case... they simply no longer are supporting the wallet. The other option to mention here is tha
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