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  1. Ah. Sorry that I can only bring 35 years of programming to the table. Pity I didn’t meet up to the high standards you set. Look mate, if you go around all day only meeting arseholes… is it likely that the whole world is full of arseholes? Or maybe it’s you? Half a dozen people or more here have tried to set you straight but your arrogant ignorance is impervious to education. I agree with @brianwalden…. I’d hate to have to work for or with you.
  2. If you were on an exchange then contact the exchange. If they were self custody wallets then take the public address of each wallet (starts with ‘r’ ) and put it in the search field at https://bithomp.com/explorer/ or https://xrpscan.com/ you will see the transactions and they and their destination is clickable. Good luck with it. You were most likely scammed.
  3. Its a shame you seem so keen to make assumptions about other peoples competence but that’s your own affair and I’m not interested in trying to fix it. I agree. That paragraph of mine was clunky. I was trying to mention some of the confounding factors that make your belief inappropriate for a blockchain DEX. The “fibre” word for instance was there to try to imply the timing issues that arise and perhaps jog a memory of the thousands of loops of fibre in the building next to the stock exchange whose only purpose is to slow down comms to stop front running and allow for fair exchange. Such timing issues and intervals are not appropriate in a granularity of multiple seconds per block. “centralised” was necessary to show that these two different types of exchanges have completely different opportunities and problems. A number of very knowledgeable people have tried to help you see the reasons for the way things are but your input filter seems to block you from absorbing it. I agree with this portion of a statement of yours… So don’t bother showing me how dumb I am… I already know and I won’t be coming back to this now pointless thread.
  4. Yes that is how I viewed it too. Since Ripple have stated that they want the case to achieve clarity in the market, if they win on fair notice nothing has changed except XRP got whacked. My hope is that a fair notice win possibility will scare the SEC into settling with Ripple and as part of the agreement, provide that clarity that currently is lacking. A dismissal on fair notice alone would be a bit of a damp squib for us I think.
  5. Thats something I’ve been wondering about. Say they win on fair notice. How does that add clarity? I don’t follow this enough to have seen if that is explained anywhere.
  6. Did you see the bit about hashing that means it is difficult (impossible?) to ensure you can front run? It looks like your view was that it’s a real-time centralised exchange when actually it’s something completely different and outside your paradigm. So no, it’s not “bad”, it’s just different from a fibre connected centralised exchange.
  7. I screwed up. My argument that BTC followed stocks for at least three months was based on my stupid mistake charting. I’d forgotten to change the interval, so the chart, instead of showing three months, was a fifteen minute chart showing only the tight coupling of the current drop. Sorry for the misinformation. I’ve edited the original post to show my error. I am unable to strikethrough the text because I’m on mobile.
  8. [EDIT: This post is wrong. I screwed up the chart. It wasn’t a three month period. I’d forgotten to change from 15mins. So it’s just a tight correlation to the current drop. ] Three months every direction faithfully followed. BTC is grey line and is much more volatile but look at inflection points and joint direction.
  9. But respectfully, a graph of BTC and the Stock Market is near identical over the last little while. That’s not a ‘narrative’ that’s a matching chart. I’m not trying to be argumentative, and I’m certain that you know far more about this than I do, I’m just asking because I’m sceptical of the cycle theory and also the ‘weak hands’ narrative. My scepticism extends also to whether I’m right to be sceptical….
  10. It’s fairly clear that for the moment at least, we are coupled involuntarily to the stock market. So given our apparent coupling to the Stock Market, do you think the stock market is also in a bear market?
  11. Isn’t another possibility that both of those long held scenarios are not valid this time around and instead we do any of the three directions randomly (and alternately?) into the near and medium term? I just think there are memes about the crypto market that may have been broken by the dazzling pace of change and the new circumstances and types of markets that have arisen over the past year or so.
  12. I’m sorry but I don’t see the point of this thread. You started with ‘what about getting a self fixing blockchain’ (paraphrasing). Now it’s ‘wouldn’t it be good if there were people monitoring and tracking it’. All of that is just pipe dreaming. Automation is both virtually impossible and a terrible idea. The monitoring aspect is already being done so adding to that is fine. But your not adding to it, merely proposing it. It already exists. By all means offer support or create new entities doing that but us gasbagging about it is pointless.
  13. It’s been much longer than a year. The day they gave ETH and BTC a free pass was they day they throttled all others…. most of all the other big coin of the day, XRP. It can be argued that BTC and ETH have both blossomed on that free pass.
  14. There are already groups who do just that. XRPforensics for instance. (Not sure of name…. a Google will find it). But sure, the more the better.
  15. That’s not been my experience. In my app it opens a browser internal to the app. Perhaps check settings and see if it can be adjusted? Having said that without reading back I’m probably being unhelpful again. If so my apologies.
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