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  1. I'm a LTC investor also and I have to say most of the things you said are not correct. And I believe there are many BTC, LTC and ETH hodlers here as well Of course, I will not argue here, in a XRP forum and not in the right topic.
  2. It's interesting to see how the riches keep accumulating from the the fishes, especially those 0.01% who are the whales
  3. I don't understand this picture very well. Where is the rest of 80% of accounts ? Do those accounts have balance <= 2600 XRP ? I asked about it as all the graphs goes up recently.. which means something need to go down..
  4. Few hours later after the article. Shooting star is forming (not talking about your post)
  5. Honestly, I don't see a clear direction about what Ripple want to do next ? What kind of customers they gonna serve ? Bank or SME ? What market ? Big or small payment? The purpose of ODL now is for what with that low volume ? What kind of investment that Xpring doing (now RippleX) ? So far so good ? Maybe that's just me. But will appreciate if someone smarter than me can explain more about what Ripple doing good in the past 2 years ? Thanks
  6. Something goes off the rail. Seems Ripple lost in direction, that worries me
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