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    Wanderingbuck got a reaction from ManBearPig in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    I just shit my pants. WTF
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    Wanderingbuck got a reaction from Cesar1810 in XRP Price - from a investors point of view   
    I feel that it is all going to boil down to US regulations in the future. As far as I know XRP is the only one trying to comply with any regulations. The flare network XRP fork is going to bring XRP into a new realm which, IMHO, will only help XRP price. You will now have access to DeFi with your XRP.
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to Flintstone in Hello!   
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to FOOD in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    Who is willing to take one for the team and verify this supposedly claimed truth?
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to Honeybee in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    Who is willing to take one for the team and verify this supposedly claimed truth?
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to Wietse in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    Yes ūüėä
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to Dogowner5 in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    The data is from the public ledger, it’s all checkable.  There is a certain point where if it looks like a duck,  walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck,  then it’s probably a duck.  
    Similarly with varying interactions with someone on the internet: ¬† a¬†bot or a fraud has limited capacities to ‚Äėpass the Turing test‚Äô as it were.¬†
    I’m not trying to sell you on Weitse.  If you don’t like his tools, or don’t trust them, then just dont use them.  But there are certain prominent members of the XRP community that are obviously real,  and obviously well intentioned,  and he is one of them.  At least according to me, a random dog owner.   
    On another note...  credulity.    It’s fine to question everything,  but if you examine everything to the ridiculous extreme then how do you know anything is real?  You might be in a lucid dream.  You might be in a madhouse with a fever.
    This situation reminds me of the irony of the people that used to tell me Crypto was magic money made out of air and worth nothing.  These same folk much preferred their paper money in their pocket or their electrons on some screen telling them they have of a promise of some dollars in some institution.  All of this if examined up close reveals that our whole society and way of life is built up on magic ideas out of thin air.  Held up by merely the shared agreement to believe and trust in the story.
    Lets hope we never see the situation where that ‚Äėcompact to believe‚Äė is broken.
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to FreedomGundam in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    D'oh, How come you don't know who is Wietse? He is like a hero for XRP community. His first appearance in season 4. During the FUD war. He create couple of tools for Ripple empire, the most famous one is XRP "Warhammer" Tipbot. He and the mighty Hodor defend the XRP from the BTC Maximalist. But, too bad, At the end of Season 6.. XRP value shrink to just 20c. It's a big lost from XRParmy. Many of legion left the XRParmy. But, the war have not end.
    We'll see...
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to JASCoder in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    IMHO, a valid observation friend. I will further add...
    We Hodlers aren't just speculating leaches - clinging to a healthy host in hopes it lives long and well - but we act as a counter-productive drain, hampering their goals and liquidity deployment efforts.
    For XRP to succeed, the stakeholders must build out and populate a vast, robust network. They must design, develop, deploy and support complex software and services. They must locate and educate potential new users and help pioneer new solutions and applications. Not too mention lawmakers, regulators, and risk-aversive financial institutions. 
    Most of us hoarders believe that Ripple's vision has a good shot at succeeding in their hugely ambitious pursuits. We're left do what we can to glean some small benefits with them, by gambling some of our own precious wealth upon what is effectively just a wager.
    But we diminish the depth of the market's liquidity, at a time when that is crucial to growing XRP's utility. 
    Those "investors" who bitched and whined for Ripple to "burn billions" of their core assets - just so these leaches can a quick buck and then move on - I found that all quite repulsive tbh. I myself once designed, developed, and promoted my own software products, so I can relate to Ripple's ambitions. I greatly admire what these DLT visionaries are trying to achieve.
    Ripple and the other stakeholders owe us jack. We're lucky to get the time of day from these driven, hardworking entrepreneurs ! 
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to Dogowner5 in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    But it’s probably fun to try?    
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to ManBearPig in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    You can’t have a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.
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    Wanderingbuck got a reaction from FOOD in Hello!   
    Congratulations. You made a great move IMHO. 
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to Dario_o in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    This is a place to talk XRP developments
    People here don't need any saviour
    If I need to read someone bashing Xrp I just open reddit 
    This place is getting full of downers too, I don't like it anymore.
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to cryptoxrp in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    Tnx! Glad you posted this article as I was in the process of posting it myself. It's a well balanced article with critical notes combined with positive developing upsides. The conclusion is that Ripple @JoelKatzis not doing enough to grow the retail community and still has it's focus on banks and institutions who will probably be using a XRP or XLM stablecoin derivatives while retailers and end-users are much more interested in XRP and XLM. Where Stellar is doing a good job in getting integrated with Samsung smartphones what is Ripple trying to do to compensate this growing competition?
    The answer is plain and simple: Get retailers and end-users to be able to use XRP in a simple and efficient way and get XRP integrated in every known smartphone and webbrowser in the world! Ripple must find partners in that sense! Adoption means more users (not more banks or institutions).
    Note: Because Jed Mc Caleb is continously selling XRP he is in fact sucking up the XRP liquidity and is helping to destroy XRP's value to the benefit of XLM. By growing his user base, keeping the XLM spreads on the exchanges high and the supply of XLM low the price of XLM will be be able to rise. As a result the XRP retail investors (who take note of this development) will jump ship and XLM becomes a clear winner in the short term.
  15. Haha
    Wanderingbuck reacted to Valhalla_Guy in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    WHY?? To keep others from making the same mistake.
    You and others constantly provide positively biased reports and opinions to help convince others to hold or purchase XRP, solely because you want the value of your personal stash to INCREASE.
    Others (like myself) provide alternative viewpoints, to help keep it real, despite the fact that it may DECREASE THE VALUE OF MY OWN STASH!!
    It’s called the opposite of greed...and it feels good!
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    Wanderingbuck reacted to jetbrzzz in Flare Aims To Provide a Platform for XRP Value to Be Used With Smart Contracts ‚ÄďFlare Co-Founder   
    Where is this pre-science you speak of?!  I need me some.
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