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  1. I think Valhalla..guy is trying to say is not to forget to look into the other con side. Always have to way both sides and if you don’t it might bite you. Maybe I am reading him wrong. I am a newbie to this forum but very educated on Ripple and XRP. I’m in for the ride and am very confident with Ripple/XRP as it is my main holding. I did have to go down the opposite rabbit holes to become so confident in my decision.
  2. I am an XRP hodlr and I read more about the cons of XRP because I want to know the other side. I love this comment because you realize that you have to scrutinize every investment you make. If you don’t, than you will not make an educated decision on your investment. The best offense is a good defense, if you will. Research, research, research. Ultimately making your own decision on what you researched. This applies to everything in life.
  3. Congratulations. You made a great move IMHO.
  4. I feel that it is all going to boil down to US regulations in the future. As far as I know XRP is the only one trying to comply with any regulations. The flare network XRP fork is going to bring XRP into a new realm which, IMHO, will only help XRP price. You will now have access to DeFi with your XRP.
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