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  1. Sure, I will take a look and add a profit/loss section to make it easier to see.
  2. Hi Stuffie, Yes that is correct. That is not the profit or loss but the balance remaining after the price has reached your future price input. On 50000 units that you hold and bought at $0.3 for a total of $15000 at the time of purchase, you will be left with $500 if the price goes down to 0.01. Hope this helped.
  3. Sure, I will take a look and implement that, thanks
  4. Hi Julian, New featured added as requested. Let me know if that works as you intended. Thanks Riccardo
  5. Hi Sharkey, You are right, there was a bug but now is resolved, sorry about that. Regards Riccardo
  6. Thanks, This bug is now resolved. Sorry about that I've missed it on my last release. Regards Riccardo
  7. Hi and thanks for your feedback. Would you be able to send a screenshot of the issue so I can take a look and understand better? Many thanks Riccardo
  8. Hi @Coolio, I will take a look and try to implement this. Not sure if I can find an API that will have XRP price since the early days but I will give it a shot. Regards Riccardo
  9. Hi all, Take a look at the NEW SITE I just updated. New design and new features as requested. Please feedback is really appreciated. Many thanks
  10. Thanks, that would help. Would you be able to send it to me please?
  11. Ok, I see what you mean. To get this done I will need to find a way to show those info in a user friendly way. Not sure how to achieve that yet. Let me know if you think of anything. I could add an input for % Unit then next to an input with price prediction and a plus button that adds a little card that would should that results. Once that is done then the fields above resets to enter new values and so on creating new results instances. Will that work? is that what you had in mind? Thanks
  12. Site updated as requested. Let me know if it works as intended. Thanks
  13. Hi @KevClem, As I published this site yesterday there might be some delays due to propagation. Usually takes up to 48 hours but by now it should be forced to SSL. If the issue is not resolved I will try an get a new certificate. Thanks again for your feedback.
  14. Thanks Julian. Your feedback is very appreciated. I will try and implement such a feature and test it out.
  15. I've been following RippleLabs and XRP since 2017. I am not usually very active on forums or Social chats but I am trying to use my skills to give back to the community and maybe get some new ideas on the way.
  16. Hi all, I am a software engineer as well as being a passionate and early adopter of XRP. Please follow this link to a free online XRP Profit Calculator: XRP Profit Calculator I would appreciate feedback, new ideas to implement and suggestions on how to make this worth a while to the XRP community. Thank You All.
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