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  1. He is one of the smartest guys on the internet lol. I base that solely on reading his post. Or, he's the reincarnation of Satoshi :p
  2. On Twitter John Deaton has created a site for international XRP holders to participate and reach out to the US Congress. This is your chance to have a voice and be heard! I would attach a link, but as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I'm not sure how from my phone. If someone knows, please share and add the link. Collectively, we can have our voices heard. Let's support John Deaton!!!!!!
  3. I'm not sure there is much we can do. The SEC is very powerful, and we are just collateral damage at this point. If the Judges rule in our favor and declare XRP in the secondary market as not a security, then they would have saved us. The XRP ecosystem can thrive and we can safely participate. I come onto this board because it is my only outlet. I never speak money or investing in crypto with family, so this chat is my way to find others who can commiserate with my experience. I truly thought that XRP was my ticket because of how early we all "got in". To have been left out to dry by my own in the SEC is tremendously disappointing. I just want closure. Whether it goes to zero or not, I just want to know the ultimate status of XRP. I broke the most important rule of investing. I over did it and got emotionally tied to it. Shame on me. Lol.
  4. It amazes me that the SEC has made it this far without showing a standard of care for all of us retail investors. With the thousands of cryptos that are actual scams and traded on exchanges, you would think that they would go after those tokens. It is beyond me. I truly question the competence of the people leading that agency. As for us, we are at the mercy of the judges. I don't think anyone cares about retail investors getting hurt. The SEC doesn't care. If they did care, they would have not allowed XRP to be traded for almost 8 years. They allowed ether, which is not fully functioning, to have an ICO. You really can't make this up. You would think there would be a stop to this. Gary Gensler does nothing. They stall this case and to our detriment. The SEC has hurt a lot of retail. One of the things that comforts me is that this scandal will absolutely be a part of jay Clayton's and Hinman's legacy. They deserve that.
  5. What bothers me is that the SEC knows full well that if XRP is deemed a security, they would finish us. They would effectively destroy the secondary markets. They do not care. The SEC is using us as collateral damage to force Ripple to settle on their terms. We are the people they are sworn to protect. They are doing the opposite. For what? To stop a tech company who will be fine regardless? So that Hinman's, Clayton's cronies and family can benefit financially? FFS where is the justice. I never bought XRP from Ripple. They should release us from this bullsh!t. I get it, though. The moment the SEC declares XRP is not a security in the secondary markets, they effectively give Rippleā€™s legal team an advantage. But they should do what is right and leave us out of it. The SEC is garbage. And that is putting it lightly. They are stalling at all costs. I will vote against every asshat that is against this investment. For the first time in my life, I will vote against my own party.
  6. The SEC did not lose. They won. Most of the critical documents the Ripple lawyers will not get. Like the conversations between the SEC and CFTC. Ripple lawyers will get handwritten notes for the most part. And those notes are related to Hinman. If his views are his personal opinions, then it can still be argued that it is not guidance by the SEC. So basically, Ripple lawyers get notes related to his opinion. Smoke and mirrors. If Ripple loses the FND, we will know the judge is swaying towards the SEC. To make matters even harder to swallow, this judge will probably pull off some 50 / 50 bullsh!t like she's done with every other decision. This case will drag on. Be prepared to lose it all. I've lost hope, but I'm not f!ckin selling. My kids can have the XRP. Hopefully, when this is all said and done, they will at the very f!ckin least provide an outlet for retail investors since we currently don't have a way out in the US. This is garbage. Complete corruption and nothing is done about it.
  7. There is a lot that Ripple won't get. I'm disappointed. I don't understand how they can drag this out like this. At this point I am not feeling hopeful anymore. I honestly don't think the judges will rule in our favor. I'm starting to feel like this investment is f!cked. I am pissed. I thought there would be some form of justice for retail. Doesn't seem likely
  8. Maybe not physically harm anyone as I am against violence, but the xrp community can egg them? Lol. I'm just trying to make light of this ridiculous situation.
  9. I feel like I want to scream LOL. What in the world is going on with this case. It's nonsense. Why push the date back? Is this official yet? Something is afoot. Settlement talks?
  10. I remember many saying in 2017 that we'd see the XRP market mature more by 2022. I hope this is the year we see positive outcomes for this asset. I'll never sell until it reaches my targets. If it doesn't, my kids can inherit what I have. I hope the judges give us some light soon. The SEC is a failure. Greed, corruption and stupidity all in one organization.
  11. I remember this. I felt so offended. What an imbecile for not caring about the over 60,000 people this has affected negatively. His true leadership capacity was evident that day.
  12. Agree with your points. It saddens me to say that it looks like my country is in decline. Economically we are full of debt. We are polarized beyond belief. We lack strong leadership to the point where public and identifiable corruption is going unpunished. I am worried, and I may leave the US if things get really bad. Where would I emigrate to is the question.
  13. This lawsuit against XRP has to end. The SEC is holding the asset back. Is Gensler that naive or is he corrupt? We know what Hinman did. I just can't wrap my head around this. If I were leading an organization, and this amount of circumstantial evidence came about, I would have lawyers and the FBI look into this. WTF is Gensler doing?
  14. I hope Judge Torres and Judge Netburn favor retail soon. Many of us were literally gutted by what the SEC did. I can't wait for this to be over. For me, this has become a balancing process to understand whether we as a country have a judicial system that's true to justice. If XRP is deemed a security in the secondary market, then I would lose hope in our country's future after all of this corruption that has been so blatant and exposed. Thank you, John Deaton. Wherever you are good sir.
  15. XRP down 80 percent since the all time high. The SEC hasn't protected retail. I hope the judges end this garbage case once and for all. Gary Gensler has done nothing to provide clarity. Nothing.
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