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  1. Wow. Talk about trying to out maneuver Ripple. Sly fox indeed. But trying to out maneuver and sink your competition like this is bad karma. If he was an informant, double bad karma lol. If I were Ripple, I'd be in stealth mode now. I wouldn't trust anyone, and I wouldn't put too much emphasis on employees who are involved with outspoken critics of said company. There are people out there who think they are speaking of truths and care for humanity, when they are filled with poison.
  2. Oh come on. XLM also has dumped in price. It was at about a dollar and look at where it is now. Jed has sold billions of XRP, while he has XLM to dump as well, yet know one is being critical of him here? How come he is not involved in the lawsuit? He's dumping his horde of XRP on retail and the SEC has turned a blind eye both to that fact and to Stellarin general. So let me get this straight, it's okay for Jed to dump billions, but we don't want BG and Chris to ever sell because they have personal gains? XRP is in the dumps in price because of the SEC. The SEC is at fault for this. They created this mess. I hope the courts decide in our favor and soon. BG and CL and even Jed will be billionaires regardless. I don't care about them. I hope the courts help us, and I hope the SEC gets their act together and goes after real criminals. If they are going to be enforcers, they need to do it equally.
  3. The SEC response is well written garbage. How can they talk about protecting investors when they dropped this enforcement action days before Christmas after being fully aware and warned that this would cause havoc on the secondary XRP markets?
  4. Wouldn't it support the fair notice defence because if the SEC can't provide clarity *today* on digital assets, how could they have provided it between 2013-2020? If Ripple lawyers succeed, doesn't that oblige the SEC to provide clarity today in some form? The former SEC Chairwoman is part of their defense team after all. But I feel that you're right. In the end, this will be good for XRP, whether Ripple is part of the ecosystem or not. Though, I highly doubt Ripple is going anywhere.
  5. What's your view on how this letter impacts Ripple’s fair notice defense? If market participants and companies currently do not have regulatory clarity on what is and is not a security, how could market participants and companies be accused of selling securities? How does someone break the law when they are asking for guidance from a regulatory agency but receive no clear guidance? The jury will be expected to ignore all public commentary, even when two SEC officials are basically agreeing with Ripple’s arguments that this industry has lacked clarity for participants? I'm stumped.
  6. Unbelievable. How is a company supposed to know they are selling securities when over eight years have passed and the enforcement agency has not provided clarity? Hinman spoke publicly as an SEC official and said Ethereum was not a security, even after the Ethereum Foundation held a public fund raiser, which was recorded. Then, his speech acknowledging this is sent to congress. Why did Hinman meet with the Ethereum Foundation a week prior? Why didn't the SEC do the same with Ripple and provide fair notice as the SEC did with the Ethereum Foundation? To me, it's clear. They favored and picked winners as it also aligned with their self interest. They need to end this soon. What an embarrassment for our country.
  7. Respond to their comments then. I believe they are correct. I don't mind "hearing" someone's views or should I say - your views. I just don't buy that you're here on this forum objectively. No offense, but you seem to have an agenda.
  8. Yet here we are investing in XRP and enjoying this incredible journey! I wish you good luck!
  9. I disagree here. You could say that about any blockchain. Isn't doge a fork of a fork of a fork? The reason XRPL is different is because the patents and rails being built around it are assets to its future development. And, these things take time. If there is clarity for XRP, there is nothing stopping this. Nothing.
  10. It's because of the same tribalism and narrative that keeps other competitors at bay. To bitcoin maxis, XRP is meant for banks. To them, it's not meant to work against the system. This type of thinking is naive at best. Fiat isn't going away. And there are developers working to get the XRP ecosystem off of the ground. I wouldn't say all of the projects Ripple supported or supports were or are a failure. These things take time. Once there is clarity, who knows where those projects will end up. More importantly, the XRP ecosystem could not have expanded without clarity. Bitcoin and ether did, and they expanded because of the clarity they received from US regulators especially. It is real that simple. There is a lot of financial muscle lobbying behind these platforms.
  11. No. It is suppressing XRP. The ecosystem can't expand without clarity. Period. There were many people here on this forum figuring out ways to enable growth. Was Ripple supportive of some? Sure, so was the Ethereum Foundation with Ether. Yet Ethereum gets a pass. Why? I don't care that Ripple has billions in an escrow. If you think you could have figured out a better system for distribution, then good on you. I doubt it. It's easy to say hindsight is 20/20 after the fact. I didn't buy XRP from Ripple. I never expected anything from Ripple. I don't care about Ripple. For someone who thinks that XRPs sole success is tied to a company, you sure spend a lot of time on and XRP forum. You must own Ripple stock. I don't lol.
  12. Sad but it feels like this is the case, atleast for now. I can't believe the SEC is getting away with suppressing the XRP market. It's clear the SEC and some of the officials were in the wrong, yet here we are. How can they support Ether after having a public and video recorded giveaway of ether tokens by the Ethereum Foundation, while receiving millions on the back end like Hinman? They activately suppress the XRP market because exchanges in the US are afraid to list XRP, developers are unsure whether to develop new platforms onto the ecosystem without clarity and business don't want to get involved either. I really hope the judges end this soon. The fact that J Clayton left this mess and left his post earlier than expected just shows how one-sided the SECs position is. They don't care about retail investors. If they did, this would have been resolved within the eight years the SEC had to inform themselves and provide a framework to work within. From a legal perspective, they've already been ridiculed and proved incompetent and on the world stage, regardless of how the judges decide at this point.
  13. Isn't it Jed with a "d"? Does anyone know how much XRP he has left? I heard he would be done around mid July with selling all of his XRP. Is this true? How much does he have left? Jed is probably nothing short of a genius programmer to be honest. The US government could use his talents. They probably are in some way.
  14. Castles and yachts you say? Will you be my friend? Lol I live in the northeast. I'm sure we can be friends. With my stash, I'll probably be able to buy a nice chicken dinner. I can't imagine a mansion or a lambo. Maybe a nice house and a paid off Honda 🤔
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