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  1. I don't understand how after all that's been uncovered with Hinman and J Clayton's incompetence how this sham of a case can continue? Over 40 thousand investors are joining John Deaton and are telling our judicial system that they have no part of Ripple and that they feel XRP is not a security, yet here we are. How? How can this continue? It's clear these a$$holes we thought were our Government leaders have lined their pockets at the expense of retail investors the SEC claims to protect, all the while not providing any clear path forward. They are going for Ripple's escrow without caring to harm us in the process. Gensler says, "it's been very clear." Yeah right. It took them 7 or 8 years because they couldn't figure it out. I wish I was the Judge. I'd embarrass the SEC for shear incompetence and corruption.
  2. 1.) The SEC should require this of the Ethereum Foundation as well. And, J Clayton and Hinman's business ties should not benefit by their past inaction. If Ripple must pay, then surely the Ethereum Foundation must as well, right? 2.) In my personal view this is simple to resolve. All XRP in the secondary market, which not a single business or organization has control over, should be deemed not a security. This frees us and the secondary market. 3.) Ripple can have rules set in place by the SEC to sell to accredited investors under the newly formed RIPPLE test. This lawyering back and forth and Gensler's lack of a pair of testicles is astonishing.
  3. Those are great questions. I think that all of the XRP deemed a security will limit how Ripple can use the asset with their products. BUT, if the XRP in the secondary market is deemed not a security, any company participating in the XRP ecosystem will be free to purchase XRP and use it as they see fit, including Ripple. Basically, Ripple would be limited to selling to institutional investors, but they would not be limited from buying, using or even reselling in the secondary market. Jed probably doesn't want to sell because he suspects that it will go up in price. We are getting closer to the end of this case. Early 2022 looks like a possibility. He is smart. He is a strategist. Also, I don't think the SEC cares for him. They left him out of the lawsuit after all. All of this is just my speculation, and I admit I could be completely wrong.
  4. My gut tells me that he is waking up to the possibility that ALL XRP in the secondary market will be deemed NOT a security. The more he dumps, then the more he is helping XRP and even Ripple, because it strategically could give them more XRP in the open market to maneuver within if the XRP in escrow is labeled a security. This is just my speculation. The fact that John Deaton (God Bless this man), has a voice at the table is a clear indication that the Judges fully understand how negative and limiting this will all be for XRP investors if deemed a security in the secondary market. The Judges won't want to hurt retail. That is clear now. Rippleā€™s XRP in escrow may be another matter, BUT with billions of XRP in the secondary market, both the XRP digital asset and Ripple will thrive. I'm not even sure that if once the XRP in the secondary market is cleared, that the SEC can even limit what is in escrow. Jed probably doesn't want to "help" by unleveraging completely. Besides, this will take off if deemed not a security. More money for his caufers
  5. I don't understand how Gary Gensler can say that they want to protect retail investors when the actions of SEC, which he is now leading, has caused XRP to get delisted across US exchanges, not to mention the losses that occurred after their enforcement action. So, what happens to XRP investors in the secondary market if XRP is eventually considered a security? How are we protected? He was asked this question yesterday at the hearing. He did not answer it. I find this incredibly troubling. I hope with all that is within me that the SEC loses. And, I hope they lose so bad that investigations happen into Hinman and J Clayton. May the entire weight of Justice fall heavily on them if it can be proven that they acted dishonestly. It seems that this may not be too hard to prove.
  6. This is incredible news! We need to support John Deaton. He is our voice here. I never bought XRP from Ripple. Ripple does not represent my interests. XRP is not a security! Thank God for John Deaton.
  7. I wonder why? Is he afraid the SEC will come after him for selling unregistered securities? Since that is what the SEC is claiming. In any case, i hope he sells and moves on.
  8. Are all exchanges that participated in receiving the FLR distribution also getting SGB? Do you know if those exchanges ie., Kraken, Coinbase etc, will eventually distribute them? I know you can't speak for them, but should they? How do you recommend people reach out to those exchanges?
  9. Any updates on Jed and his current XRP stash anyone?
  10. Gary Gensler should really look into the dealings of Hinman and Clayton. How has this not been looked into? The conflict of interest is enormous. It's time for the Judges to provide the clarity the SEC has been unable and unwilling to provide.
  11. I would be disappointed if he held his XRP. For someone who probably had a lot to do with this current SEC lawsuit and in providing himself immunity while dumping millions, the least he can do is move on. Karma will take care of the rest. Looking forward to the day he is at zero XRP.
  12. I don't understand how the SEC can continue this sham. They aren't helping the retail investor. I just don't get this. What a sad croc.
  13. Gary Gensler is a disappointment to say the least. He says there is market clarity, which is ironic when two of his commissioners who have been part of the SEC longer than he has say the complete opposite. He says this is about investor protection, but refuses to give clear guidelines as to what is a security within crypto and why. It's really not that complicated. Here SEC, let us help you. 1.) Any company run like an ICO should register as a security moving forward. 2.) Digital assets currently in the secondary market are not securities, but instead should be classified as currencies, or commodities, or property. 3.) All exchanges serving the public should register with all pertinent government agencies and have KYC / AML. 4.) There should be a "cop on the beat" or enforcement agency to regulate and reign in pump and dump schemes. Exchanges should facilitate capturing these people perpetratrating these schemes and close their accounts and have said agency prosecute them. 5.) Crypto to crypto should not be taxable events. This will stimulate growth in the nascent market and provide liquidity. Any money exiting back to Fiat should be taxed. 6.) Provide a working group within the government to work with different crypto companies to stimulate growth for the industry and our country. I'm being USA centric here, sorry. All the SEC is doing is wasting tax payer dollars. Nothing is being resolved. If the government is truly worried about a "run" on these assets that could potentially destabilize financial markets, regulation through enforcement doesn't cure this potential problem. We have incompetent people at the helm.
  14. Wow. Talk about trying to out maneuver Ripple. Sly fox indeed. But trying to out maneuver and sink your competition like this is bad karma. If he was an informant, double bad karma lol. If I were Ripple, I'd be in stealth mode now. I wouldn't trust anyone, and I wouldn't put too much emphasis on employees who are involved with outspoken critics of said company. There are people out there who think they are speaking of truths and care for humanity, when they are filled with poison.
  15. Oh come on. XLM also has dumped in price. It was at about a dollar and look at where it is now. Jed has sold billions of XRP, while he has XLM to dump as well, yet know one is being critical of him here? How come he is not involved in the lawsuit? He's dumping his horde of XRP on retail and the SEC has turned a blind eye both to that fact and to Stellarin general. So let me get this straight, it's okay for Jed to dump billions, but we don't want BG and Chris to ever sell because they have personal gains? XRP is in the dumps in price because of the SEC. The SEC is at fault for this. They created this mess. I hope the courts decide in our favor and soon. BG and CL and even Jed will be billionaires regardless. I don't care about them. I hope the courts help us, and I hope the SEC gets their act together and goes after real criminals. If they are going to be enforcers, they need to do it equally.
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