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  1. I think this bullrun will be different than any other in the past. Because of institutional money and framework, we may just experience heavy dips on the way to the next bitcoin halvening. Because of future SEC enforcements, cryptos without utility will begin to disappear and exchanges will see a ramp up of regulatory guidelines to follow. We could start to see a mature market where digital assets act independently based on news and development. Time will tell, but for long-term holders it's key to have exit strategies and to hold some assets long-term. Never all out an
  2. I wonder if addressing this publicly on other mediums like Twitter will help? Why did Coinmarketcap make this change abruptly? I remember the 2017 switch that caused panic. I don't understand the tribalism in crypto. Get over bitcoin maxis. Bitcoin isn't the holy grail and it isn't here to save the world. It's not even partially sustainable. I hope conmarketcap can fix this and stop misleading people.
  3. I completely disagree here. Novogratz has never stated anything positive in relation to XRP. Not once. He has stated that he "does not understand it". Who is he misleading? He is a wealthy and astute investor as you say with a worth in the billions and a platform that reaches millions. To say that his commentary is fair when he deliberately or intentionally can manipulate market sentiment when saying that he doesn't understand why tokens like doge and XRP are climbing is disingenuous at best. He knows what he is doing. And for the record, he also says for people to look at Genslers
  4. Hope you all are doing well. I've been laying low from the forum, but I am happy to see XRP north of a dollar. Looking forward to the future and glad I held. Best of luck to you all and may greener days be upon us. Good night folks.
  5. I agree. Please see my response to @MQB.
  6. I don't disagree with you. I do not think bitcoin is going away. I do believe BTC is overblown though. After the dust settles, if the tech doesn't improve, there will be incumbents to challenge its position. My point is that this idea that bitcoin will be used daily for payments is absurd. Bitcoin is not going to replace sovereign currencies because it's too slow, expensive, environmentally unfriendly, and volatile. But, retail options and new businesses where I can send, trade, purchase, sell within different currencies where bridge assets are the link expanding the IOV, is what w
  7. Novogratz knows that ETH has high gas fees. He knows that bitcoin is a "digital gold" and that besides its speculative nature doesn't offer much more. What's the difference between bitcoin and doge, besides the brand? BTC maxis can argue all they want, but what can you do with bitcoin that you can't do with doge? BTC maxis can't answer that question. XRP has utility. Fiat currencies backed by central banks are not going away. XRP is meant to provide bridging capabilites at fractions of a penny. Novogratz acts like he does not understand this. He does understand it very well. What n
  8. hi everyone, I need a little help here. Sorry to bump the thread. FLR tokens are trading over 1.70USD on bitrue. Is that price real? Say that the network launches in June and we get our 15 percent FLR allocation and that the price is say 2 dollars. Do we pay taxes on the 2 dollar price? What happens if it decreases in price after we get the FLR tokens? I'm so confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the US.
  9. Does anyone have access to a recording of this? I'm searching all over the web here to get an insight lol
  10. wow. I step away from crypto and this price surge happens. It's incredible. XRP and the XRPL has incredible potential. I can't imagine why this would not take off sooner or later. I hope we blast 1 dollar again and never return. Relist XRP!
  11. Stop trolling me keyboard warrior. Why did you even bother to write such a condescending and stupid comment? Seriously, how old are you? Move on young man, search for inner peace and try to grow up. Life is hard as it is, without looking for negative energy with strangers on the internet. Read a book. Go for a walk. Try being good to someone. Grow a little.
  12. Tenreiro does not care about the XRP holders he is hurting with these actions. He wants to win this case, like he did the Kik case, out of pure ego. He's wrong in law and on the facts, and he distorts the truth to the judge. There's no honor in what he's doing. He is hell bent, and the SEC will seriously hurt both us and the development of the XRPL ecosystem if they prevail. I certainly hope the judges can see beyond his astute and sly and subtle arrogance. He knows how to sound humble, but he isn't fooling anyone.
  13. Your insights are really good. You remind me of someone in the financial world. I forget his name, but I do know he teaches at the University of Cambridge. Nothing related to my avatar name. That's just pure coincidence. Thanks for posting here.
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