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  1. Ripple's statement resumed in a few words: 1) the SEC is bad they are just hurting retail investors and 2) let's cheer a Biden administration/SEC that will be helpful to us and drop all charges. All back to normal after that and we can get the Ponzi running.
  2. i am very certain that chategorization will be set in motion after the trial. It is up for grabs at this moment to guess on it unfortunately. so uncetanty till the end.
  3. completely different cases. Apples to oranges. KIK was a single ICO and without a live network. Ripple and XRP have an ongoing ICO and a live network since inception. The SEC verbatum is very clear there.
  4. if they decide to register with the sales, XRP has to be deemed a security and thus, it cannot be used as a currency. Meaning ODL is dead, if it wasn’t already.
  5. i can only understand and sympathise greatly. Do hope, with potencial some pumps ahead that you can find an exit price that makes it confortable enough. Cheers and bets of luck.
  6. sorry but i have to completley disagree. I never signup to the forum to be part of a cult group and besides, i serve my own ehtical and financial interests. The fact that Brad and Larssen were selling 600m$ worth of xrp was enough to turn me down. The rest of the shady things happening just added up.
  7. XRP will not be deemed a security because that is not what the SEC is after. This has been told repeatedly in several other threads: the SEC states that XRP's distribution by Ripple falls under a security contract (i.e., an investment contract with promiss of profit) because: 1) Ripple and the founders own 80% of the xrp in circulation, which makes them dominate the market and able to manipulate it. 2) the fact that Brad shouts outloud that "I am long XRP", "we have 1 bank signing every week", "I am confident major banks will use xRapid in 2019", while Larssen and Brad sold about 2-3 billion XRP (600m$) onto retail investors. The SEC alledges Ripple, Brad and Larssen, did not provide symmetric flow of information (aka, assymetric flow of information). Meaning, in a security case, you have to tell when you sell (or buy), how much you sell, and so on. 3) the SEC also states that Ripple, over a period of some days in 2016-2017, asked market makers to pump up the price incrementally, and Ripple came to check the XRP chat to understand the psychological behaviour of users. etc, etc, etc. This is the clear definition of an investment contract and not XRP per se. XRP will not be deemed a security and that is behind the point. So FXRP is more than safe.
  8. honest question, and i know it is difficult to respond now or process. But why not sell now your XRP, even at loss, and catch the bull train of another alltcoin? it is clear the bull is here and you can still recover your money back, on another train. Also have in mind, majority of top coins will likely follow bitcoin and have new all time highs and then go dorment to another massive years bear market. So like 2017 up to now. Just asusme this is a logn-term project for you, get out now at a loss, jump on another train, recover part of your investment, stay dorment for other years while the market gets massively corrected again and jump on a new project. i know what it feels, altough i left XRP just up to the SEC news, it still feels unsavory. Passed 4 years arranging a strategy and all blows like this. But again, more opportunities will come in life, and just make it in yourself that gaining some profit may take years, and be cofnortable with that.
  9. Flare has a future yes. The collaterization is not limited to XRP but any "F" token. Meaning they can use Bitcoin FBTC for that matter. I honestly hope they are now working on that, because that is honestly their best approach considering what is happening with XRP. WOuld be an understatement if Flare would say "this is not a big deal for us".
  10. the fine, although big, will be the least of problems. reputation will be majorly impacted but also they will very likely will have to destroy the Golden goose (the escrow). because the all point is XRP transactions belonging to ripple will deemed to be security but not the token. the SEC puts it clear that a security cannot work as a currency and here so, cannot be used for cross border payments. which is all Ripple’s idea for xrp. so without XRP, it appears Ripple’s business model is weak to support the growth of the country. if ripple survives, that would be the question to ponder.
  11. not sure how to say it more bluntly but the irony of everything you wrote: you start by stating that you have no doubt ripple will in the “utility” token reason but all the points you expect from them, is the clear definition of a security. i do think ripple will loose but XRP will be deemed NOT a security. because the litigation is clear to say, XRP sales from ripple were investment contracts and not xRP per se.
  12. employees have been in and out of ripple quite quickly. That was probably the first sign, and the majority of us looked it the other way "thinking they were not good quality for ripple" or that ripple "refines the best out of the best", and they go to succesuflly high paying jobs elsewhere. Well i guess that may explain. Also, the de-risiking comment from David, now that someone mentioned here, may have been the first nail in the coffin. But like many here, i did not care. That is shame on me of course. I do take my sense of responsbility as wel, that altough i did research a lot, all of the buzzes in my head were alerting to "such small" details over time, and i kept pushing them aside like "all was fine". I should have been more careful and as everyone should from now on, that when a business looks to good to be true.. well we know about that.
  13. the issue with the volume, is that Ripple used coinmarket cap which inflated volumes by 5x-10x. Just ripple selling alone, may have been sufficient to put high sell pressure onto the market. Then you join Brad, Larssen, Jed, Financial institutions (with 30% discounts). Jojn that into a very thin nascent market, during a bear market, that is a melting pot.
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