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  1. it also makes sense from a psychological perspective to buy XRP back. Very much similar as stock-by-backs used by any large company.
  2. maybe because Ripple does not own the public ledger and do not need to provide a network report? if more individuals were actually actively interested on how the ledger works, likely this would have come out earlier because more interest was shown now. But most of us were more concerned on how to discredit and bash those you were pointing it out at the time, like putting it below the rug would make the issue disappear. just a thought.
  3. best portrait of what is happening right now - i sign below +1. The majority of investors in crypto are completely oblivious to what DeFi actually means and are jumping on board of every single project called "DeFi" or saying "oracles"; there has been a lot of people loosing money already just by throwing their money to every buzz word/jargon out there. DeFi has gonne from chicken wings to “yield farming” spawned with a series of food emoji clones, with chaddy memes and dogde copies mixed in, complete with a stack of freshly yanked rugs. You just need to follow the "sushi" debacles
  4. https://www.kslaw.com/people/suzanne-nero "Suzanne Nero is a skilled litigator who drives positive results through efficient and creative client-driven solutions. Suzanne’s practice focuses on complex commercial litigation where she has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies in an array of disputes in both state and federal court. A trial lawyer by nature, Suzanne has tried multiple cases to verdict where she has obtained favorable results for her clients. But Suzanne excels in developing case strategies that dispose of litigation before trial whether through motion practice
  5. +1 no coder. Hope you are wrong, but I am afraid you are right. Thanks for the help with triming ideas.
  6. Thanks for the input. I honestly did not consider about the gas-to-drops fee difference but potentially one could have the contract “mark” the specific XRP address for the daily limit. In other words, the contract would verify – during bXRP distribution for the day – if one address burnt more times and proportionally adequate/equilibrate pool distribution. Certainly someone could have more XRP addresses performing the daily burn and not have their address “marked” by the contract. But anyhow, that same XRP holder would have to take into account the 20 XRP reserve for the new wallet
  7. For developers working on the XRPL I wanted to share an interesting project that started some months ago running on the ethereum blockchain and that one can figure it could be a vary valuable concept to transpose to the XRP ledger. The project’s name is vether (https://vetherasset.org/) “Vether is designed to be a store-of-value with properties of strict scarcity, unforgeable costliness and a fixed emission schedule. Vether mimics characteristics of Bitcoin, where miners compete to expend capital to acquire newly-minted coins and chase ever-decreasing margins. Instead o
  8. i guess this encapsulates it all, there are too many bloggers, detectives, dot connecting people, youtubers in the XRP bandwaggon. Also everyone is relying on Ripple to pull everything. The XRP space is growing but at a very slow pace, outside of Ripple´s reach (i.e., non-financed by Xpring). other crypto projects have far more independent programmers helping the ecosystem and that is clearly lacking to XRP. Maybe we just need time (many more years). Also seeing it objectively, the worst thing that happened to XRP was the 3-4$ pricing in early 2018, because it allowed many moonboys a
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